Feel Better, Live Better

LFY 21 | Foundational Nutrition

When people start to feel better, their attitude and their lives begin to change. This is what foundational nutrition means and its incredible benefits have to be lived in order to be believed.

In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp have a few life-changing testimonials from some of their listeners that they can’t wait to share.

Go through the stories of three people and how their lives changed for the better when they started paying attention to their foundational nutrition. Learn what really happens inside your body as you age and how you can rebuild it from the ground up with nutrition.  

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Feel Better, Live Better 

An Update From Our Listeners 

We have a few life-changing testimonials from some of our audience that we cant wait to share. Check out the story of three audiences and how their attitudes and lives changed by using foundational nutrition and doing the right things to start feeling better.

Learn what happens to the body when you start to rebuild yourself faster than being burnt up by aging and inflammation. Sit back, relax, and get ready to live forever young. 


Im here with RollieHow are you doing, Rollie?  I'm really good. Rollie, were going to talk about two amazing stories/testimonials. 

Weve been asking you for a long time on the show to share what you have if you have questions. We havent in the last couple of shows, but anytime you have a question or something you want to go over or something you want to share, we ask you to send it in. Some of the fruits of asking have finally come in, and we want to share them with you.

The first story is that a gentleman called, and he spoke to Stephanie here at the Boomers Forever Young office. I called him back to see what he was up to and what he needed. It turns out he just wanted to call and say thank you. Hes 84 years old. He was thanking us for getting his life back because about several years earlier, he had a stroke. He was struggling and was in a wheelchair. 

He started to use the nutrition products that we sent him and some of the advice we gave him. Lo and behold, he was able to get up and out of his wheelchair. Nowhe can walk without being in his wheelchair. He still has a little trouble with his balance. 

He has two canes to help him with his balance, but hes able to walk outside and go all around. He does deep knee bends now for exercise, which is something we always recommend people do.  What were going to do is were going to talk about that particular situation. How it was that he got into that place, which is the same story as people become older. 

What happens to them as they deteriorate and then what can happen for them so they can regenerate themselves and live as if they were much younger. First, we have a second story where we had a gentleman who was in his 60s, and he was living with his mom. His mom was 97. He was trying to keep himself in shape by walking in front of his house. There was a hill there. 

He could walk and get partway up the hill, then he has to come back. He was coming back in and he was caring for his mom. His mom was homebound. She could go from the couch to her bed to the bathroomand that was about it. 

This gentleman started using the same products as the 84-year-old man did. He started to feel more energetic. Iturns out he could walk all the way to the top of the hill in front of his house and back numerous times. Hthen started jogging. He could jog up the hill. He started going to the gym to lift weights for an hour at a time and he was feeling great. He asked, “Is it okay if my mom uses these products? 

He was a little concerned because of how old she was. I was like, “Yes, she can. Start slow and ease into it.” She didand lo and behold, she also became revivitized. She was able to get up off the couch. Shes able to go to the gym with her son, and her favorite thing at the gym is Zumba classes.

I didnt realize it started with her son. I heard about the 97-year-old Zumba lady. I didnt realize that her son was the one that got her into it. 

What were going to talk about is these phenomena in 2021 with the new science thats available for nutrition and managing your mindset. What can happen to someone who is apparently going downhillThis is a universal type of phenomenon. Many people, as they get older, go through this progressive dispossession of their resources, physically, mentally, emotionally, sometimes financially, because of the cost of care and they have this downward spiral. 

For the most part, society considers it to be, “This is what happens. It happens to people of all different ages. They say the median maximum lifespan is 85, which means even if you never get sick, youll die at age 85 from old age essentially. People in society are used to seeing people as they get to be 70, 80, 90 years old, that they experience this deterioration.

We talked about this concept of the collective nocebo of aging where everybody ops in. We talked about it in a show called The New Science of Anti-AgingCheck that out. It goes into a lot of what were talking about and this idea of, “This is how its got to be, so this is what Im going to do.

Other people around them accept it. What were finding is that youre seeing these situations where what looked like someone was about to check out because theyre getting old and frail that all of a sudden, they can make a turnaround nowTheyre no longer homebound and wheelchair-bound.

