Increase Energy The Natural Way!

LFY 14 | Increase Energy

Millions of Americans visit the doctor each year complaining of low energy! In the show today, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culop talk about how to increase energy the natural way. They go over the major factors that can cause low energy and chronic fatigue, including the concept of being "overfed but undernourished," and share some tips to help you create real, natural energy so you can be on your A-Game. 

Bad Habits can drain energy and kill motivation. Bob and Rollie use tapping and Tiny Habits to illustrate how you can break avoidance strategies that are holding you back and replace them with new ones that help you be your best you!


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Increase Energy The Natural Way!

How To Increase Energy And Be On Your A-Game

Rollie, we have a lot of energy ourselves because we are the Boomers Forever Young team. We're 2 of the 12 people that work at Boomers Forever Young. We use Boomer products. We know exactly what we want to do every day. We’re focused on our goals. We’re happy. We have great people around us. We have plenty of energy almost all the time, but that’s not true with everybody. We know that when people go for a visit to their doctor, between 5% and 10% of the time, the main reason they’re going is they’re low in energy.

I was looking at the same thing. There’s about 10% to 20% of the people that’s their second complaint. They’re there maybe because they have high blood pressure, but then their energy is the second reason why they’re there. You could see that this is costing us a lot of money. There are some numbers that say employers costs them about $136 billion in missed work and time because of low energy and chronic fatigue, which is a lot of money.

This is a time when we need to be on our A-game because this is the beginning of 2021. Everybody went through all the trying times of 2020.

Especially with 2020 that we went through.

A lot of people are pivoting. They are starting new careers. They’re looking at, “How am I going to survive working at home. I have to pivot to also become a teacher to my children.” Pivoting to newness requires you to be on your A-game.

LFY 14 | Increase Energy

What the pandemic and everything that happened in 2020 did for a lot of people is it exposed their weaknesses. Because now they’ve seen what they need help in, they can make the pivot to try to get better. Whether it’s health, finance, whatever it is. If you had a weakness, 2020 showed you what it was. Now that we know that, we can move forward. To do that, you got to have energy. You can’t move forward and go, and be the best you can be if you’re crawling around on the floor because you’re tired.

You don’t want to be dragging yourself out of bed and dragging yourself around to be able to get up. You want to be able to start your day with energy, get focused right away. The whole time you’re awake and working, and being with your family, you want to have great energy.

It’s a necessity. Fifty percent of the people that call in, because one of the products we have called Boomer Boost is great at helping create energy, they asked me how do I do this. How do I get my energy up and keep it up? You got to have supplementation. A lot of people don’t get what they need. The other part is keeping the focus and having your ability to look towards another challenge without being discouraged. When you’re low on energy, you definitely can’t do that.

Energy has many aspects to it. There’s the aspect of physical, chemical energy from the food that you eat. People also get energy from light, pulsed electromagnetic fields, oxygen which they’re breathing, and then people have the whole flow of chi or life force energy going through their body. If we start first with the chemical energy aspect, human beings are aerobic life. We are beings that make proteins to keep ourselves alive.

We talked a little bit about this in the anti-aging show we did.

In order for us to have energy, we have to make the universal molecule of energy, ATP.

Adenosine triphosphate.

It’s made in our mitochondria, which are the little powerhouses of the cell. There’s anywhere between 10 and 300 of these mitochondria in each cell, depending. There’s more in your heart cells. It needs a lot of energy. These little powerhouses are making the ATP, and the way they make it is in a metabolic pathway called the Krebs cycle. What it’s doing is converting your macronutrients when you take in proteins and carbohydrates. It’s converting it into ATP in this metabolic pathway. It requires micronutrients including B-vitamins.

It also requires the CoQ10.

The Coenzyme Q10. If people are low in these nutrients, they’re going to have a very hard time making enough ATP.

They’re going to get tired.

It leads us to the concept that most people that are having low energy are also overfed but undernourished.

