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African Mango Trim+Fit


African Mango Trim+Fit


Product Highlights:

  • Safe & Effective Weight Loss (1)

  • Sustained Appetite Suppression (4)

  • Improved Metabolic Processes (3)

  • Increased Metabolism (2)

African Mango Extract has been found to be an effective appetite suppressant that supports safe and effective weight loss. When taken twice daily Boomer Trim + Fit promotes Safe and Effective Weight Loss by providing sustained appetite suppression throughout the day without feelings of restlessness allowing you to remain clear, steady, and calm. (4)

In a series of weight loss studies, many participants who used African Mango Extract twice a day lost an average of 5% body weight within 10 weeks and had significant reductions in their body fat and waist circumferences. (1) (4)


African Mango's Unique Fiber is thought to improve Metabolic Processes by identifying bad cholesterol and moving it out of your body naturally, preventing accumulation of arterial plaque, aiding in Blood Pressure Regulation. (4)

Researchers have found that pure African Mango extract helps reduce the action of a gene called PPAR-gamma considered the “Master Regulator” of fat cell growth. In doing so, African Mango enhances the activity of a hormone called leptin that plays a crucial role in controlling appetite and boosting Metabolism. (2) (4)

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