They can go back to activities that they could do when they were much younger and their attitude then changes. What is it that is going on that is causing people to have this process of deteriorating over time? One of them is that people need to be able to digest their food properly so that the chyme that is in their stomach is properly broken apart so that when it arrives in your small intestine, you can absorb the nutrients and become well-nourished.

If youre not digesting your food properly, its hard to absorb nutrients from undigested food. The next part is absorption. As people age, the little villi in their small intestine that absorb nutrients get coated over with plaque and it makes it hard to absorb even well-digested food.

The plaque strangles out the villi. The job of the villi is to pull those nutrients out so you can use them. If theyre smothered out by this plaque, which it does form over time from the things you eat and dont digest fully.

You have the issue of circulation. As people get older, their circulation slowly dropsEven if you could digest and absorb your nutrients, its hard to circulate it all the way to your periphery, brain, feet and you start to see people deteriorate because of poor circulation. 

LFY 21 | Foundational Nutrition

Foundational Nutrition: People are aging primarily because they’re burning themselves up with their own byproducts.

Thats because the circulation is responsible for not only getting oxygen to not only parts of your body, but the cells in your body, but the nutrition too. The nutrition that youre supposed to be absorbing thats supposed to be then fed to the rest of the body. If you arent circulating it, it’s like you’ve got a sandwich and nobody to give it to. You’ve got to get it to where its got to go.

The other thing that happens is the level of oxidation. People are aging primarily because theyre burning themselves up with their own byproducts. Byproducts of aerobic life are free radicals and over time, our body is snipped to death by these free radicals. As you age, you make less of the antioxidants that neutralize those free radicals, so you age faster as you get older. 

Some people are lucky if they take on the same amount of toxins. A lot of the time, as you get older and youve been around longer, youre accumulating more and more, especially if your lifestyle is not good. If you smoke and eat meats that are overcookedthose toxins will build up and will be even worse over time.

Its harder to get them out. You also make less of certain hormones as you age, like testosterone. You also make less proteins and metabolic enzymes. All the parts of human life that make humans able to stay young and flexible and healthy, as you age, you make less and less of those valuable proteins.

Thats something that a lot of people worry about that I talked to is like, “I know that Im not feeling good. Ive been getting older. How do I make sure that I am taking in and absorbing?” That starts with your nutrition, what youre taking in, and making sure that youre not taking in things like processed foods. In the show we did called Are Fruits and Vegetables Less Nutritious Now, we talk about the idea that people get these foods that have not a lot of nutrients in them so theyre overfed but undernourished. That’s a whole big problem there. 

You also are going to have this issue, as you get older, of having these senescent cells. A lot of anti-aging scientists believe that this issue of having old cells that wont die and get out of the way to be replaced by new cells is one of the main causes of aging because those cells are not just damaged themselves, but theyre releasing inflammatory cytokines. Its negatively affecting all the cells in that area. 

Well talk about how you can get rid of old cells that are causing these problems and get them replaced with new cells from your adult stem cellsThe revivitized cells, which is what you need.

We talked about the issue of attitude. If people start to become frail, and then others start to treat them as if theyre frail and it perpetuates, they’re like, “This is what happens to people when they get old.” They start to use the language of old people. They start to have discussions with all their friends about all their doctors appointmentsTheyre fully absorbed in this whole concept of aging and losing their physical resources.

It’s a slow dispossession of your physical resources and very progressive. This is the situation that makes it so that someone like our friend who is 84 years old, a friend in his 60s, and his 97 seven-year-old mom, thats how they get there. Thats the path that a lot of people feel theyre inevitably onItnow 2021 and we can fix it. We can rebuild him. 

Heres what you need to do. If you look back at what we talked about first, it was the issue of digestion. In order to properly digest your food, you want to first chew it well so that the bacteria and enzymes in your mouth begin breaking down the food. When it arrives in your stomach, it gives a boost with some digestive enzymes. Good comprehensive digestive enzymes will make it so that the food is broken down and when it arrives in your small intestine, its fully broken down.

These ones helped with the carbohydrates, proteins and fats that as you get older, have a harder time breaking down. If you get the right ones like the ones we have at Boomers, it also contains alkalizing enzymes that help make sure the pH of the chyme is correct when it lands at the small intestine.

