The Power Of Sprouted Barley!

Did you know that ancient gladiators relied on sprouted barley for their legendary strength and power? So much so that they became known as “hordearii” which translates to “barley eaters”!

In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp talk about the powerful benefits of supplementing your diet with sprouted seeds, especially barley. Yes, the sprouting process creates more available beneficial nutrients than mature grains!

Join in the conversation to discover the secret proprietary sprouting process used to create Boomer Products Sprouted Barley Seed Products. Tune in and feel the power of the gladiator’s barley!


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The Power Of Sprouted Barley!

The Secret To Ancient Gladiator Strength

Did you know that ancient gladiators relied on barley for their legendary strength and power? So much so that they became known as hordearii, which translates to barley eaters. This time on the show, Bob and Rollie talk about the powerful benefits of supplementing your diet with sprouted seeds, in particular, barley, and how the sprouting process creates more available beneficial nutrients than matured grains. They also revealed details about the secret proprietary sprouting process used to create Boomer’s sprouted barley seed products known as Gladiator and Heirloom Barley. Sit back, relax and get ready to live forever young.


Rollie, how are you doing? I’m good Bob, how are you? I’m good. We're going to talk about sprouts. Typically, when people think about sprouts, they're like, “I got a salad and I'm going to put some beansprouts in it.” They have a general readiness to believe that these sprouts are somehow good for them. You go to Whole Foods and you put them on top of that take and go salad.

The fact is they are good for you. There are a lot of different nutrients in those sprouts. Unfortunately, some of the most important ones have a half-life of ten minutes, maybe even less. If the sprouts were sprouted a day ago and they've even been out in the salad for a couple of hours, a lot of the most important nutrients are gone by the time you eat them. We're going to talk about a process that stabilizes those nutrients that are in the sprouts so that the half-life goes from ten minutes all the way up to four years. 

In this particular case, we're going to talk about sprouted barley seeds. We know from archeological digs that the gladiators were consuming sprouted barley. They were known as hordearii, which means barley eaters. When they exhume the bones in these digs 2,000 years afterwards, their bones were still as hard as steel when they found these bones. They compared them to bones from people who weren't gladiators of the time. That's why they were able to make that comparison. They're much more dense.

The gladiator's bones and muscles were much stronger. We now have the capability to provide that same type of nutrition here in modern days without having to go through all the trouble that the gladiators went to. We have the technology now that can make it into a powder form that you can mix in a glass of water and drink it, and the gladiator’s barley rides again.

It's back riding the chariot down the road waiting for the next fight. We've been giving people these sprouted seeds for several years and have thousands of people that have used it and given us all kinds of testimonials. You got to go online. Go to and read some reviews. It's crazy.

I remember the first time that I took it, I was 56 years old at the time. I had a certain capability of moving about and running. I still played competitive basketball at the time. After about two weeks of taking the barley, I found that I could run at a dead out sprint a lot faster than I used to be able to just two weeks earlier, and increase my foot speed on the base pass, playing softball, and on the basketball court.

I also had strong detoxification, which I needed or it wouldn't have happened like that. We'll talk about what happens when you use these sprouted barley seeds and you can detox. First, let's talk about why they're available and what the process is. Up in Northern Canada, there's a scientist that we worked together with as business associates. He has these ancient seed lines.

He was able to germinate and proliferate them in the farms surrounding his processing plant and he tends to it. He goes and visits all the farmers throughout the growing season. He's a soil scientist, so he makes sure that the soil is pristine, organic, and that it's highly populated with the right types of worms and bacteria that make the soil vibrant. This barley grows twice as high as regular barley in a place where it's not even supposed to be able to grow.

It's funny that you bring this up. We had a show we did called Are Fruits and Vegetables Less Nutritious Now? We talked about a lot of the reasons why the things you get now that are mass made, lots of vegetables are created in giant farms, don't have as much nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the soil. It’s because they grow from the sun, the light and everything. If they don't have the nutrients in the bottom, you can still get fruit but it's not going to be as beneficial for you. Ken knows how to amp up the soil.

He also has the ability to sprout seeds all at the same time. These plants are growing in this amazing soil and he also sprays the barley grass with a combination of probiotics and mineral water. Because the probiotics cling to the good bacteria, it clings to the grass. That's how nitrogen ends up in the grass. It draws out bacteria, pulls it out of the air, and plants get about 70% of their nutrition from the air, not from the soil.

