Biohacking Your Health!

LFY 53 | BiohackingBiohacking is a relatively new idea that consists of making small incremental diet or lifestyle changes to improve one's health and wellbeing. In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp discuss the different ways you can biohack your health. From various tools and electronics to lifestyle tips, they've got you covered. Bob and Rollie also discuss the immense benefits of these methods in your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Get schooled on the natural ways you can elevate your wellness and give yourself a chance to unlock your best self today by tuning in!

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Biohacking Your Health!

Biohacking is a relatively new idea that consists of making small incremental diet or lifestyle changes to help make improvements in health and well-being. In this episode, Bob and Rollie cover the physical and emotional ways you can apply biohacking to your health. They discuss some of the new science and technology being utilized now that can help unlock your best you and share some great resources to help give you a head-start. Read to learn some simple ways to start biohacking your physical and mental health so you can elevate your wellness to the next level. Sit back, relax and get ready to live forever young.


How are you doing, Rollie? I'm good, Bob. How is it going? I'm doing well. Thank you. We were talking before we started about the Lightning hockey team, which has won the Stanley Cup two years in a row. They are looking for a three-peat, which has only been done a few times in history. The last time was a long time ago. The Islanders might have won four. It was the Islanders. It was in the '70s and it was four. A three-peat is a very hard thing to do in the world of hockey.

You know a lot of those guys do and how they get their health to the next level, especially someone like Tom Brady. Who lasted what? Was it 44 years? He played until he was 44 and he played 22 years in the pros. Plus, he played in college. It's probably about 30 years altogether of his 44 that he was playing competitive football. He was a master biohacker, which is what we are going to talk about.

He is sitting back there, reading everything he can, and learning about nutrients and health. He is biohacking his health to be the best of all time. One of the things he is going to do now that he is retired is going to be giving more information and support to people in general about how to be in their best health. He did share some information about what he did to stay strong for so long, but now that he is retired, he is going to release all of his secrets. There's going to be a revolution in biohacking. Because of all the stuff he has and what we are going to share, you will be able to be the best you.

When it comes out with a book, we should do a book review on the show. I will pre-order it. What is biohacking? Biohacking is using science and technology for your own purposes so you can be your own best self, whether it's your physical, emotional or spiritual health. Each person is an individual, especially biochemically. There's a book called Biochemical Individuality. It was one of the textbooks for my Certificate in Holistic Nutrition. Each person is a little different. You want to be a biohacker for your own self, body, mind and spiritual endeavor.

There have been a number of books written on this. One of them by Dave Asprey is called Super Human. It's his version of how to bio-hack your physical health, what to look for and what to modify. There's one that's more mental, emotional and spiritual. It was written by Dr. Joe Dispenza called Becoming Supernatural. That's another great book. Some of it is biohacking. Some of it is other things. It's great. As we talk later in the show about food and sugar, there are a couple of books we will mention by JJ Virgin.

Also, when we later talk about habits and biohacking your happiness, there's a book called Wishcraft by Barbara Sher that we will talk a little bit about. In regard to the physical part, blood testing is the most obvious biohacking you can do. You get a blood test, saliva test or urine test. You can tell things about yourself that are areas of improvement and then you need information about how to improve those things.

You get a baseline. You can figure out where you are at and look at things. One of the things that we always tell people is you want to be careful of it because it causes aging and damages inflammation. You want to be aware of what your inflammation levels are. There's a test you can take that helps with that called C-Reactive Protein or a CRP test.

Probably the holy grail of biohacking is to know your CRP and how to get it down. When we talk about nutrients later, we will go over that. Also, the good ones to get are your hormone tests. It's your adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones, sex hormones, which start with pregnenolone, andro, DHEA, free testosterone, cortisol and the like. If you were to get all those hormone tests together, including the Reverse T3, when you get your thyroid, you would have a pretty good picture of your overall hormones. LFY 53 | Biohacking Biohacking: Biohacking is using science and technology for your own purposes so you can be your best self whether it’s your physical health, emotional health, spiritual health.

It's not everything. The hormonal system is complex. Your thymus makes certain hormones that are not exactly the same, but they are look-alike hormones for other ones that are made in different places. There's a whole science of endocrinology and medical doctors get board certified in that. To start with those tests are valuable. Also, make sure to check your vitamin D3.

We talk to people all the time and they say, "I don't have any energy. I have been taking this and that." We ask them, "Have you had your D3 levels checked?" A lot of times, they go, "I had my blood test done." We will say, "Did you ask them to do the D3?” because they don't do it automatically. One of the weirdest things is D3 is one of the best tests for your overall health. It's one of the best markers of your overall health.

