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Weight Loss Drugs can cause a Major Loss of Muscle Mass and Reduce Bone Density.
New weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy are helping thousands of people to lose weight, control diabetes and experience multiple health benefits. However, along with these benefits comes a startling new drawback. Individuals of all ages taking these weight...
Muscle Loss or Sarcopenia is one of the leading causes of increased mortality, and low quality of life. In the United States alone it ends up costing the healthcare industry $40.4 billion dollars annually. Today we are talking to Eric...
The Mind-Muscle Connection
In this article, we delve into the literature surrounding the concept of the mind-muscle connection. We will explain how to implement this strategy into your fitness routine and discuss the benefits of it. Join us as we explore actionable tips and exercises designed to strengthen this connection and uncover the advantages it offers to your training regimen.
Is it Possible to Build Muscles Without Weights?
Building Muscles Without Weights? Yes, it is Possible! Original Article written by URIAH TURKEL B.P.T of Muscle & Motion Building muscles without weights might sound counterintuitive to many, but it’s entirely possible!Over the last few years, more individuals have opted...
How Exercise Influences Health and Well-Being
Scientists have long recognized the profound connection between physical activity and our overall well-being.The evidence is clear: movement is vital for our physical health and plays a crucial role in nurturing our mental and emotional states. As we delve into...
The Importance of Preventing Muscle Wasting - Live Forever Young Radio
Today we are talking Muscle Wasting, the reasons why we lose muscle as we age and what you can do to keep your muscles from wasting away and stay in tip top shape. Check out Live Forever Young Radio Live!
Science of Muscle Growth, Increasing Strength & Muscular Recovery by Andrew Huberman
Here is one of our favorite podcasts Huberman Lab by Andrew Huberman.   In this episode Andrew describes how our brain and nervous system control muscle tissue and how to leverage that for muscle maintenance, growth (hypertrophy) and recovery. Andrew...
Myotrol Increases Muscle, Energy and Brain Power
Until now, muscle loss, known as Sarcopenia, has been an unavoidable part of aging. Research shows that muscle loss rates range from 3-8% per decade after 30, and muscle loss continues after the age of 50 at an ever higher...
Full Body Workout Chart
Use this Full Body Workout chart to get started with Myotrol. CLICK HERE to download a printable version.
Calisthenics Workout Chart
Use this Chart to Start your Calisthenics workout with Myotrol. CLICK HERE to Download a Printable Version
Stretch Band Exercise Chart
Use this Stretch Band Workout chart to start your Physical Activity Routine with Myotrol. CLICK HERE to Download a Printable Version.
Steps to Take before Starting Physical Activity
Please follow the steps below before starting your Physical Activity Routine and be sure to Warm Up before your workout sessions. CLICK HERE to download a printable version:
Daily Activity Tracker Download
You can Download a New Daily Physical Activity Tracker here to keep a log of the progress you are making. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD a printable version.