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Flu Season hits U.S. Earlier and Harder than it has in years
This year the Flu Season is hitting Americans harder and Earlier than it has in almost 12 years. Here are some ways to get ready!
Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Mortality Risk
For many years scientist believed that a low Vitamin D level could lead to increased risk of mortality. Now new research has been completed to look at the evidence for the role of low vitamin D in mortality.
Can Magnesium Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels?

Can Magnesium Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels?

Magnesium is a mineral that plays many important roles in your body, including managing your insulin and carbohydrate metabolism. It’s involved in your body’s ability to secrete insulin and may help your cells use insulin more effectively.

You may wonder why Ashwagandha is so popular now? It would appear that our modern-day life is full of stress and we all know that the past 3 years have been some of the most difficult times we have experienced. As a result, science has been looking for natural remedies to reduce stress and Ashwagandha is one of them. Find out what they are in this Blog.
The Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

The Mediterranean diet has become a go to for many people because of it’s potential to prevent chronic diseases. Lower rates of illness and cancer related deaths are found in populations that stick to the Mediterranean diet. Research shows many of these positive effects stem from the olive leaf.