The New Science of Anti-Aging Revealed!

LFY 13 | Anti-Aging Science

Age is just a number, or so the saying goes, but did you know that the average person is 3.14 years older biologically, than their actual age?

In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp explain the difference between your biological age and your chronological age. They reveal recent discoveries in the new science of anti-aging and identify the major factors that cause people to age faster.

They also share real life practical strategies that you can use to help slow down the aging process and live a longer and happier life. Bob also introduces the concept of the collective nocebo of aging, and how to opt out of it using tapping to help stop the negative effects of psychological aging.

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The New Science of Anti-Aging Revealed!

How To Slow Down The Aging Process

I'm here with Rollie Culp. Rollie, how are you doing?

I'm doing great, Bob.

I'm excited to do this show. This is a show that relates directly to our company Boomers Forever Young, which was started years ago and gave rise to Live Forever Young Radio.

Yes, it did. This is one of our most important shows because it can let most of the people and readers know what our products and what we are all about.

I haven't even told you this yet, I was talking to a customer of Boomers Forever Young who's a professional athlete, who had started using our products. He was talking about how great he felt after a few weeks of using the products. He also was saying that his goal for his health and his life is to live for as long as he can in a very healthful state. When he's 70, 80, 90 years old, he wants to still be hiking going out into the woods, being very active and vibrant. I assured him that would be the case.

What kind of an athlete was he?

He's a golfer.

Maybe you're talking about Tom Brady, the ageless one.

No. Tom Brady is the ageless one here in Champa Bay. That’s what they call it since Tampa Bay has won the championship for both hockey and football and the Tampa Bay Rays were in the World Series.

You can't beat Champa Bay.

We're getting ready to start again, but Tom Brady is the 43-year-old quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who won the Super Bowl playing against a much younger competitor who is an awesome quarterback as well. They ended up winning and part of it is because Tom Brady pays such close attention to what he does for his health and wellness. Maybe someday we can do a whole show on what Tom Brady does for his health and wellness.

I think you'd find a lot of parallels.

He wrote a book about it, which we can read the whole book and see how it parallels with Boomers Forever.

"You are older than you think! On average, your biological age differs from your chronological age by more than three years."

I think we'd be at the same age. One thing that Tom Brady knows is the healthier he stays, the longer he can play, and the happier he'll end up being.

We were also talking about this study that was done about people's opinions about themselves relative to age.

Yes. What they think about themselves as they age.

It turns out that 65% of the people say that they think they look good for their age and 50% of the people said they thought they were in good shape for their age. As it turns out when you look at the data where you compare someone's biological age to their chronological age. Chronological meaning when you were born and how old you are right now.

You have your biological age, which means when you examine your blood work, your analysis, etc., your fitness level, how old are you in terms of your biology? It turns out that people are older biologically than they think they are. The average person is 3.14 years older biologically than they are based on their birthday. There's this disconnect. People have a feeling that they're in good shape and that they look great but the actual reality is they're older than they think they are.

This is what we're going to be talking about is why is that? What leads to that and what it is that modern science now knows can be done about it? How in Boomers Forever Young, we've made this an actual reality so that people can take very simple and very specific steps that relate to the new science of anti-aging so that they can reverse this 3.14 ages older. This leads us to the story of when your dad and our friend, Larry Daudelin, who's also a co-host of the show. He'll be back on as we do another show. What happened to them when they started using the system of anti-aging that we made arrangements for them. Larry was born in 1945.

My dad was born in 1950.

When Larry was 65 years old and your dad was 60 was when I first met them.

I remember, my dad told me a story about meeting you for the first. He goes, “There's this tall guy that Larry has in the office. He's supposed to be helping them with something on the computer, but he said something about helping me with diabetes.”

Larry had asked me to help him with a computer project related to our real estate initiative, which I came to do. At the same time, I noticed immediately that Larry was what the brits call crumbling. Larry being crumbly, meaning his body was getting crumbly like an old cookie. I asked Larry, “Would you like a little help? I noticed you're on all these medications.” He had his pills lined up on his desk. All day long, he was taking prescription meds. He had surgery. He was scheduled for more surgery. His doctor was calling him at his house saying, “When are you coming in to get that other surgery?”

