Gladiator Barley sponsors MMA Fighter, Kyle Driscoll, as he trains for the Cage Warriors Lightweight Title Fight in London

Cage Warriors 141 Main Event: Kyle Driscoll vs George Hardwick for the Lightweight Crown.

Cage Warriors 141 Main Event: Kyle Driscoll vs George Hardwick for the Lightweight Crown.

On July 22, 2022, Kyle Driscoll (13 – 3), will be facing George Hardwick (9 – 1), in the Main Event for the Cage Warriors Lightweight Title Belt, and quite possibly his golden ticket to the Big Show, The UFC.

Both fighters were recently simultaneously interviewed on the “Energized Show” on YouTube prior to the fight.

When asked what they were expecting from each other they both agreed that there were “no surprises”. Driscoll is expecting to see Hardwick use his patience and counter game, as well as have a “bit of a kicking affair” with him.

Kyle Driscoll vs. Rey Trujillo

“It’s no secret of what I’m going to do. I’m going to pressure and smash, that’s the game plan and that’s what I do. We have a chess game here.” Driscoll said.

Driscoll plans on relying on his wrestling ability, quality training and sticking to his game plan. He has been using Gladiator Barley to increase his strength and endurance and reduce recovery time as he gears up for the fight.

Hardwick agreed with Driscoll’s view.

George Hardwick in action

“It’s like he said, there’s no secrets, Like I know what he’s going to do, and he knows what I’m going to do…I’m looking to hit him with left hooks, wrap his neck up, and he’s looking to wrestle, like American wrestling style…and I’m excited for it.” Hardwick said.

This Main Event promises to deliver a big fight feel and is crossing over America, UK and European markets. Both fighters are coming in hot with a good string of wins.

Hardwick fights out of MFA and is on a five-win fight streak. He is making his fourth appearance in Cage Warriors London so he’s not too far from home in Middlesbrough.

Driscoll fights out of AKA and is on an 8-win fight streak. He is making his second appearance in Cage Warriors. After having won at Cage Warriors 131, Driscoll is looking to become the new CW Champ and bring the belt back to San Jose, California.

You can catch Cage Warriors 141 on UFC Fight Pass on July 22, 2022 and quite possibly see the next big name in the UFC before he gets there, so don’t miss it.

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