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2 Week Travel Value Pack

$99.90 $79.90

2 Week Travel Value Pack

$99.90 $79.90

Product Highlights:

  • Increase Muscle Strength and Endurance
  • Increase Energy
  • Detoxify 
  • Fight Inflammation and Free Radicals
  • Boost Heart Health
  • Optimize Brain Function

Give our 2 Most Popular and Effective Products a try for a Great Price!

Get the Life Giving Nutrients, Vitamins, Specialty Nutrients, and Amino Acids you need with our World Famous Boomer Boost. Combine that with the Inflammation Fighting Power of Boomer Barley and you have the Dynamic Intro and a way to start Feeling Great with out Breaking the Bank!

The Dynamic Combo combines the 70 Specialty Nutrients in our Boomer Boost with the Powerful Specialty Compounds found in our Sprouted Barley to form a solid Base for Complete Foundational Nutrition.


New Users: The Dynamic Intro provides a New User with a 2 Week Supply of Boomer Boost and about a 4 week supply of Barley, as the Barley needs to be eased into over a longer amount of time.

Current User: This Provides a 2 week supply of Boomer Boost and a 2 week supply of Barley for a current user.