Weight Loss Vs. Weight Release

It’s a lot easier to let something go when you release it. The same is true with weight. Today on the show, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp discuss the concept of weight loss versus weight release.

They reveal some of the most common causes of weight gain, how they have contributed to the current obesity epidemic, and what you can do to avoid them. Learn some great tips and habit-building techniques to address the physical and emotional hurdles you may face as you release weight and how to keep it off! So sit back, relax and get ready to live forever young.

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Weight Loss Vs. Weight Release

Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

It's a lot easier to let something go when you release it. The same is true with weight. On the show, Bob and Rollie discussed the concept of weight loss versus weight release. They reveal some of the most common causes of weight gain, how they have contributed to the obesity epidemic, and what you can do to avoid them. Learn some great tips and habit-building techniques to address the physical and emotional hurdles you may face as you release weight and how to keep it off. Sit back, relax and get ready to live forever young.

We're going to talk about weight loss versus weight release. It's a concept that we talked to people a lot about. Sometimes people call in or they stop by, or even with the people that we work with. Weight loss versus weight release is a good concept because if you lose something, you always want to find it. If you lose your keys, you're freaking out until you find it. Your body does the same thing if you don't lose weight the right way. If you lose it too quickly and it comes off too fast, your body is in starvation mode and it starts freaking out.

The metabolism slows down. You drift back into your old habits. We're going to release weight permanently. That's the whole key. Let's release it. When you release something, what do you do? You let it go. If you can release it and let it go, you won't want to find it.

There has been a big change over the last 100 years in people needing to release weight. When I went to high school, there were only a few people in high school that needed to release weight. Ninety-five percent of the people were at their ideal body weight. I remember when I was a kid, most of the kids in the class didn't need to release any weight. They were eating more because of the growth spurts and everything.

Things have changed. Some of it was government policy. Others were the type of food that was being produced. The other thing is the soil got depleted, but over time it made it more the norm for people to become overweight or obese. The advent of processed foods or the ways that we store food, freezing food and trying to make it last longer, all the science that they started to involve in it started to deplete all the good stuff too.

One of the main things is how depleted the soil is. What happens is when people eat food that has been grown in poor soil, there's very little nourishment. As a result, they are always hungry because their body is calling out for nourishment. They tend to eat more and more. They never get full and well-nourished. On top of being overweight, which puts a big burden on your body and your hormone systems, you are also sick because you're not well-nourished. What we like to try to do is make it easy for people to get well-nourished. We use our total health system to help people do that.

It’s the complete foundational nutrition. You got to get your bases covered. We've talked about this in a couple of different episodes. Putting an End to Supplement Confusion is one of the ones that come to my mind. You got to start with a good base. A lot of the things that you might have issues with, you won't realize, come from being low on the nutrients you need because of your food supply. A lot of people eat out of convenience. They never get a real well-balanced meal or anything. Whatever the case is, you got to start with a good foundation.

We have a whole episode on foundational nutrition. That will go into the whole thing about how you need all the right macronutrients, the micronutrients, the specialty nutrients that will help you to be well-nourished. As a result, you tend to lose some of your cravings. You eat less food, which is empty calories. Your body naturally releases weight when you become well-nourished and also feel like exercising.

If you haven't seen that, go to LiveForeverYoungRadio.com or our YouTube channel. They can go to the Boomer Wellness Network, they will find us on Facebook. They can go to Boomers Forever Young to find us on YouTube. It's all about Boomers and being forever young.

The other thing is that we started packing our foods with sugar a number of years ago. We also switched to using highly processed seed oils. People started cooking with corn oil, canola oil, and also using high fructose corn syrup to flavor things. These are compounds that are very convenient for the agricultural industry but devastating to human health.

The sugary drinks and the sodas are huge blocks of calories for people and they're not getting anything great from it or anything at all.

A quarter of all the calories consumed in the United States is from drinking soda pop. What happens is when people do that, their blood sugar goes up and they can't use all of the sugar that's in their bloodstream. The leftover sugar bumps up against the proteins that you went to a lot of trouble to make. It glycates them and renders them into a toxin, and then throws off a molecule of superoxide, which is a very powerful free radical that is damaging your body. It creates inflammation in your heart and throughout your body. It's not just that you've eaten a candy bar and drink soda pop, you started doing massive damage to your body as a result.

