The Importance of Sleep

Importance of sleep
Getting a good night's sleep is more important than you think.
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One of the body's most important times for repair is while you sleep. Detoxification and rebuilding of the damaged parts of your body kick into high gear as you enjoy a perfect night's sleep. Yeah right! Over 50 million Americans suffer from over 80 different sleep disorders. A lack of sleep can cause chronic illness, which according to the National Health Council, over 133 million Americans suffer from as well. That's why we need to be reminded of the importance of sleep.

It's no wonder that Americans are stressed, from pressure at work and family responsibilities to unexpected challenges, such as layoffs, relationship issues, or illnesses. Sometimes sleep is elusive.

Although you might not be able to control all of the factors that interfere with your sleep. You can adopt habits that encourage better sleep. Start with these Simple Sleep Tips:

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule
  2. Pay attention to your food intake especially at bedtime
  3. Create a bedtime ritual 
  4. Sleep in a quiet, cool, dark room 
  5. Limit daytime naps
  6. Include physical activity
  7. Manage your stress

Even if after following all these tips, you still find yourself having a hard time sleeping. Remember the importance of sleep. You may want to consider a high-quality natural sleep aid like Boomers Good Night Formula. It contains all the natural extracts with a proven ability to help you get your ZZZ's.

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