It's a funny parallel at the time my dad had moved down here to Florida a few years earlier and he was running a beach hotel. He's in good shape, but it was quite taxing. At that time, he was about twenty pounds overweight. He'd been suffering from diabetes. In one of our episodes, we talked about diabetes, a preventable epidemic. In the episode we did about that, we went over how that happened and he got late-onset diabetes. Around 32, it set in and he'd been dealing with it, do the math, until he was 60.

Yes, when we met your dad, he was experiencing typical symptoms that someone with diabetes would be experiencing 30 years after ever getting diabetes. He has peripheral neuropathy in his hands and his feet. He was also having trouble with his intestines. Typically, that's called gastroparesis, which means you've got problems with the motility of your alimentary canal and you're having trouble moving food through your system. What we did for Larry, which later we also did with your dad a short time later was we made arrangements for him to have a great nutritional regime that was based on the new science of holistic nutrition. Right away, he started to make improvements and he started to lose weight. He started to release weight and he has never put it back on.

When you lose something, usually you want to find it. I lost my keys, I got to find them. When you release something, there's another mental state, you can release it. That means you can let it go.

LFY 13 | Anti-Aging Science
Anti-Aging Science: We've come a long way since the 1980s when it comes to the science of aging. What once were theories of aging are now established facts.

Larry released it and years later, he has not gotten it back. You hear about these yo-yo dieting, you're up and down, no. This anti-aging system made him release the weight, never to have it back. He lost somewhere between 50 and 65 pounds of fat. He gained about fifteen pounds of muscle, which is good. He increased his strength, working out at the gym tremendously.

That’s when I remember him and my dad going a lot together. They would always go to the gym in the morning. During that whole phase for Larry, I remember my dad dropped at least 25, 30 pounds. He was like a size 38 about 2.5, 3 months later, he's asking me if I could wear these pants because they didn't fit him anymore. I was a size 34, luckily. I remember he would bring me big pants. I have nothing to do with them. I couldn't do anything with them.

Larry and your dad both had positive results from this. Larry's suggestion was why don't we start a company? Larry had loved the idea of Forever Young. We decided to call it Boomers Forever Young. Larry was the front end of the Baby Boomers. I was in the middle of the Baby Boomers, so thus Boomers Forever Young. We started to put together a Total Health System that we could share with other people that would be very easy for them to take first thing in the morning. You get up a couple of minutes and you're able to take the Total Health System. This was the system that Larry used. We had pieced it together differently before now we have it refined and put together in a nice, easy-to-use package.

You talk about all the things that you use to piece it together, the knowledge. I was wondering if you talk a little bit about where you had learned that knowledge and how you were able to take them. They were called the theories of anti-aging and how you're able to use those. Where did you learn those?

Through going to university and studying, and also with my previous career, working in nursing homes, home health agencies, services for people who were elderly, I always was interested in research and also in the state-of-the-art in nutrition. I was a professor of aging at Pace University in New York. Back then, the science about aging was mostly referred to as theories of aging because they weren't proven yet. They were to a certain degree but we've come a long way since the 1980s in the new science of nutrition and anti-aging. There are billions of dollars being invested every year in the science of anti-aging. We can talk about some of the areas as we go. Those past theories of aging, which were in the textbooks that we use to teach from, many now are no longer theories. They're proven.

We know definitively aspects of how people age and exactly what to do about it to slow your rate of aging. What happened to Larry? Fortunately, because the science had come this far, is he de-aged significantly. You can do blood work and test certain biomarkers and your relative physical capability and get an approximate biological age and an approximate amount of time you're going to live from where you are. There are tests you can get from certain companies that will say, “We are you going to test this and this.” It will tell you approximately when you're going to die. They can predict it is very close proximity. The life insurance companies use these same tests when they determine what they're going to charge you for your life insurance because they have a very good idea of when you're going to die. We're going to talk about that in a little bit as to what they're measuring, how they're doing it, and how as Larry did to get the life insurance company to think you're much younger than you are. What happened with Larry was he had a workup from the life insurance company to get a new policy.

How long was he doing it?