That happens a lot in our country because there are many factors. A couple of the big ones are the fact that you’re getting food from a grocery store. Not only is the food genetically modified organism, which we talked a little bit about on our show.

We did Are Fruits and Vegetables Less Nutritious Now? There are studies done by the University of Texas that shows that not only is the soil depleted, because over the time of farming and using the soil, all the nutrients feed from the light, but they also need nutrients in the soil. If they are grown without it, you can’t get those nutrients in your body, which is necessary.

They also show that with these types of issues, you have the GMO, the Genetically Modified Organisms, who are bred to withstand certain conditions. In that breeding, they breed out a lot of the good stuff. Because of that, you can eat food but not get the nutrients, and then you’ve got all the processed foods. You’ve got fast food, trans fats, Cheetos.

That’s causing inflammation. They’re empty calories. They say that by the year 2030, 60% of the people in the United States will be obese. Obese is worse than overweight. Already more than 60% of the people in the country are overweight. Now they’re saying that it’s moving further and further towards 60% will be obese.

These are people that are overfed and undernourished. What we need to realize is that you have to be able to make energy so that you’re not constantly hungry and constantly eating more food. In order to do that, your body has to be well-nourished.

That’s where Boomers Forever Young nutrition company specializes in, is giving people fundamental nutrition, comprehensive nutrition that includes the B vitamins and Coenzyme Q10 so that you can convert the food you eat into energy. You end up eating the right amount of food so you don’t become overweight or obese, and you have plenty of energy.

LFY 14 | Increase Energy

 The way it was formed is in the right ratio. You don’t have to guess what to put together with the twenty different bottles of pills on top of the refrigerator and, “Did I forget to take it?” You do one scoop. In the Boomer Boost, there are 70 nutrients, including what we were talking about, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin Bs and all those, that will work with the Krebs cycle. It’s the cycle to create the ATP.

That’s why people feel more energy right away.

That’s one of the best things to hear about Boomer Boost, in particular, “I can’t believe how much energy this gave me in the first day or two.”

Assume then people are taking in the right nutrition. They’re not overeating, and their Krebs cycle begins to work. They also have to pay attention to their digestion.

If you are not digesting properly, you can’t pull the nutrients out of the food.

Worse than that, undigested food arriving in your small intestine is treated as an allergen or a pathogen and can create disease. You want to make sure that first, you chew your food well. You want to take digestive enzymes as you get older. After the age of 35 or 40, people start making less digestive enzymes for their stomachs. You can take pills that have those digestive enzymes, and now the fully digested food will arrive at the next stop along the way, your small intestines.

Before we move on from that, a lot of people don’t realize that the digestive process starts the minute you put the food in your mouth.

Even before, when you smell food cooking, your mouth begins to make digestive enzymes.

You have seen those cartoons where Wile E. Coyote smells the pot roast being cooked. It starts before that.

There are digestive enzymes and bacteria in your mouth that digest food. That’s why you want to chew your food well. It’s breaking down food so that when it arrives in your stomach, it’s easier to digest.

Don’t just wolf it down, chew it, enjoy it, savor it.

The next part is you want to be able to absorb the nutrients. Most of which are being absorbed in your small intestine. Not all, some get absorbed in your stomach, and some get absorbed in your large intestine as well. Each part of your alimentary canal has its function. The majority of your nutrients are absorbed by these little hairs called villi that are in your small intestine.

It’s the little fingers. When your digesting, the plaque coats these fingers over some times.

As you get older, the naturally occurring mucus in your small intestine can turn to plaque, and it can smother the villi. If the villi smothered, you’re not going to absorb nutrition very well. We have a product that is our Gladiator Barley product in our Heirloom Barley that has a compound SOD in it that can move that plaque along and help to revitalize the villi so you can absorb nutrients like you were much younger.

The idea of not being able to digest the food is another part of the overfed but malnourished issue.