He facilitates that by giving them extra bacteria in the spray. When it's harvest time and they're collecting the seeds, the first thing that they do is separate out all the dead seeds. Seeds will either sprout or won't sprout and they weigh differently. The dead seeds are lighter. They have a spinning technology that throws off all of the dead seeds. They then bring the live seeds into the processing plant, and believe it or not, they have a technology that makes all of the seeds sprout at the same time.

That's the hardest part from what I've read about sprouting in the traditional ways. It's hard to get everything to be consistent and sprout at the same time, and not lose the nutrients that you've created from it. That's the hardest part of the process of sprouting.

LFY 27 | Sprouted Barley

Sprouted Barley: To avoid chronic diseases it’s crucial to lower inflammation.

You want it to be consistent, you want the sprouts to be at the same stage because during the metamorphosis from a seed to a blade of grass again, there's a big sequence of changes that happened in the nutrients that are there. You want to be able to make sure that some of your sprouts didn't sprout yesterday, today and tomorrow because the profile of the nutrients will be all over the place. You want it consistent. I saw a video of Ken with seeds in his hand that he spritzed with some water.

While you're watching the video in 15, 20 seconds, all the seeds in his hands sprouted. It's like magic. You now have the technology where all the sprouts are at the same point at the same time, and he has the ability to measure the profile of the nutrients at various stages. There's a stage that most clearly resembles the needs of a human. Our sprouts get stopped right there. He has another technology to stop the sprouts and then he immediately nutrient stabilizes it.

It was another trade secret technology that stabilizes all the nutrients so you don't have this phenomenon where the sprouts in the grocery store, the half-life of the main nutrients is so low that there's very little nutrition left when you get it. In this case, you're going to have all the full value of the nutrients.

In many cases, even in a good processing facility, when you get the nutrients from a sprouted seed, a lot of the things in there are going to dissipate quickly. If they don't get stabilized and by the time it gets to you and whatever supplement or sprout form that it's in, it's still good to eat but it doesn't have everything it should.

It still has fiber but the main nutrients you want are almost nothing there. This stabilization process is very effective in stabilizing the nutrients. He's able to grind the sprouts up into a fine powder with an old-fashioned stone grinding wheel. They do it carefully not to burn anything when they're grinding it, and then it gets jarred.

We take possession of it after it's been through a few different pathological testing processes to make sure that there's no contaminants, any bad bacteria or anything like that. We receive this product. As we send it out to people, what they're getting that's in there is antioxidants. The main one being superoxide dismutase, which is the holy grail of anti-aging, it slows down your rate of aging. That's a very important inflammation reducer.

There are also amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. If people are going to consume protein, whether it's plant protein or animal protein, your body has to first digest it and break it up into amino acids, you absorb those amino acids and then they get reconstructed back into human protein.

There's a conversion process that takes place if you're eating a protein from a source like a plant or an animal. That's a solid protein, not a broken-down protein like we call the amino acids. It's predigested or rendered into amino acids. It makes it very easy to absorb. Those amino acids end up in your small intestine, they get absorbed and they're ready to be the building blocks of your human proteins of which you make about 100,000 different ones, they're all coded for in your DNA. You also need metabolic enzymes, which in this case, they act as the glue to put the amino acids together in exactly the right sequences so that they work as that specific protein. That's like the mortar for the bricks.

In the sprouted seeds, you have about 4,000 different metabolic enzymes that are available to be absorbed and immediately utilized as the mortar to build these proteins. What a lot of people don't realize is because you're taking in amino acids, it makes it extremely quick and efficient for your body to rebuild itself. It gets to skip that process of breaking it down from animal or whatever other types of protein to get the amino acids to rebuild them. You don't have to do any deconstruction here. It's like on a flattened construction site. You just start building. You don't have to do any cleanup.

It would be the equivalent on a construction site if someone had a wooden pallet that you had to break apart first and reassemble into the wall. The other thing is there's a lot of fiber in sprouted seeds. Fiber is important for all kinds of reasons. One of the main reasons is when bacteria comes in through your diet or your probiotic supplement, it gets into your large intestine and it's interacting with that fiber to create metabolites that you need. That's in there.

You also have vitamins and minerals including selenium, which is one of the main things that helps make your bones strong. You also have various other polyphenols that are plant-derived phenols that are very effective in activating the DNA of the good bacteria in your gut, which in turn activates human DNA for the expression for making the proteins we're talking about.

A lot of the time, the process of that is a conversion process. The polyphenols in there are the ones that are going to trigger that type of expression. One of the cool things about barley is it's one of the only things the FDA can say will help reduce the risk of a coronary heart issue, which is cool.

