How To Boost Your Immune System

LFY 35 | Immune System Boost

With the Delta variant, COVID is still spreading faster than ever. A strong immune system is even more important now! As your body's first line of defense, the immune system needs supplies to do battle.

In today's show, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp tell you what you can do to boost your immune system. From drinking water to avoiding stress, there's so much you have to know. Learn what you should avoid, to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. Boost your body's immune system to the next level today.


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How To Boost Your Immune System

Your Body's First Line Of Defense

I'm here with Rollie Culp. How are you doing? Looking good. In this episode, we're going to talk about the immune system and how to boost your immune system. It's very important, especially in this day and age. This is 2021 and there are still a lot in the environment and the news about the importance of a very strong immune system.

There's still a lot of people getting sick and that means we need to tell people how to boost their defenses against these things. That's what we're doing.

We're going to start with the first thing on nutrition because there are studies out there that say that every nutrient known to man is needed for the health of your immune system. We know that a few of them that people think about and hear about in the news is vitamin D.

As they say, it is the most important of all of the nutrients that your immune system needs. You also need the ACE vitamins A, C and E. All of those are antioxidants. They help keep down your inflammation. Also, they say the active ingredient in garlic, which is called Allicin, is also very good at boosting your immune system. It's anti-microbial. All the Italians would be looking good.

The other thing is, we know that probiotics are important for your immune system. You have to have an abundance of good bacteria in order to interact with the other parts of your immune system for signaling and support. Also, there's an effective compound we also know of called lignans. There are 27 different known lignans, which are classified as polyphenols. They are chemical compounds that are in plants. You can now take them in because we know all 27 lignans are in the wax that's on the outside of the flaxseed.

You wouldn’t think that. You hear people that they eat flax seeds. They use flaxseed oil and that’s all good, but the gold is on the outside, where all the most abundant nutrients and phytonutrients are on that wax. One of the things that we did and found were lignans, which is the outside coating that’s been tumbled off of the seeds and it’s a powder form.

The lignans are right in that wax. They're inside the seed, too, but not in high concentration. Not as much as on the outside. If you want to get a concentrated dose of lignans, you got to tumble with a machine.

That takes a long time. It takes not only a long time but a lot of flax seeds. Imagine you're making a powder out of the outside of it. You don't want to break them down to the point where they're broken. You'd see a nice gentle tumbling process. It takes a while and it takes a lot of seeds.

Once it's done, the nutrients are stabilized and the powder is ground. It's ground into a powder, the wax. It's dissolvable in water. You can put the powder in a glass, add some water, stir it up and drink it. Those lignans interact with the bacteria in your gut.

You can add it a little bit to food. You can cook a lot with lignans. You can put it on top of salads, add it to yogurt, things like that. That way, instead of drinking it down, you have other options. One of the things that most people, as you said, don't realize is how much of an antioxidant that's in them. There's a strong antioxidant in lignans. It's SDG for short, which is also known as Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside.

That helps keep down the inflammation in your body in general. That’s a very important thing to remember. Inflammation is generalized in your body and puts you at higher risk for an issue that’s related to your immune system. Keeping inflammation down all throughout your body, including in your lungs, is a very key aspect of boosting your immune system.

Things like lignans and also things like the ACE vitamins and other compounds that reduce inflammation, which we know are Trimethylglycine and superoxide dismutase, etc. Those are compounds that in the nutrition products, the Boomers Forever Young’s Nutrition Products.

When you use them, your inflammation comes way down. Probably the single best thing you can do for your immune system is to have low inflammation. When you have an invasion of a pathogen, you end up creating inflammation in response to that pathogen. Now, if you started out with very high inflammation and your inflammation goes up even higher, these are the people that are at the highest risk of having severe negative outcomes.

We've talked a lot about on other episodes how much inflammation creates future disease. Because of the fact that you're overloading your system, you can't handle the amount of inflammation. If you're at a high inflammation level, you get injured or you get an infection and you have to fight that off. You're duplicating that amount of inflammation and it makes it harder for your body to keep up. What do we always say? More inflammation equals faster aging.

Also, more likelihood of getting adult-onset diseases like cancer. This is the other thing. If you have a healthy immune system, you also are reducing your chances of getting other diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. I read this one study where they were looking at people’s level of hydration. They were also looking at people at varying levels of nutrition.

They said, “As important as nutrition is, water is even more important. The people with the lowest levels of hydration in the study groups were the ones that were most immune-compromised.” Even worse than people that had malnutrition. This is a very important thing to know, especially during this time 2021, going forward and during flu season, etc. If you’re going to be around people, get super hydrated to help boost your immune system.

They say you're supposed to drink. I think half your body weight in ounces a day. Don't quote me on that. Make sure you're drinking water. I have to admit I'm not very good at drinking water.

Here’s another thing, toxins. We know that an overload of toxins compromises immunity, especially mold. If you get exposed to black mold and it’s in your body, like a lot of people have, then you’re going to have a compromised immune system.

We know that using one particular product we referred to as Gladiator Barley can get that mold out of your body and reduce that load. It happened to me when I first started taking it years ago. I had an experience where black mold was coming out through my skin. It was good. You wash it off each day and after about six weeks, it stopped coming out.

You said it was good, but you did say at first it was weird. It freaked you out at first. We didn’t know what it was and so we called the scientists that had given us the Barley seeds. He was like, "That's the black mold coming out of your body. Don't wear any white shirts. You'll never get that mold out of those white shirts.”

LFY 35 | Immune System Boost

Immune System Boost: Vitamin D is the most important of the nutrients that you need to take. While vitamins A, C, and E are antioxidants that can help keep down inflammation.

He actually said, “If you see the black mold, you know it's working.” He’s like, “I guess that's good.” The other toxins are cleaning products. We will do a whole show on toxins of cleaning products and how to replace them with good ones.

That's something a lot of people don't think of because you got to clean your house, so you're spraying stuff. You're spraying chemicals but then you realize you lay in the same bathtub. You just put the scrub and bubbles on. You're rinsing it with water, so it's not like it's all gone.

When you come into that residual toxicity from household cleaning products, a lot of people don't realize that. You'll see there's a clean cleaning trend of people using all-natural household products. Using stuff that’s paraben-free and everything like that. It's very important because it also can bring on allergies because it's airborne in your house and things like that.

It's bad for kids. The other thing and we've talked about this before are overcooked foods. Foods cooked over 300 degrees on dry heat are extremely toxic. Leaving your shoes in the house because you're picking up toxins from the grass, the sidewalk, the road.

They're off-gassing those toxins at nighttime. Now between that, mold and the cleaning products, now your body has a toxic overload. The first thing is you want to avoid those toxins. Secondly, extract them from your body through things you can ingest, such as superoxide dismutase, zeolite, etc.

A couple of the things is when people start using some of the products that we're talking about that have the SOD like the Barley. We talked about Gladiator Barley. It has a lot of SOD in it. You have to start slowly. You can't go full-tilt because if you do, you have the ability to damage things by overloading your body with toxins.

That's what we're talking about. We're talking about not overloading your body when you do a detox, water and slowly. Slowly and gradually increase over time. Follow the instructions, whether it's our stuff or somebody else's detox stuff, you want to follow those instructions. They're not there only to make you feel like you got to read every time you go to take it. They're there because if you do it wrong, you could injure yourself. That's how important it is.

More is not better. That's a good phrase. Rollie, the other thing that we know from studies is that sleep is critically important for your immune system. You do detoxification during the night time and you also do a lot of fighting infections during the nighttime. The doctor will tell you, “Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.” When you wake up in the morning, it’s like, “I feel better this morning,” because while you were asleep, you were detoxing, your immune system was catching up, etc.

If you're not sleeping well, then you're probably not repairing well. We did a show about habits that you can use right before you go to bed so that way you can sleep better. Check that one out because it does give you some good, easy-to-use stuff.

The other thing is the whole issue of circulation. The better the circulation of your blood and your lymph, the healthier your immune system's going to be. You have white blood cells that are in your blood and your lymph fluid. There are numerous different types of them and that's what is doing the attacking of any invading pathogens like a virus, bacteria, etc. We need to make sure we have as good circulation as possible. We've done another whole show on circulation.

We also did one on the lymphatic system called A Look At The Lymphatic System. After watching this episode here on boosting the immune system, go back and look at circulation and lymph as well. We don't have time to go into all of it now. Your lymph system has as much fluid as your blood and so you need to pay attention to both. They interchange and interface with each other and support each other.

In the show, we did a look at the lymphatic system. We go into detail about how they get blocked and what you need to do to make sure they're flowing well. Check that out after this one. It would be helpful to you, especially if you're experiencing bad circulation in general, then you know your lymph isn't working well. We give you ways to boost that.

Related to circulation is also the whole issue of exercise. You’ve to get it moving. It doesn't move if you don't. As you move, your circulation is better. The white blood cells can reach the far reaches. The tips of your fingers and your toes because you got to move that blood through. Another one which people probably don't pay enough attention to is the whole issue of stress. I was reading something and it said, “Many people take classes to learn how to deal with more stress.”

