Putting an End to Supplement Confusion

LFY 29 | Choosing Nutritional Supplements

Have you ever walked into a vitamin store and felt overwhelmed by aisles of supplements, not really sure of where to start or what will work? You’re not alone. With so many vitamin supplements available in stores, we just don’t know what nutritional supplement to choose considering what we need to nourish our bodies and stay healthy.

We all have different situations in life so we need customizations in our vitamin supplements. Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp seek to put an end to this confusion and anxiety.

They explain the concept of supplement synergy and how to use the supplement pyramid to make sure all of your nutritional bases are covered. From fundamental supplements, customized supplements or supplements used to maximize your body, Bob and Rollie discuss each level of the supplement pyramid and what you can do to make supplement confusion a thing of the past.

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Putting an End to Supplement Confusion

Supplement Synergy

Have you ever walked into a vitamin store and felt overwhelmed by aisles of supplements? Not sure where to start or what will work? In this show, Bob and Rollie look to put an end to the confusion and anxiety one often has when choosing nutritional supplements.

They explain the concept of supplement synergy and how to use the supplement pyramid to make sure all of your nutritional bases are covered from fundamental supplements, customization supplements, or supplements use to maximize your body. Bob and Rollie explained each level of the supplement pyramid and what you can do to make supplement confusion a thing in the past. Sit back, relax and get ready to love forever young.


I'm here with Rollie Culp, who has his Stanley Cup Champions t-shirt on. It's the third game of the Stanley Cup Championship Playoffs in Montreal. In 2020, the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup, which means they were the champions of the world in hockey.

We're going for our second championship in a row, which wouldn't be an unusual thing being that we're here in Tampa Bay. We’ve won the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup. As they say here in Tampa Bay, “To whom the spectacular is routine.”

While Rollie has a shirt on in honor and his scruffy beard, which will not be shaved until two more games, we are ahead two games to nothing. Take two more for the sweep and you'll be able to shave. In the meantime, we're going to talk about supplement synergy.

As we talk about hockey, to perform at a high level or even have good health, a lot of people don't realize it starts with a basis. You got to have a solid basis. That's where supplement  synergy comes in and the whole concept of how it works. Like anything in life, a house or building has to have a solid foundation. That starts with our supplement synergy pyramid as the fundamental essentials for the body.

This is a good thing to know about because people can get easily confused about nutrition supplements. They hear something on a television ad and see something on the internet. What do you do? You have to know what the fundamentals are first and later on, if you want to customize, you can do that. If you're the type of person who wants to maximize, you can maximize.

The fundamentals are things that everybody needs, no matter what. Everyone needs to have vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids. They need low-glycemic index carbs for fuel, probiotics, and metabolic enzymes to make the whole thing work. I'm glad you differentiated the right type of carbohydrates.

This is something that is still confusing even though it's the fundamentals when you get to the health food store. It's like, "I know I need amino acids. Which ones are essential? Which ones aren't essential? Do I need glutathione? Do I need an arginine? Do I need this?” What we've done is we decided to make what we call the Total Health System that covers all those fundamentals.

That's the solid foundation upon which you can build your health. To make it easy for everybody, all these things we're talking about that nutrition science now knows are fundamental, we put together all in one easy-to-use kit that has 3 powders and 2 different sets of pills. In those powders, you get all the vitamins and minerals. Except for some extra Vitamin D3 that you might need.

That's in these little tiny pills. You also get the amino acids that you need both in the product called Boomer Boost and the Gladiator Barley. There are also fatty acids in there in small amounts. Fatty acids tend to make powders taste bad. We also have those in pill form off on the side. When you receive your total health system, you need to take 4 pills, 2 fatty acids, 2 vitamins D, and then mix your powders in your blender bottle.

It takes about two minutes in the morning and you've taken in about 4,000 compounds that cover all the fundamentals that you need. You can move forward from there. You feel very healthy and energetic knowing your body has all the nutrition it needs, which is good. If you don't do something like this, it's almost impossible to get all the vital nutrients from your food these days.

LFY 29 | Choosing Nutritional Supplements

Choosing Nutritional Supplements: A lot of the foods that are easy to eat are good for the body and they’re not just fruits and vegetables.

That's something we talked a lot about in a show we did called Are Fruits and Vegetables Less Nutritious Now? In general, not just the fruits and vegetables, but a lot of the foods that are easy to eat or quick or you're able to get on the go. They are high in calories and low in nutrition. By getting something that makes it easy to get all those things together is what we were trying to accomplish. I believe we did a decent job with these total health systems. We have a lot of people ask, they say, "How come I have to take D3 in the pill? Why don't you just put it in the powder?"

Many people don't realize that a lot of the time, the amount of D3 an individual needs changes, so you want to always check with your doctor and make sure you get a vitamin D test. A lot of the time, they don't do that these days, so you have to ask for it. A lot of times, people don't realize they're low in vitamin D and they need to take extra. That's something you want to double-check. The reason I put it separately is because some people who live in the Northern region might need more because they don't get enough sun.