It was probably five years after he had been doing it, about that time, maybe seven. When we tested it before, without the life insurance company, it looked like he was about 85 in terms of biology. Now here he is diligently practicing his anti-aging nutrition, exercise, mindset, stress management and all the things we're going to talk about. He gets an analysis from his life insurance company. They call his agent and they say, “Thank you so much for sending us this new customer. He's the healthiest person that we've ever seen. As a matter of fact, he gets superior preferred life insurance. We need a little help. There's a mistake in the policy. It says that he was born in 1945, but this looks like a man who's approximately 33 years old. Can you make a correction for us and send it back in?”

That test that they do came back and they said, “This can't be the right data.”

They knew it was a man who was about 33, but it didn't match up with the data.

You know how insurance companies are. They always check the I's and the T's are dotted and crossed.

His agent called him called up the life insurance company. They said, “No, this is Larry Daudelin. He's the co-founder and CEO of Boomers Forever Young Anti-aging Company. He was born in 1945.” This is what gave rise to the Boomers Forever Young Company. Larry's like, “We know that this is going on. Let's start a company and help more people,” which we did, including your dad.

I remember as a kid teenager, there would be times that dad would get so low, and then he would have all these episodes. It was the hardest thing for him was to regulate it. I have to say, not only with the help of this product but with all the technology, the new science of aging and diabetes, and all the technology with the little scanner thing on your arm, it becomes so much easier and much more enjoyable for him to be alive now.

"The Total Health System is designed not only to slow your rate of aging, but to speed up your rate of repair. " 

It's very good and it's great to have him around, here now years later. People, in general, are aging faster as they get older and people with diabetes are aging way faster. If you look back now to years ago when your dad started using the Boomer products, he has aged either zero or almost imperceptibly.

He looks better now than 8 or 10 years ago.

His face coloring is better and he's released some weight.

He's still very active and strong.

This takes us then to the different reasons why people age and what to do about it. The first one, which is probably about half of all of the reasons is the issue of inflammation and oxidative stress. Human beings are similar to a log burning in the fire. We’re aerobic life. This fire is burning because there's oxygen. Get rid of all the oxygen and the fire can't burn. Human beings also are using oxygen for aerobic life. As a result, we throw off reactive oxygen species, hydroxyl radicals also known as oxidative stress, or free radicals.

We've talked a lot about that in the show about Inflammation and Your Health. Check that out. We go into a lot of the details on that.

People are burning themselves up over the course of 85 to 100 years. The same with a log in the fire. If you a log, you can be in a fire that has the flue open the right amount and has the right amount of air coming in. You're burning a log that's made from black walnut or hickory. It's burning very efficiently and it burns for a long time. On the other hand, you can have a very dry piece of poplar, it's very light. You can have the flue wide open and someone pumping the bellows. In fifteen minutes, the log will be gone. Humans are the same way. Some people are burning up very fast. Some people are burning up very slowly because now of the new science of anti-aging.

This is the type of thing that we help people with the products from Boomers, Forever Young, because we can tell how fast you're aging based on your level of inflammation or oxidative stress, which is measured by a test called C-reactive protein. CRP or C-reactive protein is going to give you a number of about 3 or 4 on average when you get your blood tested and you want that number to come down below 0.5. People like your dad, people like Larry had those numbers, your dad higher because of diabetes. They both got their CRP down below 0.5.

It's safe to assume that the reason why we're slowing down this burn is not just so we stay alive longer, but it allows the body to repair itself faster than it can burn up. That's the whole idea.

Human beings are also repairing themselves continuously because of the environment and toxins in the environment and aerobic life. We're wearing down but we also have very robust repair mechanisms that help us to repair our bodies. The Total Health System is designed not only to slow your rate of aging but to speed up your rate of repair.

You need specific things like metabolites, amino acids and things like that.

To rebuild yourself. The other issue regarding aging is what people refer to as telomeres. These are little tails on the end of your chromosomes that contain information. As people go through their life, you have cellular replication. Your cells will replicate themselves. Each time they replicate, they need to use some of the information in the telomere. The telomere gets used up. It gets shorter and shorter. Now you do have a mechanism for repairing your telomere and adding length back to it is an enzyme called human telomerase that helps to do that. In general, it's getting shorter.

By the time you get to be about 85 to 100 years old. You've come to what they call the Hayflick limit. The next time that your cells go to divide and replicate, they're going to replicate with all kinds of errors. This is ultimately how you're going to die of old age. It's a very good thing to have knowledge about telomeres and to have the knowledge and know that oxidative stress also helps to shorten your telomeres.