You want to ask for that because if you don't have enough D3, there's a lot of stuff. We have talked on other shows about D3 in how it helps express your genes and with your bone health. There are a lot of things neurologically and immune-system-wise it can help with. Always check D3. It's very vital.

Also, check your iron. If you are low in iron, you are going to have low energy. If you are high in iron, you are also going to have low energy. There are different types of iron tests. Make sure your number is around 30%. You don't want it to be right in the middle or high. A little below the middle is the sweet spot. You can also get tests for heavy metal toxicity.

One of our last shows was on Heavy Metal Toxicity. That can do a lot of damage that you don't even realize, especially if you come into contact with it often. It's important to get those things out with something like a chelating agent. That's the basics of biohacking. What do people do in regard to interventions to become superhuman or supernatural? There are different categories of things. One is there are now electronics or we will call it electronics as an overarching category. It's about frequencies.

Frequencies are the stuff of life. We are sitting here in the quantum field. As we speak to each other and we speak into the microphones, which through technology, goes out over the airways on the different platforms. People are listening and what they are getting is a frequency. A frequency is hitting their ear. It's being interpreted inside their brain, but it starts out as a wave and frequency.

Light is the same way. There isn't such a thing as light. Light is also a frequency. Light is a wave that's moving through the field. It's being projected from somewhere, and it's a wave. Our physical senses perceive it as light. In fact, it's an invisible wave, but because of the way that wave hits our eyes, we perceive it as light. You can manipulate sound and light in very specific ways to have a positive effect on your brain and body because you have photoreceptors on the surface of your cells.

These photons of light and waves can pass right through your body. In the interior of your body, you can absorb light. Light is coming from the sun. Light can be artificial, like here in this studio. You can also get a form of light in a sense. You can't see it as light, but it's the same type of waves coming from the core of the Earth. We don't perceive those as light, but they are hitting our bodies.

They are having a profound effect on our circulation, for example. What are you going to do to manipulate things? Number one, with sound, people listen to music. If part of biohacking is, "How can I be calm, cool and collected?" People have their favorite music that makes them feel calm. You can also use what is called hemispheric synchronization or Hemi-Sync technology, which is wearing a set of headphones and playing some sounds through those headphones that will change the brainwaves so that you can sync up both hemispheres of your brain to vibrate in approximately the same frequency. It feels good.

Your left and right brain begin functioning together better. You become more creative. You become more what I would call in the meta position. Meaning when you have Hemi-Sync, you have the ability to see your mind and watch your thoughts, beliefs, patterns and to see what effect they are having on you and your body and modify them.

Hemi-Sync technology is valuable. It has been around for quite a few years, but not a lot of people use it. Check that out. Light itself, there's laser light, near-infrared, infrared lights and blue-light lasers that people use. I have a light that puts out both near-infrared and infrared. It hangs on the back of my door. It's about 2.5 feet wide by about 5 feet tall. You turn it on and these lights come on. You stand in front of it five minutes on the front and five minutes on the back.

Your body is absorbing this beneficial light without the negative aspects of the sunlight. You are getting all the benefits without the UV. It's all the good and none of the bad. I'm glad you brought that up because as important as it is to absorb the good light, you also want to block out the bad light. My wife and I have these blue-blocker glasses that you use when you are on the phone or watching a lot of TV. If you get into a Netflix and chill night and you are sitting there for hours, you want to avoid the blue light exposure. You can wear these glasses that will block those out. It helps you sleep. Before bed, limiting blue light can help lower brain activity. This is bio-hacking sleep.

You also have PEMF, which in a sense, is the light. PEMF is one and the same thing. There's technology to reflect light that's coming off of your own body. Your body is putting out what is referred to as light. It's a waveform that's coming off your body and that's how you release heat. It turns out that there's a part of the spectrum of the near-infrared that's being put off by your body. You can't see it, but it's being put off. A near-infrared bulb shows up as white. You can't see any color from it. You can't see this heat that's coming off your body, but you can reflect it back into your body.

There's a company called LifeWave that has these little patches. They have nanocrystals in them of varying types that will reflect a tiny bit of that spectrum of near-infrared light back into your body. They know that light is going to activate your genome. It's going to create a genetic expression that's designed. In the case of their X39 Patch, it's designed to reflect the genetic expression of the copper peptide that powers up your adult stem cells. This is a biohacking that was discovered by a brilliant scientist some years ago.

We talked quite a bit about stem cells. When we had Ann on, we had a show called Stem Cells Need Nutrition Too!, where we talked a lot about PEMF and as well as the proliferation of adult stem cells. What you are talking about now is pretty interesting.

You also have regular electric stim that's not electromagnetic but just electric. They use it for pain. You can use it for building muscle and burning fat. They are usually pads that you put onto your body. In the case of your head, you can put electric stim on your head with the Fisher Wallace Stimulator which is FDA approved for your head. It will run a square wave that is pulsed through your brain. It will have a positive effect on people that have depression, anxiety or insomnia. It's FDA approved for treating these things. That's a great bio-hack. LFY 53 | Biohacking Biohacking: Electric stem along with neuromuscular therapies and massage therapies can be very helpful in releasing all this pent-up tension and trauma that's holding you back from being your best self.[/caption]   The electrical stim has been around for a while, but a lot of people don't realize how they are. I started to see mainstream ones.

You can buy commercials for these little ones. Check it out because if you are experiencing stuff neurologically and then muscle-wise that needs to be stimulated and worked out, this can help a lot with it.

As you age, your body goes through life. You go through the trauma of being born. You go through the trauma of falling down when you first learn to walk. You go through the first day of school. You go through traumas in your household and trauma being an adolescent and then going off to college. Maybe you like to participate in sports and now you are hurting yourself. Maybe you will get into an accident.

By the time you get to be my age, your body has been through lots of trauma and your brain too. Electric stim, along with neuromuscular therapies and massage therapies, can be very helpful in releasing all this pent-up tension and trauma that's holding you back from being your best self. It's biohacking your best self.

There's a great place here in our town called the St. John-Clark Center that helps you to release all that stuff from the trauma of your life that's in your body. The muscles have memory. Muscles remember stuff. St. John-Clark has people scattered around the country too that will help with that. You also have heart rate variability. We did a whole show on that called Finding Your Inner Balance. That's where we talked a lot about the phenomenon of your heart-mind connection.

This is the ultimate demonstration of biohacking because you can get these little devices. They are $150 something. Clip it on your ear, sync it up to an app on your cell phone, and you can look at what is going on with your heart muscle. By default, you know what is going on in your brain because your heart muscle is sending a signal to your amygdala, which is signaling your frontal cortex, which is signaling your heart. You can look on your screen and go, "This is where I am right now." Do specific exercises and games with your mind, what you are going to focus on and use your breath. You can watch the progress in real-time.

It's quite interesting to have. In the age of instant gratification with instant feedback, I can't think of any other more instantaneous bio-hack that you could see results from than that. It's literally in front of you. As you change your mindset and thought, you can see the readout.

In regard to all the different things you can do, it's right up there tied for the most important because it's an indication of how stressed out your brain and body are. No matter how good your food choices and nutrient choices are, if you are under stress, you are still going to be sick. Speaking of food, if you are going to bio-hack your food, a lot of people have sensitivities to food. Some people are allergic to food. Some people are deathly allergic to food. They find out as time goes by, "I ate that and I broke out in a rash."

That's pretty obvious but there are also a lot of subtleties that you might not even notice are foods that are kryptonite for you. You might not notice that this food is good for me. There are tests you can get that will tell you how sensitive you are to all different things. I got one of these tests. I only had one sensitivity to a food, which was chocolate. What I did was I used to put chocolate collagen into my bulletproof coffee in the morning. Once I found that out, I switched it to regular unflavored coffee.

Did you notice anything different? I didn't but the point is, it's subtle. It's there but it was only a small difference that it was making where I couldn't perceive it. It was like, "Let's change it anyway." Over time, too much chocolate could have a negative effect. If you are not eating a lot of chocolate all at once and you don't feel the effect, then that's fine but built up over time. If one day you decide to go on a chocolate smorgasbord, you are not going to be feeling good.

One other thing I was allergic to was bumblebees, which I already knew. Isn't everybody allergic to bumblebees? No. I used to work on farms and there were bees everywhere. The bees would buzz in your face and we would slap them aside. One day, a bee got stuck between two of my fingers and stung my finger. My whole arm swelled. I knew that type of bumblebee I was allergic to.

I got stung by wasps later in life. Nothing happened but when I got this biohacking test, it showed the bumblebees. It confirmed that I had not been stung by a bee since I was a teenager because I avoid them. I don't try to slap them aside. That's biohacking. With food, there's a great book called The Virgin Diet. JJ Virgin shows you how to go through step by step to identify the foods that are good for you and the foods that you want to eliminate. The other issue is, "When do you eat food?" Some people will wake up in the morning and they will say, "I don't feel good today. I ate too late last night. I didn't eat until 10:00."

This is biohacking. Find your sweet spot. Do you eat your last meal at 5:00 or 6:00? Do you eat breakfast in the morning or are you going to take your nutrients and bulletproof coffee? It's up to you. Some people have to eat some type of food. Some people have to eat protein in the morning. Some people need carbohydrates to get their brains started. Other people need good fats to get their brains started. You need to figure all of this out for yourself.

I'm not a big breakfast person. I don't eat a lot of lunch, but I didn't think it was a big deal. I had a little stomach issue and I realized, "A lot of it was due to the fact that I'm not eating enough." I'm not eating often enough, so the little bit I do eat sits in there too long and it causes an issue. You've got to find not only the sweet spot about what your body works the best with as far as being able to take it in, get energy, eliminate efficiently and at the same time, not cause any other issues down there.LFY 53 | Biohacking Biohacking: You’ve got to find what your body works best with as far as being able to take food in, get energy eliminated efficiently, and at the same time it not causing any other issues.

One of the biggest things for people is sugar. Most people eat too much sugar. Part of the reason is they don't know there are hidden sugars in certain foods. JJ Virgin wrote another book for us called the Sugar Impact Diet, where she does all the work for you, "Here's where the sugars are. Here's what to eat instead." What to eat instead? You try and see how you feel. We did a show called America's Sugar Addiction, where we go into a little bit more about that too.

The next thing is nutrients. A lot of people think about this first when they think about biohacking, "Which nutrition supplements can I take to help make me better magically?" You had mentioned a big thing about inflammation. Inflammation is something that occurs naturally inside humans as part of anaerobic life. We did a whole show on Inflammation. Some people generally have higher inflammation on a constant basis than other people. They are aging faster.

They are much more likely to get a life-threatening disease if their inflammation is high. You want to know with the CRP you mentioned and then what do you do to get it down. There are nutrients that will get your CRP down, superoxide dismutase, trimethylglycine, vitamins A, C and E, selenium and zinc. When you know that your CRP is high, above 1 is considered high. The average person is 3. You want to get it down ideally to 0.5 or below using these nutrients, which we have purposefully made sure are in our company's nutrition products to help people to get their CRP way down.

Particularly, you had mentioned superoxide dismutase. They call that the holy grail of anti-aging and inflammation reduction. It is such an efficient thing. It's like Pac-Man. Everybody knows Pac-Man. You go around and gobble up all the things. You clear the board and move on because you did good. In a way, this SOD molecule works like that with free radicals in inflammation.

The reason why that's important is that the more inflammation you have, the faster you age. How do you get inflammation-fighting nutrients? Something like SOD is very specialized. A lot of people don't know the half-life of it is ten minutes. In most cases, if you are getting a supplement that says it's got SOD in it, you got to think to yourself, "What was the process on this?" If they extract that molecule, they only have ten minutes to work with it. One of the things that we have done and our scientists have figured out with our sprouted barley seeds is how to get that SOD active molecule and stabilize it, so you don't lose any of the power of the antioxidant.

What good is it if you get it home and by the time you take it, it doesn't have anything in it? This is a way to tell if this is working. That CRP level will be your indicator that, "This SOD I'm taking is working." I have a lot of people that said that too. The other thing is the building of your body. Your body is constantly being torn down by life. You are making new cells and you are also making new proteins within those cells. To make those new proteins, we know you need amino acids and metabolic enzymes. You need to have a supplement that has those in it. The vast majority of all supplements do not have any metabolic enzymes.

Do they even know what metabolic enzymes are? Metabolic enzymes are the enzymes that build you back up. The digestive enzymes break stuff down. You need to make sure you have that. Also, your body is constantly making adult stem cells. As soon as you are born, your body shifts from making a specific type of embryonic stem cell to making adult stem cells. Those adult stem cells move throughout your blood. They are made in your bone marrow.

They are released from the bones in your nose and hips. They migrate all through your body in the bloodstream. They morph into liver cells and eye cells. This is how you renew yourself. There's a supplement that we have in our Other Product Section. That's called Alovea Immun. It helps your bone marrow make and release more adult stem cells. That works upon the bone marrow and it releases from that. You are making your own stem cells. It's not like you are eating stem cells. You are releasing new ones that you have generated so they can get to where it needs to be repaired with your own DNA intact.

We mentioned the patches for light. Those are working together with your new stem cells because that light is making those new stem cells that you are making more of now. It's making them act like they are very young again because, as you age, you make less of the copper peptide that keeps your adult stem cells young and functioning well. These are great bio-hacks for keeping your body constantly revitalized with biohacking.

The other thing is we have an epigenome. You talked about vitamin D3. We have genes that sit. The genes are part of your DNA and it's wrapped up by a protein sheath metaphorically here. It's all vibrations when you get down to it. Certain things will ping that sheath and splay it open. That allows for the copying of the code that's there mostly for making proteins. There are certain things we know that if you take them, they will activate certain genes.