Lack of absorption leads to the need for more food because your body feels it needs more nutrients. The absorption is important. The next part of that is circulation. Once you’ve absorbed the nutrients, it’s in your bloodstream, and you’re breathing in oxygen, which ends up in your bloodstream. It has to be circulated to all of the cells of your body, including to the far ends of your periphery and up into your brain.

Your microcirculatory vessels as well.

Which is 75% of your whole circulatory system.

We had talked very in-depth about the microcirculation system in the show we did called The Importance of Circulation For Your Health. If you want to read in detail, there are some pretty cool facts about how long that system is. Check that show out. That delivery system of nutrients and oxygen is the key here because if you’ve got all this great stuff, but it’s not getting to where it needs to go, it isn’t going to do any good.

You won’t be able to make the ATP because you won’t be absorbing into the cell the B vitamins, the CoQ10, and you won’t be able to execute the Krebs cycle. This is all part of energy and the production of energy via your Krebs cycle involves all of these things we’ve been talking about so far. Here’s another thing that is good for people to know. If you are someone who’s low in energy, what type of tests would and should your doctor be getting for you to see why it is that you have low energy?

LFY 14 | Increase Energy


Don’t they have an energy test?

There are many that you have to get. We’ll name them here. One is C-reactive protein. If people are eating too many processed foods and fried foods, your inflammation is going to be very high and you’re going to have low energy. If you have high iron or low iron, you’re going to have low energy.

Not enough iron, you won’t have enough oxygen to your cells. Too much iron in your mitochondria that are making ATP is going to get damaged by reactive oxygen species that are created from a by-product of the Krebs cycle. When it meets up with an iron, it creates a free radical that damages your mitochondria. You’re going to end up with low energy. You need to know if your iron is too high or too low.

If you have that issue, your iron is in the blood. Your mitochondria are right there. You have these issues right around the same thing. They’re going to damage the mitochondria, which is your manufacturing center for energy. If you’re taking out the factory, you’re not going to be able to make the energy. While we’re on important tests,

I was talking to a lady on the phone. She was taking our product for a while. A couple of months, she was like, “I’m still low in energy.” We asked her at the very beginning if she’d got her D3-level checked? She hadn’t got it checked, but she knew that in the best health and wasn’t eating great, so she wanted to start with the products. Three or four months go by, she calls and says, “This isn’t working. I don’t understand what’s going on. I hear everybody gets energy.” We asked her if she got the D3 checked. She had not. When she got it checked, she was 18. That’s super low.

Almost everyone is going to have very low energy if your Vitamin D is that low. That’s another test that you want to get is the D3 test. You also want to make sure you get your sugar level checked. Fluctuating and high levels of sugar can cause low energy.

You want to get your sugar level checked for that day you go for the test. Also, get your A1C, which is your sugar level approximately over the course of about a three-month period. It’s important to get both those tests.

The other big reason why people get low in energy is thyroid problems. If you have a thyroid problem, you could be low in energy, and you need to get your thyroid checked. You have to get your TSH, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, then T4 and T3 are also hormones that are created by a conversion process.

What we see quite often is if someone has a thyroid test and they have plenty of TSH, but they’re very low in T3 or T4, what it usually means is they’re malnourished because it takes eight different substrates to make one of those conversions. It takes twelve substrates to make the second conversion to make sure you have enough T3 in your cells. Luckily, all of those substrates that help with the conversion of your thyroid hormones are in Boomer Boost. That’s another reason why people feel energy when they take Boomer Boost.

They start getting stuff that they haven’t gotten from the regular diet.

They have more T3. Lastly, on the thyroid issue, we’ve seen this at our office. People can get those tests done, but they might still be tired. That’s when you need to go back and check your reverse T3. Reverse T3 acts as a blocking mechanism. If your cell has enough T3, then the reverse T3 says, “No more T3. You don’t want to get overloaded.” If you get it out of control and too high reverse T3, it can block almost all the T3. Now you’re going to be tired. It’s easy to fix if you have a high reverse T3. We know that Siberian ginseng can bring your reverse T3 down. That’s something to keep in mind. If you’re going to go to all this trouble and get these tests done, be sure to ask your doctor, “When you test my thyroid hormones, please also test reverse T3.”

