Why Gladiator Barley is the perfect sports nutrition fuel

For years high end athletes, trainers and health enthusiasts have relentlessly sought to find a sports nutrition fuel that can address their unique nutritional needs. One that can provide a reliable source of protein, antioxidants, nutrients, and enzymes without exposing their body to chemicals, stimulants or other harmful substances.

Little did they know that centuries ago the perfect sports nutrition fuel had not only been discovered, but used with great success by the ancient Gladiators. Some say that their fuel is the mother of all grains…barley. That’s right, ancient Gladiators were known as "Hordearii" or barley eaters because of their reliance on barley to help build, muscle, strength, endurance and bone density.

A recent archaeological dig was able to confirm this when they discovered the burial ground of ancient roman gladiators. By testing these bones against other bones found from the civilian population, they were able to confirm, through density and mineral content, that these Roman Gladiator's bones were twice as dense and strong as that of their civilian counterparts.

Gladiators ate Barley for strength and endurance

Now you can harness the same power as the Gladiators with Gladiator Barley!

How is this possible?

Through recent advancements and breakthroughs in soil science and research we have been able to preserve and revive the same ancient seed line that the Gladiators used for their legendary strength and endurance and increased their effectiveness tenfold.

Our Super Dense Nutritional products have been produced with "Beyond Organic" natural, mechanical 21st century inputs that increase and stabilize the mineral and nutrient values of the food products.  

Our Sprouted Barley powder comes from Ancient seeds

We have developed methods and technologies founded on a deep understanding of nature, or what we call Eco-nomics. When applied in different fields of science, it makes this world a better place. Let’s take a look at these new methods and technologies that have helped create the perfect, 100% organic, sports nutrition fuel.

“Beyond Organic” technologies and proprietary methods give our products these advantages:

  • 100% Natural and Beyond Organic
  • Increased root development by up to five times
  • Optimal natural genetic potential
  • Dominant plant development
  • Naturally disease and insect resistant, healthy productive plants
  • Fresh, extended shelf life

 We use a proprietary soil management process

The revolutionary protocol of soil management and plant development we describe as “Beyond Organic” proprietary technologies, that set Gladiator Barley apart from any other are listed below:

Density Alteration Process (D.A.P.):

  • Separates live seed potentials
  • Removes dead seeds
  • Matches seeds selected for germination

The highest genetic potential for:

  • Crop production
  • Management techniques
  • Longitude, latitude, altitude
  • Nutrient quality for human subjects

Germination Enhancement Method (G.E.M.):

  • G.E.M. is an organic seed priming and plant forcing procedure.
  • Breaks seed dormancy
  • Synchronizes germination of seeds
  • Drought hardens seed
  • Drought hardens plants by exhibiting five times the root development
  • Forces plant growth, through the reduction of environmental stress factors
  • Increases yields up to 50%

INSTAGrowth Eco-logical Soil Management (I.G.E.S.M.):

  • Revolutionary combination of processes, products and field management ensures continuous root development that mines soil nutrients
  • Continued use ultimately balances or increases soil organic matter, friability, and nutrient availability / recycling
  • Increases size and quality of the harvest up to 40%
  • Increases flowering up to 50%

 Our Nutrient Stabilization Process preserves the quality and efficacy of our Barley

Nutrient Stabilization Process (N.S.P.):

The basic premise of food preservation has been to slow down the deterioration of foods by minimizing or destroying microbial activity. Methods such as refrigeration, canning, vacuum packaging, chemical preservatives. freeze drying, gassing and dehydration all help preserve food but also have a detrimental effect on the nutritional content and values. These highly processed, lower nutritional foods starve our bodies because enzymes and beneficial microbial populations that help our own body metabolism are also destroyed in the processes mentioned above.

The N.S.P. process:

  • Is 100% mechanical
  • Preserves pulp and juices in a highly stabilized form at room temperature for years
  • Can be performed at any point in the harvesting procedure
  • When refrigerated, dehydrated or vacuum packed, decades are added to product shelf life
  • Preserves plant material components naturally and maintains nutrients and enzyme activity nearly as vine ripened, freshly harvested produce.

Gladiator Barley is ideal for high end athletes or people with high physical activity, because of 97% digestibility and high protein content. This is important as athletes normally choose a high carbohydrate content food to digest quickly and receive a quick fix of "high glycemic" energy.

Before a workout, or competition, one can use this highly digestible protein which supplies the needed energy. This will enhance strength and stamina for the athlete.

High end athletes like MMA Fighter, Jesse Arnett use Gladiator Barley

How the sprouted whole food product Gladiator Barley makes for an ideal sports nutrition fuel:

  • Excellent amino acid profile - The ratio of the eight essential amino acids within it virtually mirrors that of the human body’s - a far easier and efficient assimilation of essential protein than many other food sources. Gladiator barley contains 20 grams of predigested protein/amino acids.
  • Low-glycemic index – barley provides a gradual release of energy and is ideal for use in energy demanding sports.
  • Antioxidant-rich – crucial for cellular protection in highly aerobic activities
  • High energy – energy dense providing a broad range of essential nutrients and enzymes for peak cellular activity;
  • Easy to use, mix and metabolize – can be added to drinks, yogurt, cold cereals and may be used to make no-bake energy bars;
  • Pure and 100% Organic – providing a nutrient-rich, high-energy food, free of pesticides, and other contaminant residues that may impair performance.

So as you can see our Sprouted Barley powders are not your grandmothers barley. The proprietary, cutting edge, processes that have been developed, truly unlock the potential of this already highly beneficial food.

The search is over! The sports nutrition fuel that high end athletes, trainers and health enthusiasts have relentlessly sought to find, is available in an easy to use powder.

Get the fuel you need to elevate your performance to legendary status, get Gladiator Barley.

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    2 questions, please. 1. What are "no-bake energy bars and how do you make them? 2. I like to mix my Barley and boomer boost in a container the night before and let them slowly dissolve, am I losing any potency by the morning? Thx

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