Biohacking to Unleash Your Inner Potential

Making the conscious decision to control your mind, body, and spirit, helping you reach your peak performance. 

Biohacking is the use of Science, Technology, and Intuition to make modifications to your lifestyle, habits, beliefs, and diet.

You can use Science, Technology, and Intuition to biohack your lifestyle, habits, beliefs, and diet.

Making the conscious decision to control your mind, body, and spirit can help you reach your peak performance. Our lives are so busy, and we often neglect to take the time to take care of our physical and emotional needs. The new year is an excellent time to reflect and make these personal observations. With several steps, you can identify areas in your life that need your attention.

Self-Assessment — Take the time to really “Check-In” with yourself and reflectively list areas you would like to improve on. While focusing on the positive, make a list of how you feel. For example: What areas would you like to improve? What stresses you out? Where is your energy going? Ask your inner self, “What do I need to change, and in what areas do I need to make improvements?” Write down your goals so you can take action. Then, envision yourself accomplishing these lifestyle improvements with joy and gratitude in your heart. You can always check our free The Ultimate Mind Calming Exercise videos to learn helpful relaxation techniques. 

Medical Assessment — Get the necessary blood work to establish a biological baseline of where your health is currently. Have the following (non-standard) tests conducted: C-Reactive Protein (CRP) to show levels of inflammation, Iron, D3, and A1C. These tests were once part of standardized testing but sometimes have to be requested by the patient. Make sure you order these vital indicators from your physician when planning yearly blood work.

Meal Assessment — Take the time to journal how you feel after each meal. Which foods are making you tired? Do certain foods give you indigestion? 

Do certain foods energize you while others drag you down? Determining this will help you choose which foods to stay away from and which foods you need to consume more.

Nutritional Assessment Boomers Forever Young makes it easy for people to improve their diets and biohack their bodies by providing the supplements needed to achieve healthy Foundational Nutrition. We have known for many years; the basic building blocks of human life consist of metabolic enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, “good” fats, and low glycemic index carbohydrates. Boomers Forever Young makes these components available in 1 easy-to-use kit.

For people who need personalization of their nutritional needs based on blood work and lab results or specific conditions such as lack of energy or sleep issues, we have nutritional consultants who can guide, educate and encourage you.

We can incorporate the latest technologies that include Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field mats, or PEMF mats for the ultimate biohackers. This technology is proving to be the cutting-edge life product that many hoped our future would hold. It helps the body with opening up blood flow and promoting healing that is incredibly needed by many. The future is now for using this life-changing equipment. Additionally, consider using an Inner Balance device to help replenish energy, balance emotions, and improve focus.

It takes commitment to become the best you possibly can and create the life you want. We are always here to assist, counsel, and encourage you through your personal bio-hacking journey.

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