The other is adrenal. Adrenal glands make many hormones. You can become very tired to the point where you can be exhausted. You won’t even be able to get out of bed if you have a bad situation with adrenal fatigue. Getting the adrenal tests done from your doctor is very important.

They’ll be able to see the rise and fall of your adrenal hormones over time because adrenal hormones go in cycles with the day and the evening. Sometimes they get reversed. Sometimes they get low. Sometimes they get high. You want to make sure that you know those cycles and you know the complete story with your adrenal hormones. Adrenal hormones also interface and affect the thyroid and vice versa. That’s why you want to have both those tests done together.

The other thing we hear is that when people are fatigued, quite often, they go, “I’m going to get my testosterone shot. I’m tired, but I got my testosterone shot, and I feel great.” These are the additional hormones to pay attention to.

These are the sex hormones which starts with pregnenolone. It was a master hormone. It cascades down to two different sides. On one side, it’s going to make cortisol. On the other side is where you begin to make andro testosterone, free testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, etc. You need to be able to see that whole thing because quite often, people have what’s called pregnenolone steal, meaning to steal something. You have pregnenolone. You might have plenty of it, but you’re low in testosterone. It’s because all the pregnenolone is getting used up to make cortisol because of stress.

When you’re stressed, your hormone of stress is cortisol.

One of them, but it’s the one that is stealing all of the pregnenolone.

It’s taking all the good stuff that we use for the other things.

They would use to make DHEA and testosterone. Quite often, getting a shot of testosterone will help you feel better, but it’s not solving the core of the problem. With the help from your doctor, getting all of these tests, your CRP, A1C, D3, iron, thyroid with reverse T3, adrenals, and complete hormone profile. It’s different for men and women. It’s a complete female hormone profile and a complete male hormone profile. With all of that information, you can get on top of what the issue is with your energy from a biochemical standpoint.

That’s just one standpoint. It’s an important part.

The other part is human beings that evolved on planet earth and light. We evolved with food and nutrients. We evolved with pulsed electromagnetic fields that are coming both from the sun and from the core of the earth. For example, those pulses from the core of the earth are affecting the dilation of your capillaries to let nutrients through. Also, we evolved in an atmosphere, an atmosphere that filters light, so we don’t get scorched.

We don’t burn up.

Also in the air is oxygen. The air has other gases in addition. Our body is breathing in the totality of the air. It’s utilizing the oxygen. Without which, you’d have no energy at all and you wouldn’t be alive. They say that the average person can live for 5 or 6 days without water, and 30 to 60 days with no food, but only five minutes with no oxygen. Your breath and the ability for you to utilize oxygen along with making hemoglobin and powering it with iron is important to do. These are the other things to take into consideration. It’s important to get light during the day. Most people stay inside all the time.

They’re working in an office or whatever the case is.

If you’re sitting at your office desk, every half hour, you want to get up, go outside, focus on something green and focus on gratitude. That’s what you and I try to do, sit at your desk for a while, get some work done, get up, go outside. You see me walking outside all the time.

The other day before the show, Bob came in from a phone call. He has a little perspiration coming down his face. I was like, “What were you doing?” He’s like, “I was on the phone?” Everybody else is frozen over in Texas, their power grid is down, but Bob over here in Florida is walking for twenty minutes and perspiring because we got energy.

The other aspect of energy is your life force energy. The flow of chi through your body. Some people know it as acupuncture meridians. You can increase the flow of chi and energy through your body through exercises like tai chi and qi gong. They are a valuable type of activity to participate in to increase your body’s energy.

You were talking about the chi points when we do our tapping. That’s what we’re doing is we’re tapping into that idea of your life force energy.