Anti-Aging Science: In general, people age faster as they grow older.

It’s not the replicating, but then all the other factors created by the oxidative stress then damages them further.

As we said, human telomerase is something that helps to constantly repair the telomeres. It's only been about a few years that we've known the actual structure of the human telomerase molecule. It's extremely complex. It took a team of 80 scientists across numerous medical research institutions, including the UCLA School of Medicine. It cost about $80 million. It took them about five years to figure out the structure of this molecule human telomerase, just one. Our bodies make about 100,000 different proteins and this was one of them and they did figure out the structure of it. What we know is that to make human telomerase, which is in your genetic code. Imagine, a gene being so sophisticated, it can tell your body to make this molecule.

Eighteen years and $80 million later, I couldn't imagine, but your body does it like that.

We know that proteins are made up of amino acids and that they need to be spliced together and glued together with metabolic enzymes. This is something we now know in the world of anti-aging science and the science of nutrition. We know exactly what the components are, so that when it occurs inside the human body, that it's time to make some telomerase or any other protein that there's going to be a replication of the part of your gene. That's got the code for it by your RNA. The RNA is going to call for all these building blocks to come so they can build the protein. Those are amino acids and metabolic enzymes. This is the new science because we know that in the Total Health System, we can include all of those things, which are the building blocks. It makes it easier to make human telomerase.

You can hopefully live longer. That's the whole idea of anti-aging.

Another aspect to the whole issue of aging is the issue of stem cells because the human body is constantly making adult stem cells. You’re made up of embryonic stem cells. When you're born, your body switches to making adult stem cells, which are helping to replace cells.

We did a show called Stem Cells Need Nutrition Too. That one was also with Ann, check that one out for more details, but yes, that's correct.

We need to understand that we have to be able to make enough stem cells for the repair process, but once the stem cell morphs into another type of cell, like your liver or your heart, etc., your brain has to be fed nutrients. They need nutrition, vitamins, minerals, etc. That's part of the Total Health System that is going to address the nutrition that's needed by the stem cells that morph into human cells. Another aspect here, Rollie, is this issue whereas people age, there are cells that are getting very old and they need to die off and get out of the way so they can be replaced via this adult stem cell system. There is a certain percentage of the cells that are losing the capacity to respond to the signal. That's telling them it's time to get out of the way. This is very important because those old cells not only aren't doing their function properly, but they're also causing problems. They are releasing inflammatory cytokines, which are damaging the cells in the region. It's time for them to get out of the way.

It sounds like a case of bad renters. Some people who've been in there overdue on the rent, haven't paid or torn the place up. Now they're bothering all the neighbors and causing them problems. They have to get out.

We now know from the new science that the combination of resveratrol and quercetin is capable to amplify the signal so that these old cells will die and get out of the way. There's a certain group of scientists that theorize that this aspect of these old cells that won't die, which is called apoptosis is equal in its negative effect on aging to the whole idea of oxidative stress. There's a lot of research going into how to do this. We know that if you have a combination of resveratrol and quercetin together, it will knock out all those old dead cells.

It gives them the signal to get the heck out. It's ringing the bell.

The other part that's important to talk about is sleep. We are going to be doing a whole episode on sleep. Sleep is when the body is able to detox, which is important, and also to begin the repair. What you want to know about sleep is, sleep is a biorhythm. Your body needs to know that it's daytime and it needs to know it's nighttime and your neurochemistry is responding to light and dark. What you want to do is you want to make sure that your body knows it's daytime when it's daytime. When you get up in the morning, you want to open up the shades, turn on some lights and also spend time in the light during the day. Your body knows it's daytime and we're awake.

At nighttime, you want to wind down the blue light. As the sun goes down, all the blue that your eyes have been seeing that’s keeping you awake is now gone. The signal is it's time to go to sleep. Cell phones, computers, televisions, people are bombarded by this artificial blue light. It's hard to get to sleep. You have to wind down the blue light either by blue blocker glasses or turn off all the blue light or have screens that you can apply over a screen protector so that it blocks the blue light. You also want to make sure that you blot out all those LED lights with your blackout curtains so it's perfectly dark in your room. You'll sleep way better if it's perfectly dark makes. The other thing is about sleeping in the right amount of time.

