Vitamin D3 - Decreases Chronic Disease

Increasing D3 Lowers Chronic Disease
That feeling of the sun on your face in winter not only feels warm and comforting, but the ultraviolet component also helps you produce vitamin D. Johner Images / Getty Images

Recent research has been discovered that increasing your daily Vitamin D3 intake can certainly help decrease your chance of chronic diseases. For Instance, the RDA for vitamin D has ranged from 400 IUs to 800 IUs. However, recent research being done and discovering the new benefits of vitamin D leads to the conclusion. “the public health is best served by a recommendation of higher daily intakes of vitamin D.”

In fact, the acceptable upper limit for vitamin D3, set at 2,000 IU, has been recently questioned and studied. On the other hand, new research indicates that 10,000 IU is safe for vitamin D's upper limits.

Are you getting enough Vitamin D3

With all of the recent findings and research being done on this gem of a vitamin. Many individuals believe that this is just the start of what Vitamin D can help our bodies achieve. To clarify, the research has clarified that not getting enough of this vital nutrient can leave your body susceptible to health issues.

The sunlight is the most natural way to increase Vitamin D levels.

However, most modern-day humans live and work indoors and inadvertently stay out of the sun for days at a time. For most individuals, a high-quality D3 supplement is the best and most reliable alternative. Boomer's Vitamin D3 offers a high-quality supplement that can help raise vitamin D levels.

Don't forget to go outside and get your daily dose of Vitamin D

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