I remember you mentioning that its important to get that alkalinity right because if not, its still not going to be the thing that you need. 

Your small intestine doesnt like food thats too acidic being dropped down into it. Its going to regurgitate it back up and now, you have acid reflux. If you digest your food properly, thats unlikely to happen. From there, you also need to do something about your villi. Were fortunate to have a new product thats been around for about several years, but most people still havent heard of it yet, made from sprouted barley seeds. 

It has compound that will dissolve that plaque, move it out of your body and another compound that regrows those little villi. Nowyou can absorb your nutrients, which then brings you to the part about the circulation of your blood.  We also have a product that we call Boomer Boost, which was designed for healthy heart and circulation

There are compounds in there to make your arteries more elastic, and also that will stimulate your tiny capillaries to expand and contract to allow the nutrients and the oxygen to pass through. Weve also talked on other past shows about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices, which you can now get without a doctors orderIt shows the importance of circulation for your health. In that, we talk about PEMF and how you can get a device that you can lie on this mat with a power supply and increases your circulation by 29% on average.

Ann, who was our head guru on PEMF, knows some athletes that use thisThere are a lot of golfers that she knows because she lives on a golf course. lot of the golfers there use this. It helps with their recovery time. Theyll be able to get back out and work on their distance. What we were talking about on another show where we were talking about the reason why it works is because as humans, we were born and raised on the Earth, which emits these pulsed electromagnetic fields. When you can amplify the effects for them, its good for the delivery or the circulatory system. You got to check that out.

The other thing is the issue of toxicity that we talked about. It’s important to try to get a fresh start. By the time you get to be 70 or 80 years old on planet Earth, your body absorbed a lot of toxins. Were very gelatinous. We absorb stuff well. To be able to detoxify from those toxins, you need certain compounds that are in the products that we sell. People do go through strong detoxification.

The good thing is you get to control it with the amount of the product you take, whatever is comfortable for youbut you will detoxify all kinds of things out of your body, and youll get a fresh start. This is a big part of this recovery process is detoxing. In addition to that, we talked about those old cells, the senescent cells. 

We now know that there are compounds that will trigger those cells to die off. If you combine quercetin and resveratrol together in a product, it will signal those cells to get out of the way and then they can be replaced with your own adult stem cells producing your bone marrow, released in your bloodstream, travels all throughout your body, and begins replacing these old cells that get out of the way. 

On a show we did called Stem Cells Need Nutrition Toowe talked about how they are the smart cells because theyll go where theyre needed the mostand theyll start repairing what needs to be repaired the most. If you were able to make more smart cells, not only would you be smarter, but a heck of a lot healthierWe carry a product, and they call it Immun because it helps with the immune system, but it helps restore your whole body.

It does a lot of good things. One of the things that Ann was saying in addition to the stem cells themselves is about nutrition. Istem cells need nutrition, then everything else needs that complete foundational nutrition, which is one of the keys here.

The key with it is if you have the antioxidants in it as we do, you can slow your rate of deterioration because your bodys burning itself up over time. As you get older, you age faster because you have less antioxidants. If you can all of a sudden flood your body with antioxidants, not only are you not aging faster, but youre aging more slowly than you were when you were young. You become like our friends.

You stop the rate of burn and measure that with a blood test that will tell you how fast youre burning yourself up. You then need to be able to repair yourself faster than you were before, which means that you need comprehensive foundational nutrition, which will provide you with the amino acids, which are spliced together to form proteins. 

Your body makes 100,000 different ones. They’re the building blocks of your whole life and you need metabolic enzymes, which is what creates the splicing together. Your body makes these metabolic enzymes but less and less of them as you age.

Its no wonder why as you age, we try to accept this idea that its going to happen, but we dont have to accept it anymore because when you can supplement with these things that the body needs even though you might get old, the body has a mechanism to repair itself. It cant work if you dont give the right tools to fix it. You cant build without blocks. You’ve got to make sure you have it. Having a complete foundational regime or system is great. 

When you look whats next, Ive got my foundation. Ive got my nutrition set, but maybe Im still not able to sleep. I need to work on my anxiety. If you know you have a good base, then you can start to add things to customize and optimize what it is youre trying to do. In that case, if you need a little bit of extra stuff to help you with sleep, you can find a good sleep aid with melatonin and natural extracts that will help. What you have to realize is by giving yourself the idea of a base to start with, you can figure out where to fix it after that. A lot of the time, that base is enough to get you back on track.