"You can opt out of the collective nocebo of aging! One of the best was to do that is through tapping."

That's what I'm going to say in a show we did call Habits To Help Seize The Day. The previous show you were talking about, is an hour and a half cycle for sleep. You want to hit seven of those cycles.

You want to sleep for approximately seven and a half hours. If you are going to get up at 7:30 to get ready for work, you want to be asleep at midnight. The reason is you don't want to wake up in the middle of one of those hour and a half cycles. You'll feel groggy during the day. Set your alarm clock for 7 hours and 35 minutes. If you wake up before that time, just before is probably going to be about average, that's when you want to get up. You don't want to go back to sleep because you'll start going into another cycle and you'll feel groggy during the day.

This brings us to another aspect of repair. We've talked about repaired during sleep. This is about muscular strength and muscle mass, which tends to decrease as we age. It's like a lot of things that we stopped making, so you stop making as much human telomerase and you stop making as much superoxide dismutase, which is what keeps you from burning up fast. As you age, you make less and less. We need to know what things we're making less of and we need to supplement. Part of the issue with muscle health is you have to work a little bit harder as you get older and you have to make sure you take in the right amino acids and metabolic enzymes to be able to build muscle.

We made sure that was in the Total Health System.

Yes, it’s in the Total Health System. You want to make sure you maintain your muscular strength as you go forward. It makes it less likely you're going to fall. It also keeps your bone stronger. The health of your muscles relates to the strength of your bones and especially the strength of the muscles in your quadriceps, your thighs, have a direct positive effect on your brain. The muscles in your quads have a direct connection, neuronal connection, to your brain, and your memory, focus and concentration are better the stronger your legs are.

You also want to be sure that you're strong enough. If a sentinel event occurs that's negative that to your health. Here we are in 2021, where people are still experiencing things like this, you get sick with cancer, you get some type of an injury from an accident, you get poisoned by a spider bite, a tick bite, a snake bite, anything like that. You have enough muscle, weight, and strength to survive while you're going through the treatment. If you get cancer and need to go through chemotherapy, you'd need to be able to stay strong during that time.

That's one of the major things that does people who are on chemotherapy. It's not necessarily that it didn't work it's that it wasted them away so bad that they couldn't get out of the hole.

They couldn't continue with the treatment. It brings us to the next point, which is the issue of circulation. We have all the best substrates, meaning amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. You can have a great production of stem cells, but if you can't circulate these through your bloodstream through the cells, it's not of much help.

No, it's like making sandwiches for the neighborhood and never delivering them. You got a bunch of bologna sandwiches sitting at your house getting old and stinky.

The neighbor lives five miles down the road and your car doesn't have any gas. Circulation is important. We are very large vertebrates. We walk upright. We have long arms, long legs and our heart is below our brain. We have to have great circulation to circulate enough nutrients and oxygen to our brain and our extremities. Circulation happens when the integrity of your veins and arteries is intact. That is determined largely by your level of nutrition.

We did a show called The Importance of Circulation For Your Health. I believe that was with Ann. That was a good one, check that one out. It gives you a lot of detail.

With circulation, you have to have healthy veins and arteries, which means you have to have certain nutrition that makes up those cells. You have to also have enough arginine in your diet or in your nutrition supplements to help to dilate the capillaries. You need phosphatidylcholine, which helps with the integrity of your cells, which helps with the integrity of your arteries and veins. This is the one part of it. The other part is that your capillaries and arterials are responding to pulses from the core of the earth that are pulsed electromagnetic fields. They're coming from the core of the earth. They're activating your arteries to expand and contract, which allows the blood to go through.

As you age, like with many things, you respond less to those pulses. Your circulation begins to drop off as you age. Now you don't have enough oxygen or nutrients and you're going to age faster than you need to, particularly in your brain. You want to know that there are specific devices that are made that have pulsed electromagnetic fields coming out of them, that you can put this mat underneath your mattress pad and turn the device on and you can revivitize the ability of your capillaries to dilate.

LFY 13 | Anti-Aging Science
Anti-Aging Science: As you age, your circulation begins to drop off. This means your cells won't get enough oxygen and nutrients, and you're going to age faster.

