100% organically grown sprouted barley powders. Gladiator Barley and Heirloom Barley.
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What our Friends Are Saying


"The barley is fantastic!"

Well, as a 68 year old ocean swim competitor I can only report the barley is fantastic! My time on my 2+ mile swims has dropped significantly. My recovery period is negligible! I love it.

Gregory C. Gerber MD
Long Distance Swimmer and Medical Doctor

"Feeling younger, having more energy..."

Everyday essentials that's a part of my daily healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements for feeling younger, having more energy and brain power.

Dee Brown
Former NBA Superstar and Slam Dunk Champion

"What I need to live my best life!"

I love starting out my day with Boomer Products! I know they are giving me what I need to live my best life!

Ariane Andrews drinking Boomer Boost
Ariane Andrew
WWE Superstar and Fitness Model

"Love these products"

The dynamic combo gives me the strength to cycle over 3000 miles per year. Love these products and continue to subscribe year after year...

Dennis Firenze
Long Distance Cyclist

"I can tell the difference..."

I use Boomer Products to build my strength and stamina. I can tell the difference in how much longer I'm able to train.

Jesse Arnet
Professional MMA Fighter

"they actually care..."

One of the things that I absolutely Love about this company is that they actually care about their customers!

Erik Thomas
Fitness Trainer

"able to train a lot harder..."

I've been able to train a lot harder and for a lot longer since I started the Gladiator Barley, and my recovery time in between workouts is so much faster.

Kyle Driscoll
Professional MMA Fighter


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