We've talked about glycotoxins a little bit before, but when they look at them under a microscope, they're like, “Get that out of here. Don't touch that,” and that’s the stuff we're drinking.

LFY 55 | Weight Release Weight Release: If you don't lose weight the right way or lose weight too quickly, your body will go into starvation mode. Your body starts to freak out, and you go back to your old habits.

Likewise, seed oils that a lot of people cook with like canola oil and corn oils are oxidized and have trans fats because of the way they are cooked. They become very inflammation-promoting as well. They are in a lot of processed foods. With a combination of eating processed foods cooked in seed oils and drinking soda pop with it, you're really not eating food. You're just pouring bad calories into your body. You'd be better off not eating at all than eating that type of food and drinking soda pop.

If you think about it, that is what we're doing, and what it does to the actual intestines and the stomach themselves.

The sugar is going to be feeding bacteria in your gut. Bad bacteria live off of that type of sugar. Whereas good bacteria like to feed off of fiber. If you eat better foods, more vegetables and fibrous foods, that's going to promote your good bacteria.

A lot of people don't realize that if you're taking probiotics or you're eating stuff that has probiotics in it like yogurts, that's great. If you're not eating a dietary fiber or a fiber that they can live off of once they get where they need to go, they're not going to last long.

As people end up with an imbalance of the wrong types of bacteria, there's research that shows that people's weight and being overweight or obese quite often is directly correlated with the balance of the bacteria in their gut. If people can alter that more towards good bacteria and less bad, and cut out the sugars that are feeding the bad bacteria, they will begin to release weight pretty quickly and easily.

I've heard a lot about how probiotics help you release weight. What we're talking about here is not necessarily the probiotics, it's the environment of the stomach.

It's the large intestines and the balance of good and bad, then what happens as a result. The more good bacteria and fiber you have, the more you're going to produce metabolites that are involved in energy production and neurotransmission. You're not going to feel as sluggish if you can produce more tryptophan, for example. It's a complex multi-metabolic pathway thing, but it's simple in executing how to get there. Stop with the seed oils, the sugars, and the processed foods. Eat whole foods, real foods, and use good supplements.

The product that we have that helps with your intestines is our barley product, which helps to cleanse your small intestine because the little villi that absorb nutrients get coated over with a plaque as you age, and it's hard to absorb nutrients. Even if you're eating good food, you can still be malnourished and still crave too much food. If you have a good product that will dissolve and move that plaque out of your body and regrow the little villi, even a person in their 80s can absorb nutrients like a 20-year-old. When you take your other good nutrients, they're all absorbed. Now you're a different person.

It gives you the chance to not only have energy again but rebuild and repair because you didn't have the ability to. You might have never had the nutrients you need to do a specific function that was required. Also, have the energy to exercise. That’s correct, either way.

The other thing that's good to remember about is hormonal health. There's a direct correlation between people who are having trouble with their thyroid and becoming overweight. It's good to know your numbers because you want to have the right amount of T3 in your cells. You need to know your numbers. What is your thyroid-stimulating hormone number T4, T3 and reverse T3?

You want to have your doctor check all of those things so that you can be sure that you don't have trouble with your thyroid. What goes along with that, which we will talk about is stress. That has a big effect on your thyroid too. The other hormonal stuff is your adrenals. If you're under stress, your adrenals are going to be producing too much cortisol. It’s a direct correlation with the amount of cortisol, excess cortisol, and whether or not you can release weight or whether or not you're going to store fat.

Cortisol is something that can cause damage inflammation-wise. It blocks so many things. It’s a crazy thing. It’s important to manage your stress if you're going to release weight because you're going to create a lot more toxicity when you're under stress. Toxicity is something that comes in many forms. It’s endogenous, where you create it. It also is environmental.