Like we talked about on our show, Vitamin D, The Sunshine Vitamin. It varies from geographic location. There are plenty of it in the small jar. Vitamin D is very concentrated, so little pills go a long way. We get ours from a natural source. They extract it from the wool of sheep. Even though it comes from an animal, nobody's injured in it. It's okay for vegans and vegetarians to use. A lot of them do. They could feel okay and nothing happened.

Once you have these fundamentals, some people will say, "That's great. I've got the fundamentals now but I have one particular issue that needs extra attention." This is where customization comes in.

Lots of people have anxiety, sleep issues and other things. The whole customization level of our supplement synergy pyramid, as we climb the pyramid, is for that. To achieve or help with those challenges and goals that you want to set for yourself.

Some people, particularly women as they get to be in their 40s, 50s, 60s become premenopausal, menopausal, post-menopausal, and it can cause many issues in their life. The outside of the flaxseed has a wax on it that contains compounds called Lignans that are good for helping balance your hormones and mitigating symptoms of menopause. That's an example of customization. You and I wouldn't take Lignans for that reason but we might take Lignans for another reason. It's also great for preventing cancers and for managing your mood.

I've had some men who have had frequent urinating issues and they said the Lignans help a lot with that. That's something that I've spoken to with men. They're like, "I'm not going to the bathroom eight times anymore in the middle of the night." That's a lot of relief. Consider sleep as we talk about a lot is the time you repair, rest, and you need to get caught up. If you're getting up to go to the bathroom all night, you're not going to be able to feel that good in the morning.

Some people sleep well all through the night and most people don't. Most people have trouble falling asleep because there's a lot of noise or lights. Anxiety too with society and everything's that's been going on. For that, there's customization. You can use ashwagandha to help with anxiety. You can use our Good Night Formula to help you sleep at night.

That's a special formulation we made. It's got special vitamins and minerals in it that helped the natural compounds work better. A lot of research went into that formulation.

We also have issues with some people as they get older, and the older you get, the more common this is. You have cells that are in your body that are supposed to last for a certain amount of time and get replaced with new cells, but some cells will not get out of the way. You can use a combination of resveratrol and quercetin in the product that we have that stimulates those old cells to move aside. It's a good anti-aging intervention to get that done.

We talked a lot about mitochondrial dysfunction on the prior show. This is a way to get those dysfunctional cells or maybe cells that are dead and won't go. It's like, “Go to the light. Get out of here so we can make room for the new cells that can function, make energy, create ATP and we can be vibrant.” Sometimes, the other issue people want to deal with is toxicity from heavy metals. Zeolite works well to get rid of heavy metals.

LFY 29 | Choosing Nutritional Supplements

Choosing Nutritional Supplements: People can use nootropics to boost brain power. You can get a clarity factor type product, which can help with having a little trouble with your memory.

Also, pesticides and things like that. People can also use nootropics to boost their brainpower. As you're getting older, you get the fundamental nutrition and you're still having a little trouble with your memory. You can get a clarity factor type of product, which can help with that. This is all part of customization. Whatever your unique issue is, there's bound to be something that can help to address it.

You say issue and I say opportunity. There's always an opportunity to get better. Turn the issue into an opportunity. Get an opportunity to get better. If you know that you have something to work on and you're not sure what it falls into, one of the best things to do that I tell people is to start with the fundamentals. A lot of the time, that'll help it and if you still seem to have the issue, that's when we start to customize. There's the next level, which is maximization.

Some people are interested in functioning at peak performance, whether they're an athlete, scientist or school teacher that needs to be on his A-game all the time. There are a lot of opportunities for maximization. One of them is in relation to adult stem cells. Our bodies are constantly making adult stem cells that are released from our bones into our bloodstream. As you get older, you don't make as much.

They migrate all around and become new cells throughout your body. You want to make sure that there are enough new stem cells and that they are maximized. They have the right nutrition and they’re getting out through the circulation. In maximization, there's a great product that we have that you can take that will help you to produce and release more stem cells.

That brings us to the circulation part because you want to be able to circulate not only those stem cells but all the nutrients that you take to end up in your bloodstream and have to get circulated to all the cells. We've done a podcast before that talked about circulation. The Importance of Circulation.

We talked about a particular technology called PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. It’s a very effective technology for stimulating your capillaries to open and close so the blood can flow more easily and deliver all of those nutrients.

One of the things we mentioned is Space X. When astronauts come back from being away from the core of the Earth where these PEMF signals radiate from naturally, they put the astronauts within the field of PEMF in an amplified way. It helps them get the circulation going and restore themselves from that zero-gravity floating everywhere.

The other thing we lead to is telomeres. Telomeres are the little tails on the end of your chromosomes. As you age, they get shorter. When they get to the point where they're almost gone, your body and the cells can't replicate accurately anymore. This is the beginning of dying of old age but telomere shortened to a large extent from oxidation. We have another episode on Oxidative Stress and Free Radicals.

