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Rematch confirmed between Jesse Arnett and Ali Al Qaisi for the UAE Warriors Featherweight Crown
If the fireworks that ensued after the UAE Warriors Main Event in Abu Dhabi between Jesse Arnett and Ali Al Qaisi wasn’t enough of a clue, it has been confirmed that there will be a rematch between Jesse Arnett and...
Gladiator Barley sponsors MMA Fighter, Kyle Driscoll, as he trains for the Cage Warriors Lightweight Title Fight in London
Cage Warriors 141 Main Event: Kyle Driscoll vs George Hardwick for the Lightweight Crown.
On July 22, 2022, Kyle Driscoll (13 – 3), will be facing George Hardwick (9 – 1), in the Main Event for the Cage Warriors Lightweight Title Belt, and quite possibly his golden ticket to the Big Show, The UFC.
Both fighters were recently simultaneously interviewed on the “Energized Show” on YouTube prior to the fight...Read what they has to say here!
Why Gladiator Barley is the perfect sports nutrition fuel
Check out this blog to learn why Gladiator Barley is the perfect 100% organic sports nutrition fuel. Discover the proprietary ecological processes that have helped to unlock the true potential of the mother of all grains...Barley.
Gladiator Barley sponsors MMA Fighter Jesse Arnett as he gets ready to battle for UAE Warriors featherweight crown
Original Article by Amith Passela, The National UAE Jesse Arnett believes he has what it takes to win a first UAE Warriors title when he faces defending champion Ali Al Qaisi in the promotion’s featherweight title bout at the Etihad Arena on...