The FDA allows you to make a claim that consuming barley will help reduce cholesterol and therefore will help with your heart disease. That's unsprouted barley. That's the mature barley. It’s at least 400 times less potent than the sprouted seeds that we're talking about, which are about 400 times stronger than your typical green drink. As a result of this, you have to take it in small amounts. It comes with a small scoop.

For the first week, once a day, you're going to use this little scoop, which is half a teaspoon and mix it in water. You do that each day for seven days, then at the start of the second week, you can use two scoops. You incrementally go up, one then two and so on. You can keep increasing from there until you get up to using the size of scoop that's in the jar, which is 4 or 4.5 teaspoons.

LFY 27 | Sprouted Barley Sprouted Barley: Barley has a magical aspect of cleansing your stomach.

That's your maintenance dose of it. That's what you continue using. That allows you to take in a lot of SOD orally, which we've talked about in other show, to avoid chronic diseases and things like that. It’s important to lower inflammation.

One of the things that happen as we get older, we don't make it as much anymore naturally. Our body stops making it. You're getting a direct oral injection of an amazing antioxidant when you're able to take it in every day. We're coming in contact with toxins every day, the foods we eat, tire dust, everything we’ve talked about before. It helps to ward off the inflammation that's going to eventually collect. It will pull it out and will allow you to live without all that excess inflammation.

It gives you a fresh start on your toxicity because human beings are very capable of absorbing things. We're gelatinous. Our bodies are mostly water. When you're exposed to toxins, they're easily absorbed through your breath, your skin, and the food that you eat. The typical human body has a lot of toxicity in it. By the time they get to be 40 years old or 65 years old, we're pretty laden with toxins. When you start using these sprouted barley seeds, your body starts to release those toxins. That's why you're starting slow.

You mentioned you had some detox story from before. What was that, now that we're talking about the detox? I started having black mold coming out of my body. It came out mostly through my arms and on my back. Before, Larry and I knew what was going on because he had the same thing happening. We were the first ones at Boomers to use it. We're like, “What is this?” We smelled musty and our white shirts were turning black. We called Ken and we're like, “What’s going on?” He goes, “You're detoxing mold. Don't wear any white shirts.” For about six weeks, this mold came out of our body, then it stopped. We're like, “Thank God, we got this black mold out of our body.”

Also, you're detoxing other things. You're detoxing pesticides, which in my case was very important. I had been a pesticide applicator when I was a teenager and a lot of them were experimental pesticides that were found later to be carcinogenic and taken off the market. That was the main detox thing I had. For the first few weeks, you might go to the bathroom more like you're running to the bathroom. It happens more because a lot of those toxins are being released and passed out through your urine.

When I started the barley, I noticed an increase in going to the bathroom. It was usually a lot easier process than before. It doesn't last forever. It gets back to normal.

The reason that it's important to go slow is both your kidneys and liver have to participate in this detox process, so does your lymph system. You have to be careful not to overload your kidneys or liver, especially if you have liver disease or kidney disease. In that case, we have what's called a slow start calendar where you start with a pinch, which is a pinch between your thumb and finger and then you spend an extra month easing in.

Always drink a lot of water. Anytime you're detoxing, whether it's with barley or anything, the water is important because it's what's going to move that stuff through the liver, the kidneys and everything. If you don't have enough water, it is not going to be good.

This helps you to build muscle. You build muscle fairly easily. Like the gladiators do. It is all amino acids. They go straight into building muscle. Having an extra muscle weight is very important for many reasons, not the least of which is it also helps keep your bones strong, but this will also directly keep your bones strong and your muscle weight gain will help keep your bones strong as well.

If you get sick, having extra muscles is important. Luckily, COVID is slowing down, but people that were strong before they got COVID were a little bit easier to get through. People who weren't had a harder time because your body relies on that muscle to draw energy from.

We're finding people that use these sprouted barley seeds post-COVID, if they were a long-hauler, meaning it's taking a long time to recover, using the sprouted barley seed speeds it up. In a couple of weeks, you feel like you're completely recovered.

We did a show on post-COVID and talked to some people and they said that the barley helps them to get back a little bit better because it's helping to remove all those toxins and inflammation. Your body's battling a virus, so all that other inflammation that you can remove that's going to allow your body to focus on that as opposed to the other stuff gives it an advantage.

The rebuilding goes very fast. The other thing is that there's a magical aspect to this barley where it cleanses your small intestine. In your small intestine, you have these little hair-like structures where you absorb the nutrients from your food and nutritional stuff. They’re like little fingers that pull the nutrients.