To make sure that you don't die young from your telomeres getting too short, you want to make sure you have all the right antioxidants. Also, you want to manage your stress because they found through studies that people who are under the most stress are the ones whose telomere shortened the fastest. Using ashwagandha can help you manage your stress, using the emotional freedom technique, the ultimate mind-calming exercise, and videos we have on our YouTube channel.

Look up Boomers Forever Young. You'll be able to find a couple of different helpful playlists. One in there is specifically about the Emotional Freedom Technique. It will give you a little background and how to do it. One of the things you were saying with the studies we're looking at, people with a higher stress level have shorter telomeres. The thought would be from the creation of the stress hormone cortisol, the additional inflammation. We talked about that in our prior episode. It's that combination of all the extra stuff.

It's probably mostly from the inflammation. The studies that I saw didn't specifically say. It was just a study looking at telomere length with people reporting varying levels of stress. You mentioned earlier about a Space X scientist. There's a great product that we carry that helps with maximum brainpower. This is for maximization. People want to be on their A-game every day, as we were saying. You want a product like this that is used by the Space X scientists. The Tesla engineers use these super brain power products that you can find on our website.

LFY 29 | Choosing Nutritional Supplements

Choosing Nutritional Supplements: A technology called PEMF is very effective for stimulating your capillaries to open and close so the blood can flow more easily.

A really quick aside about the nootropics. One of the people who use our products is a 78-year-old woman. She works for Google. She writes a lot of algorithms for everything they do on the web. When she goes into Google, she sees Millennials, people who are half her age or less than half her age. She's told me before that they're like, "How do you keep up with all this? There are a lot of numbers."

They always go to her to consult when they have questions and can't figure something out. She called me one day and said, "I've been using this clarity factor that you guys have and I can tell a big difference. I'm always able to keep the numbers straight, but now I'm running circles around these young guys." It's cool because by maximizing what you're taking, as far as supplements, you can maximize your performance.

Also your level of happiness and health. If your telomeres are longer, you're going to be happier. If your brain is functioning at a very high level, you're probably going to be happier. Those are some of the benefits. To have the fundamental nutrition with a little customization, maybe some maximization, you're going to rebuild and repair your body well. You're going to sleep well.

Human bodies break down during the day. We're up and about walking around using our brains, hands, doing things. By the time it gets to be nighttime, it's time to rest, rebuild and repair. If you can rest well with the proper sleep aid, some ashwagandha, and rebuild your body with the right amino acids, metabolic enzymes, vitamins and minerals, you'll be ready to go that next day.

You are going to age more slowly. When you take the right nutritional supplements, your level of inflammation is going to be much lower. That has a direct effect on how long you're going to live. We have another podcast just on that.

It's called The New Science of Anti-Aging. It dives a little bit deeper into the science behind how to reverse your biological age. It's one of the things we discussed in there. Go check that out.

The other thing is if you look at the adult-onset diseases that people get like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, these are the things that contribute to people dying young or having a less than optimal latter part of their life. By knowing about supplement synergy and this pyramid of fundamentals, you can prevent a lot of that from happening.

Most of it is caused by inflammation, poor diet, lack of exercise and following along with this topic that we discuss, you'll feel a lot of energy and like exercising. You'll be able to rebuild and repair your body. Your inflammation will be low. Therefore, you can live a very long healthy life like some of our customers who are in their 80s, 90s and over 100 years old.

We've got some people that work here that are that age and they run around the hallways. Gene Gene, the Dancing Machine. If you guys haven't talked to him, call us up. Ask how he's doing. He does dance around the hallways.

We had some visitors that came from the Carolinas. Their whole family came. There were like 5 or 6 people. When they got here, they're like, "Where's Gene?" They came from the Carolinas because they'd been talking to Gene on the phone who's in his 80s and works full-time. He's helping people all day, every day.

That's quite typical for people that have access to the right information, right products and the knowledge about how to them what time of day and all that type of thing.

I joke about it but it's a blessing to have someone like Gene around. Not only is he there with his spirit and his energy, but he's gotten a lot of knowledge. He's been in this world for 83 years. You're going to learn something, whether it's right or wrong. Hopefully, right but he figured it out.

We were going to talk a little bit about light. We live in the light. The sun is giving us light and our bodies are dependent on that light. We have biorhythms where we are up during the daytime and as the sun goes down, it's time for bed. Light also has a big effect on our genetic expression. There are technologies for taking advantage of the knowledge related to using light for optimal genetic expression. We should do more about genetic expression in the future.

It's such an important thing. There's so much stuff that can affect it that you probably wouldn't even think of that is probably due for its show. We'll do that but, in the meantime, unless you can think of something we missed? We're good. I'm glad you remembered the light thing because that was something we talked about before.

Thanks, everybody for reading.

Thanks, Rollie for being here.

We'll see everybody on the next show.

Thank you, sir.

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