When you think about that, so many people have so much stress already to take a class that allows you to handle more stress. It sounds like a good thing but when you realize how much damage stress can do to your health, it’s almost like, “I need a class that tells me how to get away from stress.” You have to avoid situations that cause stress as much as you can but there are situations everywhere. Equally important is your whole belief structure. We talked about people who are awfulizers.

It’s like, “That happened, isn’t that terrible? Isn’t that awful.” Also, the danger of spending too much time with people that are watching the same type of news as you or have a similar set of beliefs as you do.

LFY 35 | Immune System Boost Immune System Boost: As important as nutrition is, water is even more important for your immune system. People with low levels of hydration have a weaker immune system than people with malnutrition.

Maybe have the same illness or disability that you do because there’s a danger of, instead of having very healthy relationships, which we know is good for your immune system, you can become what they call wound mates. Caroline Myss refers to people who come together and bond over a common wound as wound mates. “You’ve got that. I’ve got that too. We can be best friends and talk about it all the time.”

That sounds good in theory, but then you're dwelling on that thing. You're creating stress and anxiety in a group situation, which I would think double that amount of stress and the feeling of negativity around that particular situation. A lot of it would have to do with perspective. Making sure that not only have your perspective but listen and know people who have and can help you see a different perspective. The result of stress, as we've talked about on many things, is cortisol.

The cortisol is going to interfere. We know this from a study that was done with medical students. There was a study that tested their cortisol levels and tested their T-cell levels and also their T-cell activity. They tested it one month prior to a final exam day and they tested it on the final exam. A huge difference in the number of T-cells circulating and the ones that were circulating, how active they were, how much energy they had and were producing.

This is only one study that was done where they measured the volume of immune cells present based on stress. We also know that cortisol creates a blockage of healthy cytokines that reduce inflammation. You have cytokines that can create inflammation so that they can reduce them. The ones that reduce them are good, but cortisol interferes with that and blocks them, so your inflammation goes up when you're under stress.

Not only is the stress hormone and the cortisol that's implementing and making it stressful, but then it blocks natural things that our body creates to reduce the stress, but that's not good.

Other things that contribute to stress and affective disorders that are going to affect your immune system are people who experienced loneliness. People who've been isolated, with depression and anxiety and people who do not have positive relationships. If people have only relationships where they're always at odds and fighting. There's a lot of research that shows that it reduces the effectiveness of your immune system.

They need some nonviolent communication. Nonviolent communication is great for relationships. We also have an episode on anxiety and depression. It’s Managing Stress And Anxiety During Trying Times. That's one of them, too. The last thing related to this is fear. People who are living in fear all the time, which is more common now, I believe than ever before. In the history of my life, since 1956, is people are living in fear. A lot of it is from the fear-mongering of certain groups.

Also, social media. Whether it's true or false and you choose to believe it or not, there's stuff out there that even if you don't believe it, it's scary. If you do believe it, it's extra scary. We need to be careful not to be living in fear constantly, but to direct our mind into gratitude and into positive things. Catch ourselves living in fear and say no to fear and make a shift to gratefulness.

We've talked about that on other shows, too, seriously. The idea of being grateful allowing you to rewire the heart-to-brain connection. The idea is that I don't have to always be afraid and not only do I not have to be afraid, but I can live and be happy because I have the ability to delineate fear from happiness.

That show we did refer to inner balance. It's great for relationships, fear and etc. Also, anxiety in general. The last thing I had in mind in regard to this episode is the whole issue of energy. Energy is very vital because all of your immune system needs energy available for those cells to perform their functions properly, including white blood cells, which are doing most of the work of your immune system.

They have their mitochondria, which produce energy. In order to produce energy, we have to have all the substrates that are involved in the Krebs cycle, which is how you make your energy molecule, Adenosine triphosphate. In those compounds are vitamins, as we had mentioned and peptides.

Also, Coenzyme Q10 is vital for the production of energy. We want to know that we have comprehensive nutrition that is going to allow all of our cells to make an abundant amount of energy. When they say an active cell or an active immune cell, it's a cell that's making a lot of energy. You want to have great comprehensive nutrition.

You want to keep that inflammation down because inflammation will damage your mitochondria, which is the organelle that's making the energy. We know, for example, if people's iron is too high, then that excess iron is interacting with a waste product from the creation of energy. It's creating a very volatile, free radical that's damaging the wall of the mitochondria and making it ineffective and ultimately will turn that cell into a non-functioning cell and perhaps even a cancer cell.

We talked a lot about when you have dysfunctional mitochondria on a show we did before, specifically about the mitochondria and how important it is for the Krebs cycle. When those things get damaged, when your mitochondria cease to work, then those become actual hosts for other diseases to come in and take over.