They are called villi. As you age, those villi tend to get coated over with a plaque-like substance and they don't work very well. Barley seeds will cleanse that plaque, move it away, and help to revitalize those little villi, so your absorption capability goes back up. By the time people get to be my age, typically, your absorption rate is only 15% to 20% so it's hard to be well-nourished. A twenty-year-old is absorbing 95% of what comes through. When you use these sprouted barley seeds, your absorption rate goes back to that of a twenty-year-old.

LFY 27 | Sprouted Barley Sprouted Barley: Barley is excellent in helping you gain muscle weight.   

That’s why when people start using the barley, specifically when they do it with the Boomer Boost, they noticed the energy increase right away because that Boost we'll give it to them. Over time, as they're able to absorb more, they'll even notice more benefits. As they start it, they realized it’s not clean yet, but after a few months, they've been doing both the barley and the Boomer Boost. It's a perfect combination. It's like sometimes 1 plus 1 equals 2, in this case, it's 1 plus 1 equals 50 because they work in synergy so well.

What we find is people will report having less pain. It’s when you are able to reduce your inflammation and rebuild your body, particularly the muscles in your lower back are typically weak in people in this day and age. As your whole body gets stronger, including your lower back, sometimes your back pain will go away if that's what's causing it.

The other thing is that people feel vibrant and strong. This makes a big difference in your life because if you're feeling vibrant when you get up in the morning, you want to get up and tackle the day. You get about doing things during the day that you've got planned.

We talked a little bit about this phenomenon on a show we called Feel Better, Live Better. You’re more apt to live a better life if you're feeling good. That's what a lot of people have said. It's like, “Is this magic? I don't remember feeling this good.”

We hear that all the time, “I've never felt this good in my life.” It makes them feel happy and optimistic, and also makes them feel like, “I can finally go after that goal that I've had of starting this business, planting a garden,” whatever it is they have not been able to do because they didn't have enough energy, enough focus and enough confidence to do these things that are part of what they want to do in their lives.

It's something they want to do but the doubt comes from the lack of energy and the motivation to do it. Once you get that energy and motivation, that doubt starts to go away. You can feel like you're going to be able to get more done than you've ever gotten done.

Those accomplishments make you feel even better and make you want to set another goal and another one. That's what we've seen. I don't know how many hundreds of testimonials we have on this sprouted barley seed. We have two different kinds. One we call the Gladiator Barley and one is Heirloom Barley.

Gladiator Barley does a good job at helping you gain muscle weight. Some people don't want to do that. They liked the way their body is right now and they don't want to gain muscle weight. If you use the Heirloom Barley, it has all the benefits of the Gladiator Barley, but there are fewer amino acids in there that build the proteins, including proteins that make your muscle. You won't gain muscle weight the way that you will with the Gladiator Barley. Most people use the gladiator barley because most people do need to gain muscle weight.

It says as you get older, studies show that you don't retain muscle as well and it's harder to build it. By giving yourself a pure fuel like amino acids that you get to skip, remember you get to skip the step of breaking it down so you can rebuild it, it helps build quickly. What we're talking about here is amino acids, if you look at the label, it says the protein content is only 1 gram. What that protein content on the panel is talking about is that crude or that animal plant protein that you have to break down.

In ours, we don't have a lot of that. We have the more efficient style, the amino. If you look closely, it says on Gladiator Barley, it's the equivalent of approximately 20 grams of predigested or amino acid protein and the Heirloom is 10 grams equivalent of predigested amino acid protein. That's the big difference between the two.

They all have SOD and the 4,000 metabolic enzymes, fiber and polyphenols. It's because of the way that Ken's discovered he can modify the amount of amino, which is important. He has two separate seed lines. We've covered about all there is to say about sprouted barley seeds.

If you haven't experienced it, then you would think we sound crazy, "I could go get that barleycorn down at the grocery store." It's not your grandmother's barley. It's a highly specialized agricultural commodity. It's so specialized that we're the only people that deal with it because of two reasons. It's very difficult and you have to take time with people to explain how to use it, which is what we're all about.

We have the time and we want to share this type of benefit with people. If you decide to do it and experience it, give us a call,, 1-800-861-4609. Even if you just want some more information, there are plenty. There are lots of videos.

Rollie, thank you very much for helping to explain it to people.

We'll see you on the next show.

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    I just finished my first container of Gladiator Barley. I am in my late seventies, female and under five feet tall. I am recovering from a total reverse shoulder replacement. My arm lost all my muscle mass during my recuperative period. I am pleased to say in two months my arm has a beautiful bicep and my arm actually feels strong again. I will now alternate Heirloom and Gladiator in my daily routine. I don’t want to scare off all the guys at the gym. Your products are amazing and I love the purity they bring to my life. Your products are the best!

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