Lastly, on this topic is the energy that you are manufacturing in the form of an electromagnetic field, which your brain produces an electromagnetic field and your heart produces one that’s way stronger.

When you are in a state of gratitude, that radius of your heart, love, energy is doubled from about 5 to 10 feet.

It also changes the type of pulse. You can have a very positive effect on other people when you’re in their presence, depending on your state of mind and the state of the metabolic pathway that includes your heart muscle and your mind.

Your amygdala.

This is why from the HeartMath Institute that makes the Inner Balance device.

We’ve talked about that device before many times. Check it out.

This helps with your energy because it’s got a clip on your ear, a transponder and a cell phone app. You can sync your breath to this Mandala that’s shrinking and growing, and you focus on gratitude. It changes the way that your heart beats when you do this. Your heart is sending a neuronal signal to your amygdala and your brain. Your amygdala is deciding if things are okay or not based on that signal. It’s conveying to your frontal part of your brain, “Everything is okay.” The frontal part of your brain communicates to your heart muscle and on and on.

When you do that, it has a positive effect on your adrenals because when you’re of the opinion that everything’s okay, which is when you’re in a state of gratitude, the signal that is being then received by a second metabolic pathway that controls your adrenals is different. Your adrenals will act differently based on how well you can stay focused on gratitude. They say, the longer you linger in gratitude, the better off your physical health is, the more you draw your new life to you. Most people have goals and dreams about the future, and the longer you linger in gratitude, the more those dreams are drawn to.

You are creating your own reality. We talked about that a little bit with Lucy in A New Perspective With Lucy. We talk about how your thoughts are what create your reality and then having the energy to achieve that is what we’re talking about.

LFY 14 | Increase Energy
 Discipline Equals Freedom (Field Manual)

It’s the ability to attract it. This pulse coming off of your heart muscle, it’s important to understand all of the mechanics of it, how it works and what you do to make improvements. That Inner Balance device from HeartMath is the fastest and easiest way to get there because it’s using technology to help you get there quickly. Rollie, what happened the first time you used it?

Bob got everybody at the office one. Before he had gotten his delivery of all of them, he had me use his. The first time I did it, I was able to focus on gratitude. My score was 6.5. It was astronomical for the first time.

Usually, when people do it for the first time, it’s between 1 and 1.2. Rollie used it and it took a moment to calm down because Rollie is working all the time on sixteen different projects. His mind is racing. As soon as he put that clip on his ear and use the device for five minutes, he was in a completely different state of mind.

It was almost instantaneously.

His heart muscle was beating completely differently with more variability. He was in this very calm-looking state that I don’t think I’d ever seen in him before.

It blew me away because when I did it and got the score, I was like, “That was good.” I don’t know if it was the first time I did it. I showed it to Bob and he goes, “How did you do that?” I was like, “I did what you said.” I focused on the Mandala and thought of things to be grateful for like my daughter, my wife, and then the aspects of them. I love when I wake up in the morning and my daughter says, “I love you.” I love the way my wife’s hair smells. These little things that elicit the emotion of love and gratefulness, and it completely changes the mind-heart connection.

With Inner Balance, you get to watch it happen on yourself.

You then get a score. You get to look at your past ones. It gives you a consistent scorecard. It’s a very neat product.

The whole point of the matter is this helps you to produce a pulsed electromagnetic field from your heart muscle that has an effect on all the people you come in contact with. You want to choose how you want to be. How do you want to show up in the world? Do you want to show up without the ability to change the way your heartbeats, or do you want to show up randomly? This is a very purposeful way to help improve yourself and improve the world by changing the way your heart muscle is beating with more variability.

You get to be the change you want to see.

The other one we’ve mentioned briefly is hydration. Some people lack energy simply because they’re dehydrated.