You want to know to not allow yourself to get poisoned by gasoline fumes. If you're pumping gas, make sure the wind is not blowing the fumes into your face so you're breathing them in. It’s important. Make sure to leave your shoes outside. Your shoes are picking up gas from the concrete that's at the gas station, and also the pesticides from the sidewalk and the grass, and then it's off-gassing. If you bring your shoes inside the house at night, it off-gasses all night long and you're breathing it in. It's just as bad as standing in front of the gas fumes.

We've talked about this on a few other episodes. The one you were talking about the exposure, we just released an episode, Heavy Metal Toxicity, What To Do If You Are Exposed. That's a good one to check up on. Since we're talking about food, diet and weight release, make sure you don't overcook your meat. If you cook your meat over 300 degrees on dry heat, which is broiling, baking, barbecuing, frying, what happens is the meat itself becomes a glycotoxic.

The sugar and the fat in the meat are bumping up against each other, creating a glycotoxin and throwing off more superoxide. One of the main things that people need to do for weight release is to not cook your meat dry at over 300 degrees. Use a slow cooker or make sure there's some moisture involved.LFY 55 | Weight Release Weight Release: Research shows that being overweight or obese is directly correlated with the balance of the bacteria in their gut. Cut out the sugars that are feeding the bad bacteria, and you'll release weight quickly.[/caption]   Who wants dry meat anyway?

Stress and other things can cause mental health issues that can contribute to retaining weight. With anxiety and depression, people will eat from nervousness. It's a nervous habit. I'm eating as an avoidance strategy. If I'm sitting on the couch and I'm awfulizing and worrying about the day or what might be to come, eating is something that takes your mind off of it.

I've talked to some people who have issues with weight release. They say it's one of the few things that makes them feel good. They have that mental connection with pleasure and food. We've done another show about addiction. If you look at the scans of the brain of someone who's addicted to sugar and the brain of someone who's addicted to cocaine, they look nearly identical.

They are a little bit worse with the sugar. The other thing is there are a lot of childhood issues that lead people to have issues with weight later on. Some are very serious, meaning abuse in the family. It can make people retain weight. All of those things also can be addressed. The emotional freedom technique is helpful for tapping into childhood issues.

We’ve got a helpful video on our YouTube channel. Check that out in the Helpful Videos section. Addressing all those mental health aspects of can be the most important thing for some people. This then brings us to the whole concept of exercise. A lot of people don't feel like exercising. They go to work and it's 5:00 and their brain shuts down, “I'm exhausted. I'm going home. I'm going to vege out. I don't feel like exercising.”

"I'm grabbing a beer. It's Friday. I don't have anything to do tomorrow. I'm certainly not going to go workout." In regard to this, there are a few different things people can do to get themselves motivated. One is the tiny habit. We did a whole episode on habit. Habits To Help Seize The Day!.

It's on our YouTube or LiveForeverYoungRadio.com. It's great because it's going to give you a much more in-depth guide than what we could probably go into now. What we talk about is starting with small things. It's like eating an elephant. You’re never going to eat it in one bite. You got to go one at a time, one thing at a time, one win at a time.

In the case of exercise, it can be as simple as going for a five-minute walk. This would be a good way to start. The tiny habits is an ABC thing. The B is the new Behavior that you want. The C is Celebration. The A is the Action that you are taking if you want to replace it with new behavior. If you come home from work and you are going to walk from your car into your house and begin to vege out, here's something you can decide, “Instead of doing that, even if I'm still in my work clothes, I'm going to walk for five minutes. I'm going to walk from the parking lot down to the community center, and then I'm going to go to my condo.”

That becomes the new habit or the new behavior. As you do it, you want to celebrate. You get home and your celebration needs to be something positive, not destructive. It’s not, “I'm going to drink three cans of soda pop.” It's something to reward yourself with a gesture like, “Yes, I did it.” The celebration is important because what we celebrate, we want to do more of. In this case, you're going to use it for exercise. You got to have positive reinforcement.

Another thing people can use the tiny habits for is what they eat when they come home. People will come home from work, they open up the refrigerator and grab something rewarding that is not necessarily good for them like ice cream or whatever. You can decide to have a new behavior. What you want to do is have healthy food right at the front like stalks of celery or carrots or something that's already prepared. