Myotrol is a cutting edge holistic solution that helps you stay strong, youthful and live your best life.

Unlike other supplements, Myotrol activates your body's genes to support new muscle creation, improve chemical pathways, boost mitochondrial health, and enhance brain function.

"I have been able to work out for a lot longer since I started using Myotrol. I can really feel the increase in stamina and endurance." - Barry G. - Verified Review




ARE YOU or a Loved one suffering the effects of Muscle Loss?

Are you having trouble with any of the following?:

- Lifting Common Items
- Low Energy or Stamina
- Maintaining Balance & Focus

Muscle loss is responsible for falls and injuries and could be the death of you or a loved one.



Reactivate dormant genes to build muscles & perform like you were 20 years younger.

Stop Muscle Degradation

Inhibiting the creation of specific enzymes with Myotrol can significantly slow or stop muscle loss that comes with age.



Supporting the creation of Irisin & BDNF with Myotrol can help support new learning, energy and memory like when you were younger.



Exercising while using Myotrol will increase the benefits by ten fold so we include a stretch band and physical activity workout charts with your first order of Myotrol.

"I really like the stretchband. It is an easy way to get moving and exercise at home."

Jackie B. - Verified Review



As we age, our bodies go through a natural process of muscle loss called Sarcopenia. It's something that we couldn't avoid until now. Studies have found that after the age of 30, our muscles can decrease by 3-8% per decade, and this decline becomes even more rapid after turning 50.

By the time we reach 80, most of us become frail and weak. This loss of muscle not only makes us physically weaker, but it also affects our balance, making us more prone to falls and fractures. It can lead to a decline in our overall functionality, increase our risk of mortality, and greatly reduce our quality of life.

Unlock your genetic potential

Perhaps you or someone you know has experienced the negative effects of muscle loss and age-related decline. You've likely tried various solutions, but haven't found anything that truly works.

Most muscle-building products only focus on providing protein for muscle growth, without addressing the underlying genetic factors that contribute to muscle loss.

To build muscle you have to have three things, genetic expression, good nutrition and exercise. Up until now there was nothing to stimulate your genes to act as if they were much younger. Myotrol is the key that unlocks your genetic potential.

Created by

New Revelations in Life Science

Exciting advancements in the field of life sciences have led to the creation and formulation of Myotrol.

These incredible discoveries cover multiple areas, including basic scientific research, the impact of polyphenols on our genes, and improvements in our bodies absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Myotrol works by activating multiple systems and genetic pathways, resulting in increased muscle, energy, enhanced brain function, and restoring strength & endurance.

Remember the Good Times

Supporting the creation of Irisin & BDNF with Myotrol can help support new learning, energy and memory like when you were younger.

"Since I started using Myotrol I noticed that I am able to remember things with more ease than before."

Jenny L. - Verified Customer




"WOW! I have been getting much stronger"

Myotrol is like a miracle for me! After learning how it could help me build muscle like I was 20 again, I started to take it and continue my regular exercises. WOW! I have been getting much stronger and it is easy to lift things that used to feel heavy. Also my back pain is almost gone. AWESOME PRODUCT!

Dean R.
Verified Customer

"I feel Like I could ride forever."

I ride my bicycle around town frequently and after starting Myotrol, I began noticing my stamina was improving. Now after 3 months of using it I can ride much further than before. I feel Like I could ride forever.

Tony E.
Verified Customer

"I didn't have to stop once."

I have been using Myotrol for several weeks now and I am starting to feel much stronger. The elevator at my apt. complex was out of order so I had to walk down 9 flights to go to the grocery store. When I returned I walked back up the 9 floors with all of my groceries and I didn't have to stop once.

Nancy T.
Verified Customer

"love the motivation it gives me."

I love how easy the capsules are to add to my other supplements. And I especially love the motivation it gives me.

Gary K.
Verified Customer

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Myotrol involves the broad activation of multiple systems and pathways, improving muscle energetics and function—and ultimately restoring strength and stamina.

Myotrol also increases energy by rejuvenating Mitochondrial Health and increasing NAD production.

It is truly a comprehensive, synergistic formulation that is a revolutionary step in longevity, functionality and life satisfaction.

Most muscle building products focus only on the nutrients needed for building muscle without addressing underlying genetic issues. 

Unlike other muscle supplements, Myotrol doesn't rely on external sources of nutrients to build muscle.

Instead, it stimulates the specific genetic expression to release the information from the DNA that is necessary for creating new muscle, correcting age-related degeneration, restoring chemical messenger pathways, and rejuvenating mitochondrial health.

Without Myotrol all the protein powder in the world will only be minimally effective.

Major discoveries in the field of life sciences have led to the creation of Myotrol. These discoveries include basic scientific research, genetic expression via polyphenols, and advancements in absorbability of nutrients. Some of these discoveries include:

Chemical Messenger Signaling Pathways: Myotrol stimulates key genes involved in the creation and maintenance of muscle tissue known as the “Myokine Cluster”. As we age these genes change and degrade leading to the progressive loss of muscle mass and strength. Myotrol helps to ensure proper expression of the “Myokine Cluster'' genes.

BDNF Creation: Myotrol helps create strong healthy muscle and support a healthy brain by stimulating the gene responsible for brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) creation. BDNF is crucial for the creation of new brain cells, synapse modulation, creation of new blood vessels and more. In humans, levels of BDNF decline with advancing age. This decline has been related to grey matter volume loss in old age. During exercise, skeletal muscles create BDNF which contributes directly to strengthening muscle and nerve connections, muscle regeneration, insulin-regulated glucose uptake and more in muscle tissue. The slowing of BDNF creation as you age leads to muscle wasting which in turn increases the risks of slips, falls and ultimately death.

Irisin Creation: Myotrol stimulates the gene responsible for irisin creation helping to further support muscle creation and increase learning and memory. Irisin was initially discovered as a new and unusual hormone-like myokine released from skeletal muscle during exercise to improve obesity and glucose dysfunction. New studies have revealed the importance of irisin in the maintenance of muscle and energy balance during aging and suggested using it as an effective strategy against disorders like type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, vascular disease & chronic inflammation.
In Addition, emerging evidence has indicated that irisin also affects brain function. Central irisin is involved in the regulation of molecular signals of many hormones, neurotransmitters, and chemokines. Energy expenditure and cardiac function are also affected by irisin. Studies have shown that increasing irisin level stimulates hippocampal genes and may help to increase learning and memory regardless of age.

Myotrol helps to inhibit muscle degrading enzymes: A new basic science research breakthrough has identified a key enzyme that plays a large role in the degradation of Prostaglandin known as 15-PGDH. Prostaglandin is responsible in large part for muscle health and tone and losing prostaglandin as we age is one of the major factors in muscle loss. Through the stimulation of signaling pathways, Myotrol has shown to help inhibit the creation of enzyme 15-PGDH helping to stop muscle degradation and loss of strength.

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation - Increased NAD Production:Aging not only makes the mitochondria weaker—it also makes creating the fuel it needs, NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), more difficult.

This brings us to another one of the critical targets of our cutting-edge formulation breakthrough, increasing NAD activity. Myotrol improves cellular health differently than popular ingredients such as nicotinamide riboside (NR) or nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). By Rejuvenating the mitochondria, Myotrol boosts healthy cellular activity and NAD creation, one of the main fuel sources for muscle building. Myotrol could be thought of as a natural “NAD Pump”.

Myotrol restores aging cellular energetics, delays muscle degeneration, and promotes better cellular dynamics. Exercising while using Myotrol will increase the benefits by ten fold, but even if you can’t exercise, it simulates the same beneficial physiological and biochemical processes as physical activity.

Myotrol is a truly revolutionary product that works on new breakthroughs in Nutraceutical Science. Therefore it had to be created with a brand new one of a kind formulation technique. Here is a little bit about the challenges we had to face when creating Myotrol.

When developing a new therapeutic compound, it’s absorption and ability to get into the blood from the
gastrointestinal tract is critical to its efficacy.

In addition, the compounds responsible for the beneficial activity need to be present in sufficient amounts to produce an effect on the different systems and signaling pathways in the cells in the body.

The extracts we needed were not available, so we had to conduct custom extraction of the ingredients
and re-build from the ground up. These beneficial natural compounds had to be purified, reformulated, and surrounded by certain cofactors to dramatically increase their activity.

This is exactly what we have done with Myotrol. We developed a proprietary liquid molecular cluster formulation, with the addition of critical cofactors.

Myotrol is truly a breakthrough product at the pinnacle of the life-science revolution: not a single
ingredient, but a molecular complex specifically formulated to modulate the critical factors involved in rejuvenating not only muscles, but the body itself.

Myotrol comes in a capsule. You will want to use it each day in the morning with your other supplements or before you work out as a dietary supplement.

Depending on activity level and size and weight you may use up to 2 to 3 capsules daily. Using more will only increase the benefit.

It's always important to talk to your Dr. about the supplements you take.

As you get healthier the medications you are taking may need to be adjusted because of increased absorption and utilization.

In general the ingredients in Myotrol are safe to take with medication but again if you have concerns be sure to consult with your physician.

Myotrol has proven effective for a majority of individuals, although it's important to acknowledge that everyone's body is unique, and what works for some may not work for others.

However, there's no need to worry! We stand behind all our products with a 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you can try Myotrol without any risk.