Now you're going to get more oxygen and nutrients to your heart muscle because your heart muscle has capillaries too. You're also going to get more circulation to your brain. You're less likely that you're going to get dementia as you age. Both Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia are related to poor circulation. It’s very important. Go back, check out the episode on circulation. Rollie, the next part is what we call the microbiome. People are a collection of human cells and they're a collection of other than human cells like bacteria, viruses, funguses, parasites. We only have about 10% of all the cells are human, 90% are other than human.

We're a walking bag of viruses and fungus, and we got a little bit of human in us.

Bacteria and it's interplaying with our human cells. For example, depending on the food that you eat and the polyphenols that are in the food, they will come and they'll make their way to your gut. They'll activate bacterial DNA and it'll create genetic expression. It'll make a metabolite signaling molecules that will then affect the human DNA. This symbiotic relationship gives rise to our life. We call it human life because it is, but it's human life being facilitated by bacterial life. We need to know how to work together with our microbiome to make sure we have the right probiotics, the right amount of fiber, etc. in order to facilitate this complex sequence of signals.

Our Total Health System, it includes a product that's called Premium Probiotics. That has metabolites and good bacteria in it and also fiber. There's also fiber in two of the other products that are in that Total Health System. With very easy two minutes in the morning, you can facilitate all of this complex biochemistry because the science has come so far and we've been able to take the collection of all the science and create products that people can take very affordably and very easily to address these issues of aging.

The microbiome that we were talking about how neurotransmitters are created from the interaction of the bacteria with the human cells. If you're creating neurotransmitters that eventually get used in the brain, you're talking about that a term they use is the brain-gut connection. There's an actual connection from the gut to the brain because of how much manufacturing is done in there. If your balance of bacteria is off, you probably have issues making neurotransmitters, I would assume.

You will, and your consciousness will suffer. To a big degree, your consciousness and your ability to concentrate, focus, learn, analyze are dependent on the balance of bacteria in your gut. There's another aspect of aging and it's called a collective nocebo. Collective nocebo is something that’s collecting, meaning that it's societal and a nocebo meaning on an occurrence that shouldn't necessarily occur. In this case, it's not good. Opposite of a placebo, a placebo is the person did better, but they never actually got the intervention, but they thought they were going to get better, so they got better. A nocebo’s the opposite. They thought something negative was going to happen, and so it happened.

In this case, it's related to aging. The reason this happens is when children are between 5 and 6 years old, they begin to gain the ability to perceive impermanence of humans and animals, etc. The little child will say, “I'm almost 6. My brother's 10, mom and dad are 36, grandma and grandpa are 70, and great grandma's dead.” Their unconscious mind goes, “That's what I'm supposed to do. I'm human. I'll do that too.” To a large extent, your unconscious mind is helping facilitate your smooth aging process. You're going to die right at around the time that great-grandma died. In the meantime, you're going to start to look older, you're going to grow bigger. You’re going to start to lose some of your capacity and then you're going to die.

There are techniques you can use to opt-out of this nocebo. We'll do a whole show on that of the guided imagery that will help to eliminate this nocebo in your life. In the meantime, we can use the emotional freedom technique to take the edge off. The emotional freedom technique is also called tapping. People can tap on their fingernails on the side of their nails. Use the middle finger of your right hand and tap on your left thumbnail on the side of the nail about five times and then begin tapping on the side of each other fingernail, and then just keep rotating it. You're going to repeat a phrase that is going to help restructure this subconscious belief about aging and the collective nocebo.

It'll sound something like this, “Even though up until now, I thought that I had to continue to age at the rate that I was simply because everybody else is doing that. I completely love and accept myself anyway. I'm so grateful now that I realize I can opt-out of the collective nocebo aging. I can age at any rate that I choose to age and I'm feeling very happy and I'm feeling that complete peace.” You can cross your hands across your heart. Take a deep breath in, breathe out and drop your hands down to your knees and sit quietly with your chin drop down towards your chest. This is a very powerful technique. The emotional freedom technique can be used for all kinds of things. This is one nice way to use it. To begin to program your mind, to say, “Thank you very much, but we're not going to do that.”