For example, if you take resveratrol, which is in grapes and other things, it will activate the gene that stimulates to make human telomerase. Human telomerase is a molecule of an extremely complex molecule that helps to keep your telomeres intact. We know that another bio-hack you can do is to measure the length of your telomeres. They are little tails on the ends of your chromosomes.

The shorter they are, the closer you are to death. To activate the creation of telomerase, which helps to keep them long, we know that resveratrol activates that gene. Resveratrol is a polyphenol that's in grapes. You can do a bio-hack which is, "What is the length of my telomeres?" What we know from science are all the things that help keep them long and ingestible.

It was the first time you talked to me about telomeres. I was like, "That's weird." It's the end of the DNA there. As it gets used up, it gets shorter. It gets used when you make copies. It's like a copy machine and you run out of paper. You got this copy machine that's printing off all these things and then you get to the end and there's nothing left. We better go get a ream of paper. I wish it was that easy. It's not.

That's the nutritional part of it in a very quick way. We have another show on the Supplement Pyramid, which goes more into it and stuff on stem cells. Also, we talked about traumas. It's both physical traumas and we talked about the St. John-Clark Center but also mental traumas. It's stress from your childhood, divorce, death in your family and from being in a war. This had profound negative effects on your body and brain.

You want to know about things like Somato Emotional Release, which is a part of the field of craniosacral therapy. You can look it up on the internet. Releasing the negative effects of trauma with various techniques is valuable biohacking. You are biohacking what is going on in your body because of trauma, "Where is it stored? How do I get rid of it?"

We have had a lot of people that we have helped. I have noticed a lot of this affects the sleep of people. A lot of people who can't sleep are like, "I have been taking this melatonin. I took your Good Night Formula and I still can't sleep." You get into a little bit about asking them, "Did you have any major issues with a traumatic incident?" They list off fifteen things that would cripple a normal person's mental capacity, but they are acting like they are normal.

This is what Bob is talking about. These things that you think you are over and through can still physically affect you long after what you think in your mind is over. This is what this craniosacral therapy concept does. It helps you to get to that root, try to reverse that and get your body to follow suit. I can think of at least 3 to 5 people that have been very similar with a similar situation where they are like, "I couldn't sleep. I'm overly tired." We suggest this through the Upledger Institute. We hook them up with whoever is around them. They go for a couple of sessions.

They call us back and say, "I could sleep like a rock now." Anybody can do that on their own. Go to There's a search place. If you click Advanced Search, you get to select the type of therapy you want. Look for Somato Emotional Release. Click on it and put in your ZIP code. You will find the person close to you who is certified in that. Give us a call if you want to help with that. The last couple of things are habits and beliefs. You can do biohacking, all the diagnostics, and have all the best intentions. You can get your light machines and your heart rate variability. You can get your nutrition products and start changing your diet. However, it's easy to revert back to the habits that you have before unless you know the science of habits. Without going into it a lot, we did another show on habits.

It's called Habits To Help Seize The Day!. We go over a thing called Tiny Habits there. Go check that out. LFY 53 | Biohacking Biohacking: Releasing the negative effects of trauma with various techniques is really valuable biohacking.

Everything we are talking about, you can install using the Tiny Habits Technique. We talk about this a lot here. Good health starts with good habits. You could have the best intentions, but if you never act on them, you are not going to get anywhere.

People can go through all this biohacking and maybe be healthy, but are they happy? A lot of times, the answer is no. A big part of the reason is people tend to focus on obstacles as opposed to goals, whether the obstacle is real or imagined. It stops them from doing something they always wanted to do.

There's a good book that helps with this. It's called Wishcraft. Barbara Sher is a brilliant psychologist that has helped thousands upon thousands of people all over the world to identify what they want to do that will make them happy and then how to eliminate the obstacles. It goes on and on. She wrote a dozen books. If you start with her first book, which is the overview of Wishcraft, you can identify things about yourself that are in that book.

Whatever it is you identify, she has written another whole book about that. For example, she talks a lot about people that have so many things they want to do and so many ideas that they never do anything. She has got a whole book for people that have that issue with step-by-step advice. Did you read that book? Bob, you must have read that book. I haven't read it yet, but it's on order. That's the basic summary of biohacking. It gets more complex.

Do your own research. This is a great start. If you like this show, please like and subscribe. The more people that we can share this information with, the healthier we will all be. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the show. Thank you very much, Rollie. Thank you, everyone, for joining us. We will see you on the next show.

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