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2023 December Newsletter
Did you know there are two groups of minerals? They are referred to as major minerals and trace minerals. Additionally, minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus are called “micronutrients” and they are essential for your immune system, sturdy bones, healthy blood pressure and overall wellness.
November 2023 Boomers Newsletter
Research is indicating that depression may overtake heart failure as the most prevalent disease by 2030. This mental health condition impacts a person’s physical health as well as economics according to many studies because there is a direct correlation between diet, nutrition, mental health and work.
October 2023 Boomers Newsletter
The Genome is the entire set of DNA instructions found in a cell. In humans, the genome consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes located in the cell’s nucleus, as well as a small chromosome in the cell’s mitochondria. A genome contains all the information needed for an individual to develop and function.
Sept 2023 Boomers Newsletter
We have all heard the expression “Use it or lose it” and when it comes to our muscles, this statement is very true. Muscle wasting is clinically known as “sarcopenia” and it is to muscle as osteoporosis is to bone loss.
August 2023 Newsletter
We all have had moments when our memory feels like a “sieve”, with information going in one ear and out the other. The reality is our brains are very complex and if it stored everything we heard and saw, it would reach capacity so our brain sorts non-essential information and deletes it throughout our day. As a result, much of our forgetfulness is normal.
June 2023 - Boomers Newsletter
We have all heard the expression “beauty is only skin deep” but it’s important to recognize that our largest organ, the skin, is our first line of defense. A study from 2017 noted that the “barrier function” was one of the skin’s most important roles because it protected the body from bacteria, viruses, UV Rays, chemical threats and environmental influences.
May 2023 - Boomers Newsletter
Did you know that there are as many as 50–70 million Americans that suffer from sleep problems? There are also almost 90 different sleep disorders that have been identified and notably, insufficient sleep has been linked to a number of chronic diseases
April 2023 Boomers Newsletter
Your cardiovascular system circulates the blood throughout your body and is composed of the heart, blood, blood vessels and veins. This system functions to circulate oxygen, remove carbon dioxide and provide nutrition to your cells.
Boomers Newsletter - Mar 2023
Our immune system protects us from infections caused by viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells but it requires we have a strong immune response. When our immune system senses foreign invaders, it sends out an army of what are called “fighter cells” to attack intruders. However, sometimes this attack is aimed at our own healthy cells throughout the body. Learn more about these new diagnoses and how to combat their effects.
Boomers Newsletter Feb 2023
Most of us know our “health” includes the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our life. However, did you know that your “mental health” plays a huge role in your overall physical well-being? Research is now showing that our mental and physical health are more closely linked than we thought and they directly impact one another.
Boomers Newsletter Jan 2023
Mold is just one of the toxins we encounter every day of our life and they can come from the air we breathe, the water we drink and even from some of the foods we eat. The key to staying healthy is to detoxify regularly and reduce your level of inflammation.
Boomers Newsletter Dec 2022

This time of year can be filled with many different kinds of stress. Look inside to find helpful ways to deal with your “Bah Humbug” moments, allowing you to get the most from your Holiday Season!

What’s Keeping You Up At Night?
Signs and symptoms of a sleep disorder include feeling excessively tired during the day, irregular breathing, difficulty falling asleep and restless leg movement throughout the night.
October 2022 Boomer's Newsletter
Did you know that along with serious long term health problems, diabetes is also a major cause for kidney failure, heart attacks and strokes? The World Health Organization has estimated that within the next decade, diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death worldwide!
July 2022 Boomers Newsletter
Mitochondria are extremely small and are even invisible under a microscope unless they are stained. They have an outer and inner membrane and each membrane has a different function
June 2022 Boomers Newsletter
Scientists discovered over 15 years ago that they could reverse the process of cellular aging. They activated four factors in the DNA and were able to reset a cell’s clock to zero. These factors were named Yamanaka after their discoverer and he later won the Nobel Prize for this discovery.
April 2022 Newsletter
Although depression and anxiety are quite different, people often experience both conditions together. In a recent study. 40% of the individuals being interviewed stated they were experiencing symptoms of both anxiety and depression.
March 2022 Newsletter
Don’t Trust Your Health To Luck!
February 2022 Newsletter

Loving Yourself into Health and Wellness. Small acts of self-care can dramatically change your outlook on life...