Do you know who uses this in the office? Jim and Gene. Gene Gene The Dancing Machine, the guy acts like he's 20 years old and he’s almost 84. We always joke. It's like, “You're almost middle-aged now. When you hit 85, you got to start acting mature and stop dancing all through the office and yelling.” You would never guess the guy is 84. He has definitely opted out of this nocebo. He’s like, “That has nothing to do with me. I don't believe it.” If you ever want to talk to Gene, the number's 1-800-861-4609. He can give you some ideas about the things we've been talking about. Don't hesitate to call, but if you ever talked to Gene, you'd never guess he was 84. You should at least call and talk to him. He’s pretty funny.

We say at Boomers Forever Young, middle-age starts at 85. It goes on from there, 100. Rollie, there's one last thing that we want to talk about. It’s the issue of social isolation.

It’s a bigger one than you think. I think with the pandemic we've seen been seen a lot more of an effect of this. I think has been coming to the forefront.

During 2020, an additional 17% of the population started to see a therapist. It was already 31%. We're now up to 48% of the population has sought the help of a therapist. They ask questions. “Why? What's going on? How do you feel about 2021?” The answer is, “I feel despair. I feel like things are not going to go well in 2021. It didn't go well in 2020. I'm afraid that it's not going to go well. There's also a lot of upset in relation to elections. There's also a lot of upset in regards to misinformation that people are being bombarded with.” That's what they're bringing to the therapist. They're exhibiting symptoms of PTSD and depression and paranoia. It requires the intervention of a therapist.

"You won’t enjoy life if you're walking around like an old tea biscuit. Start taking steps to slow down your aging as soon as you can!" 

A big part of what led to that is this social isolation. It’s very problematic for children not able to go to school and be with their friends. Problematic for adults that become paranoid and stay home all the time. Even before we had the issues of 2020, it was a big problem. They say the effect it has on your rate of aging is more detrimental than smoking cigarettes. It requires a lot of attention, requires a lot of diligence to make sure that you and your family don't experience this. Use every technology you can, whether it's Skype or Zoom to stay in touch and support people that you know are at risk for this.

One of the things that you don't think about is the fact that as a social entity, being a human being, we are social. Ever since the dawn of time, we have been social. Back in the day when we were cavemen, you work in packs, you work together as a group. To take and cut that social interaction off, not only would it be detrimental, like you said, for your health, but your psyche and for everything like that. That caused paranoia and there are things out there you can use, like tapping, would it be helpful? If you feel anxious, you can tap on anxiety. Up until now, I feel anxious about going outside. Now that I know that I can go outside and be safe, I completely love and accept myself and do that. When you feel that anxiety creeping up, interrupt that with the tapping.

We did a whole show on anxiety.

Yes, we did. We did a whole one on there called Managing Stress and Anxiety During Trying Times. You need to check that out. There are some great techniques on there. Go into how tapping works. There's another one that we always do with head circles.

That works well for calming people down. We call it the ultimate mind-calming exercise.

There are going to be videos. If you've got to Live Forever Young Radio, we have a videos page where you can access all this. You can look at how the technique is done, but we perform them here. If you need a refresher, you can go look at an old show or check the video out.

The ultimate mind calming exercise is very helpful. It's a bioenergetic exercise also called head circles. It helps you to completely calm your mind and go to a clear state. If used with tapping, together, it can be very powerful.

They're very complementary techniques. That's one of the two things that we use a lot to help when people call on the phone. We got a lot of people that call in and one of their main things is, “I've been taking the products for a couple of months, but I still don't feel good.” That's when you realize that it's the stress, it's that payload of stress that's hitting them harder. They're getting nutrients. They're getting all the things that the Total Health System helps with for anti-aging. You say this all the time, you can take all the best health products in the world but if your rate of stress is high, you're going to be sick. It doesn’t matter.

It's very important to learn to do these new techniques. The newer techniques are developed because they're more powerful and more effective.

They're part of the new science of anti-aging that we're bringing to everybody. We're showing because this is actually what helped Larry and my dad turn it around. That's the thing that helps you turn that corner and help you to slow the burn so you can rebuild.

Rollie, one last thing about stress is there's a great device that you and I have used. That's called Inner Balance. It's made by the HeartMath Institute. We would say, “What is that heart?” It’s like your heart muscle and math, like the subject. HealthMath makes this device called Inner Balance. It clips to your ear and there's a trans panel that communicates to app on your cellphone.