The way that I look at it, your immune system, which is what we're talking about here. That's your body's first line of defense. It's like having a military but not giving them any supplies. If you don't have comprehensive nutrition, then your immune system/body's army is not going to be able to perform. You're going to be sitting out there with no shoes and no boots in the middle of the winter and you're going to be hoping to yourself that you can make it through the next night.

A good example is your skin is part of your immune system. It's a barrier. It's part of the barrier system or the innate system. Your skin makes a type of bacteria, that's anti-microbial. You were telling me about this. It makes a protein that's anti-microbial and that protein protects you, but guess what? In order to make that protein, you need to have an adequate amount of amino acids and metabolic enzymes to make those proteins that are protecting you.

LFY 35 | Immune System Boost Immune System Boost: When you detox, follow the instructions. They're not there just to make you feel like you have to read it every time you take it. If you do it wrong, you could injure yourself.

If you're not going to give your military what it needs, it can't make these proteins. It can't do what it needs to protect you if you don't give it the comprehensive foundational nutrition that everybody needs.

Rollie, the last thing is some tests that people need to do. One is to make sure you know your iron level and it's not too high. You don't want it to be up toward the high-end of the range. You want it to be down below the middle of the range. You don't want to be too low or too high. You also want to make sure absolutely that you check your vitamin D level.

Vitamin D is one of the best markers for overall optimal health, too. As part of that, your immune system. The other test you want to get is for your C-Reactive Protein. CRP is your marker for how much inflammation you have in your body.

That’s pretty high on people who have chronic diseases like diabetes and things like that because they’ve got so much inflammation built up that they can’t handle it. In that case, that’s when you want to think about getting a supplement that has good antioxidant properties that can help remove that and bring that inflammation down. It’s important to get sugar out of the body for a diabetic. It’s important to get toxins out of the body, but what these things are causing is inflammation.

If you have the ability to bring that inflammation down, then that’s half the battle. Also, avoid toxins. Quit sucking on overcooked meat, don’t bring your shoes in the house and don’t lay next to them when you’re sleeping. That will help to reduce that toxic load. If you continually detox, which most people, once they find a good way to detox, they can use it frequently to keep their levels at a reasonable volume.

Avoid toxins all the time, so you want to continuously take in compounds that will scavenge those things. If people can do those things that we’re talking about and watch some of the other episodes, it’s really worth the while to do this. Some people might say, “This sounds like a lot of work, a lot to know and a lot to do.” Yes, it is but that’s the beauty of modern science.

We know all these things because of all the studies. Without that information, it’s hard to take the right action. It’s well worth your while to invest in what we’re talking about because we are beings that are living in a sea of bacteria, mold and viruses. It’s all around us and it’s all in us. We have to have the knowledge about how to keep the balance so that our immune system can fight off the bad stuff and then we can live a long, healthy life.

If you go about life and don’t know about or don’t pay attention to things you do know about the immune system, it’s going to be a very different life than if you do. That’s my last encouragement. I agree with exactly what you're saying. One of the things I want to touch on and is the last thing I'm going to say about it. We took a lot of the work and the worry of what to get away by building things like our total health system, which provides your body with that foundational nutrition.

The supplies that not only your immune system needs, but the majority of your body needs to perform at optimal levels. It sounds intimidating and it can be but when you look at the science and the technology that's come so far, when you look at the holistic nutrition and supplementation, some people look at it and say, "I'll eat healthy.” You'd have to eat a lot of food and healthy foods in order to get what we're talking about. That's one of the things. Don't fret.

We put it all together and if you look at what I'm talking about, these total health systems have got an element of each thing we were talking about. Rollie, everything that we talked about, we can help people address. The issues with energy and with stress. We have a lot of free videos about stress and shows about stress. Exercise becomes much easier when your body is energized.

LFY 35 | Immune System Boost

Immune System Boost: Avoid situations that cause a lot of stress. There are many situations that cause stress, especially when it comes to your belief system. Don't be an awfulizer to yourself and others.

Yes, we talk about that. When you feel good, you will do more. We have a great sleep aid for helping people with that sleep time. We can help people detoxify from the molds, etc. We can provide the amino acids, metabolic enzymes, probiotics, lignans, vitamin A, C and E. We can do all that in a way that you can get all of that only in two minutes in the morning. This might sound intimidating but if you call us and talk to us. We can walk you through it and show you how to make it simple.

We'd be happy to. One of the best things that we do here is trying to share the knowledge that we've learned. It's your body. It's your health. You got to be the one to make the decision on what you want to do. We're only here to you some information and hopefully entertain you a little bit.

Thank you, everyone, for reading.

Rollie and I will see you on the next show.

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