Before I started working here, I would drink a lot more coffee and soda. I didn’t quite realize that is something that is severely an issue. You grow up and you hear, “Drink this much water.” If you’re not paying attention and you’re not drinking water, it’s easy to go a day or two with only drinking a bottle or two of water. After that 2nd or 3rd day without water, you get a headache, low energy, but it leads to a whole lot of other issues. It’s simple as drinking a glass of water consistently every day.

It’s an important one to remember. Another thing that’s very important about energy is what it is that you’re participating in on a day-to-day basis in regard to what you want to do with your life. Are you following along with your heart’s desire and your life path, and do you even know that? A lot of people are working in jobs for many years that they don’t like, it’s making them depressed and tired. Even when work is over, it’s hard for them to participate in what they want to do.

This is an important thing for people to be able to meditate, discuss and spend time documenting who they want to be and what they want to do with their life. Set priorities, goals and timelines for when you’re going to change this or this. I’m working with a person where I’m helping him with a two-month timeline where these five things are going to happen in his life. I’m helping him to draw that new self and new circumstances to draw it to him. It’s a good thing to have this documented. One of the best ways to do it is with the booklet planner that’s put out by Brendon Burchard.

You guys want to check that out a little bit in the show Habits To Help Seize the Day. The gentleman’s name is Brendon Burchard.

That’s a valuable device that helps you to examine what you want to do. Each morning, document how you’re going to show up based on answering questions, and then giving yourself an evaluation at the end of the day. If not, and you sludge along, not doing what you’re supposed to be doing here on earth for you personally, you’re going to end up being depressed. You’re going to end up engaging in avoidance strategies.

A lot of people fall into traps like alcohol.

Also, smoking and mindless eating, too much sugar. It’s easy to get addicted to sugar, smoking and alcohol.

What that does is in your mind, it gives you like a break or a relief from it, but all you’re doing is turning into something else that’s not going to make you any healthier. It’s going to make it worse. It feels like you’re getting away, but you’re not.

We’re going to talk about some tapping exercises you can do and some habit exercises you can do. Before we do that, I also wanted to say this, quite often, people get caught up in other people’s agenda. With the onset of technology and email, it’s gotten worse. People will wake up in the morning. They’ll check their cell phone, texts messages, and email. Immediately, they’re in the realm of responding to other people’s requests.

Before they even figure out what they need for themselves for that day.

People need to learn to say no to this, and to say no to the people that may have gotten used to you responding immediately.

It’s not a no forever. It’s, “Wait. Give me a minute.”

It’s, “Let me take my time to set my goals for the day and spend the first hour working on those before I go to someone else’s agenda.” That’s an important thing in this day and age because most people are working off of someone else’s agenda. They are also living off of yesterday’s thoughts and worries, and issues from the past, rather than a vision of the future or a vision of the now moment. Living in the now moment with a vision for the future being where they’re moving towards rather than being dragged down by memories of the past. As Dr. Joe Dispenza would say, “Don’t be dragged down by memories of the past. Live from a vision of the future.”

Sometimes you don’t even realize it’s occurring. Sometimes I’ll walk into the office here, and I won’t even be in my office and I’ll have Jean. He is like an 84-year-old, 12-year-old. He sees me, “Rollie, I got a question.” I’m like, “I just walked in the door.” Sometimes it’s presented to you and you almost have no other choice but to take care of it at that second. That’s when you need to take that minute and say, “I’ll be able to help you, but I have to get this taken care of first. I’ll be right back.” I have a hard time doing that sometimes. I do want to help people. I have the energy to help people. People see that. They draw off my energy and they want my help, and that’s fine. You got to remember to use some of that energy for yourself because if you don’t, you’re not going to get to where you need to be with your goals. That’s the key.

Let’s talk a little bit about tapping and habits. On the side of the habits first, one of the things that people have the biggest problem with because we see it in the statistics is maintaining their ideal body weight and developing habits to help them do that. One of the habits, for example, is people will come home from work.