The base is going to do the bulk of the work because its going to give you the metabolic enzymes, the vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, all the things that make energy and to help you rebuild your body and slow your rate of burn. Thats the basic idea. If someone is still having trouble sleeping, good sleep aid will help them become stronger even faster because theyll have restorative sleep.

There are many other possible individual things that if people want a little extra help with their memory, they can get a product for that. Thats the individualized component of this pyramid.  What we’ve found with people like the two individuals that weve been talking about is once they start to feel a little bit better, all of a sudden theyre like, “I thought I was supposed to be getting worse each day but now all of a sudden, I feel better.

The next day they are like, “feel even better. Their attitude changes. All of a sudden, theyre no longer this dying person. They are a person whos been given a new spark of life and because their attitude changes, their whole chemistry changes. If you have an attitude of death and frailty, thats a whole different set of Biochemistry than if you have an attitude of regeneration, Ive got my life back. Im going to live for another 10, 15, 20 years. Im happy.

Theres something that Ive read about I dont know the exact numbers, but the numbers go like this. A patient who has a mortal diagnosis, if you tell them that theyre going to die in a certain amount of time, theyre much more likely to. If you have somebody that you say, “Weve got to deal with this. Lets work through it. You can end up getting more time out because just like we’re talking about with nocebo of aging, the mind decides its not going to opt-in and opts out of that idea.

I like to tell people that call the office that is in this frail state of decline, Ill explain this to them and say, “Dont be too surprised if all of a sudden, you start to feel better. You dont have to continue to go downhill. As a matter of fact, you might want to expect it.” People do and then when they get this spark of great nutrition, they do start to feel better. Quite often, we find people want to resolve stuff.

Theyre like, “If Im going to be around for a while and Im going to be happy, Im going to forget about all this stuff thats been stressing me out.” Well help them with encouragement and stress management tools like the Emotional Freedom Technique, inner balance, and all those types of things that are good for helping peopleincluding people like Larry, whos one of the co-hosts. He is not frail but used to be. When Larry was 65 years old, he was frail and going downhill. 

He was very much one of those nocebo believers. Larry was the first person that got to experience this new science. As he got older, he became younger. At the age of almost 76, he is much healthier than he was several years ago. He had a fall on a slippery floor in a restaurant. It was a pretty bad fall.

He got his feet up in the air, but because he is strong from using the new science of nutrition for the last several years, he didnt have anything wrong with him. He didnt break his hips as most people would. He didnt break his wrist, which he fell on. He didnt fracture his skull, which he fell on his head as well. He bounced up and was like, “I’m okay.”

I was talking to him about it. He had mentioned that when he had fallen, he realized that he fell, but after he got up, he didnt even realize how quickly he got up. I said to him, “A guy your age that would have fallen that violently probably would have been carted away with a broken hip. 

LFY 21 | Foundational Nutrition

Foundational Nutrition: As you get older, you age faster because you have less antioxidants. If you can flood your body with antioxidants, not only are you not aging faster, but you’re aging more slowly than you were when you were young.

Rollie, this is what is enjoyable about working at Boomers Forever Young is we get phone calls every day from people who have something or other thats going on. Most of the people are middle-aged to young-old or old-old people. 

We get to see, not just with these two cases weve been talking about, but now thousands of people over the years that weve been able to help. This show is all about thatIts about life at Boomers Forever Young, what we learn and we see, were able to help people with. Thats why we created this show was to be able to convey this information to people. 

Also share it easily, we’ll give you a way to absorb itWhen you were saying about working here and being here at Boomers, one of the best things that I like about it is that you have the ability to talk to these people one-on-one. If you want to take a look, you should check us out on Trustpilot.

Weve got a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot. If you also go to BoomerBoost.com, we’ve got some great photo reviews on our homepage down towards the bottom. Just scroll down and you can look through them. We've got regulars reviews too, but it’s a good feeling to know that when someone calls in, youre able to help them. Weve got products that work and youve got some people that care. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Rollie, thank you.

Thanks, everybody, for reading.

Well see you on the next show. 

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