It's a circular mandala on the phone. It shrinks and expands. You can gauge your breathing.

You sync your breath to the expansion and contraction of the mandala. You also begin focusing your mind on what you're grateful for. This is hugely important because research shows that in the United States of America, the average American believes that everything is okay 5% of the time and 95% of the time, they have a general readiness to believe that things are not okay. This has a profound effect on your communication in your brain and the communication to your heart muscle. Your heart beats differently when you are of the opinion that things are okay. It sends a different signal. Your heart is signaling your amygdala. Your amygdala is signaling your frontal cortex, which is signaling your heart metabolic pathway. You can change it for the better by using the Inner Balance device. It’s a very important thing to know.

LFY 13 | Anti-Aging Science
Anti-Aging Science: To a large extent, your unconscious mind facilitates your aging process.

I've tried it. It works well. Go check it out.

Rollie, just to finish up, this concept of the new science we keep touching on and it's here. It's 2021. There are thousands of research articles coming out every day on nutrition science, anti-aging science, billions of dollars every year being invested, some by famous people, into the new science of aging and this quest towards immortality. For the most part, it's here already. You can address every one of these aspects of aging that we listed, which are the major aspects of what causes people to age and get crumbly as they age. We now have the technology, as you can see with your dad and with Larry. Not only they stabilize themselves, they can get much younger in terms of their biology perform better, have less aches, pains, and other issues, and move forward toward being one of those people that stays super healthy until the end of their life.

It reminds me of that show. It's a little older, but I think everybody, The Bionic Man. We have the technology. We can rebuild him. It's reality and it's not metal. It's natural or cellular health bringing in what you need to take what used to be a theory of aging and put it into practice. That's the whole concept of doing this. You can perform at your highest and enjoy life. You're not going to enjoy life if you're walking around crumbly like an old tea biscuit.

This is what happens, Rollie. When people start to feel better and we get these testimonials, “I've been using these products for five days and I'm starting to feel a lot more energy.” You take the average person who is low in energy and it's the number one complaint that people show up at their doctor for.

I think I heard like 43 million people a year show up to the doctor saying they don’t have any energy.

If you're low in energy, you're low in enthusiasm and you're low in enthusiasm for life. What we find as people start to feel healthier, they start to feel a little bit happier. They get to wake up in the morning like, “I don't have that pain anymore. I'm feeling like I'm ready to bounce out of bed and do something fun.” That's what happens. The next thing you know, as they're walking to get into their car to go do something, they're feeling happier and they begin to notice, “Isn't that tree beautiful?” Because you're not dragging yourself to your car. You've got your head held high, you're feeling good. You begin to notice the beauty of God's creation even more than you normally would. Now you're going to say to yourself, “This feels great. Look at how beautiful these trees are that were created by God. I'm grateful for the creation and I'm feeling grateful to be alive.”

It's like healthy life, happy life. If you're not healthy, it’s going to be a lot harder to be happy.

As you start to feel this feeling of gratitude for being alive, all kinds of things change in your gut chemistry. This happiness to be alive is expressed in the form of gratitude. You are feeling grateful to be alive. As this happens to you, ask yourself, “Why am I grateful to be alive? I feel good, but I'm grateful that I have this cool car. I have these cool family members and friends and we're going over here to have a nice lunch.” This is called a gratitude stack.

A gratitude stack is very valuable because as you linger in gratitude and purposely think about what you're grateful for, which is why the Inner Balance works. The longer you linger in gratitude, as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “The more you draw your new life to you.” You're now capable in this state of gratitude of living from joyful anticipation of the future. Instead of dragging all the crap from your past and living out your day from your past crap, you're living from joyful anticipation of the future. You now are feeling grateful to be alive and it can all start from increasing your energy by using the technologies and techniques that we talked about.

It's extremely complex that has been simplified by literally looking at what you need to make it work right throughout your whole body. We talk about being grateful. I'm super grateful we got to go over this because I believe that this is the biggest thing that we can help impart on people. It’s the ability to be happy, live longer and give them the tools to do it. I don't think there is anything better than that.

Rollie, thank you. Thank you for being the co-host, and also running all the technology to get this going. Thank everyone for reading. We will see you at the next show.

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