They’ll come through the door of their house, set their stuff down and go to the refrigerator. Quite often, what they might do is grab something to drink that is not a healthy drink. It could be soda pop, beer, whatever, other sugary drink that immediately is going to be detrimental to their overall health. When you do it day after day, year after year, now you’re one of those 60%. What would be great is to break that habit, and you want to make it easy to break the habit. When people open up their refrigerator, it’s usually very easy to grab the drink that they like because they put it right in the front.

Not only that, but that’s what they’re used to.

Now what people can do is say, “I’m going to have lemon water.” You want to have either your lemon water already prepared or a little dish with some fresh lemon and a bottle of water, that’s right at eye level. It’s the easiest thing to grab. The stuff that you want to break the habit of, either get rid of it or push it to the side where it’s hard to get. Put it in the back of the refrigerator.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to get rid of it all together because it’s like, “If it’s not there, I don’t feel comfortable.” Get a little bottle of soda like one of the little ones and put it all the way in the back.

When you arrive home, this is the A of the ABC of Tiny Habits. You’ve come through the door and this is an anchoring event or an event where you’re going to take action.

It’s an event that’s going to trigger you into action.

The B in the ABC is the new behavior. In this case, the new behavior is, “I’m going to grab the lemon water from the refrigerator.”

That is the new behavior we are going to instill that has been triggered by the anchoring event.

Now, you do it. The C is celebrate in whatever you want to do to celebrate. Pat yourself on the back, something crazy.

Something that you’ll remember so you’ll want to do it again.

This is behavioral science, whatever you celebrate, you tend to do more. This is ABC, and this can help to instill new habits.

I know we talk about it a lot, but this is something that was studied and proven. These are actual things. It’s not just woo-woo stuff. This is the stuff that if you take it seriously and make a solemn commitment, then you’re going to be able to hit that goal. Without it, don’t worry about it, don’t even try it.

There’s a great book if people want to also read it in addition to Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg. The title is Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink. Those are two great books to help with this type of thing. Before we finish up, let’s talk about the emotional freedom technique and how it can help us with our goals as well, and to create pattern interrupts.

That’s the key.

Let’s say that you are somebody that has an avoidance strategy. The avoidance strategy is you are drinking too much alcoholic beverages because you’re feeling depressed, and this makes you feel better. This is a belief that you have that says, “I’ll feel better if I drink. However, I know that I would rather drink less because I know it’s better for my health, but because I’m feeling depressed, I keep doing it day after day.” Using the emotional freedom technique, we can begin to change that belief. We’re going to do it by tapping on our fingertips.

We talked about that chi before. You use the middle finger of your right hand, for example, tap on your thumbnail, on the side of your nail about five times, and then tap on your index finger and so on about five times on each finger and begin tapping.

There’s no magic to the number of times, but try to hit all of those meridians terminate in the tips of your fingers. You’re then going to repeat a phrase that’s going to help now to disable a belief you have and to install a new belief. In the case of drinking too much alcohol because you’re depressed, you’re going to tap in and you’re going to say something like this, “Even though up until now, I thought that I had to continue to drink too much alcohol because of this depression thing. I completely love and accept myself. I’m grateful now that I realize I can interrupt this pattern of drinking too much. I can find myself being very peaceful by coming home, doing some meditation, going for a walk or some other type of exercise, and feel at complete peace.”

At the end of this tapping, cross your hands on your heart, breathe in, and let your breath out, drop your chin down to your chest while you’re breathing out, and sit quietly. We’re going to do a whole show on the emotional freedom technique. People will get to learn a lot more about it, but in general, for this episode, that’s a little tidbit about it. That is a great way to interrupt patterns and install new beliefs that can help you in any of the different ways that you need to make changes in your life.

One thing I was thinking as we were talking about this, a phrase came to my mind, you got to have energy. You don’t have energy. The reality is you create it. It’s created by what you put in yourself and what you do. Remember, you can’t have energy unless you create it. Let’s do what we can. This show should help.

Thank you, Rollie, for being here with us. Thank you to everybody for reading. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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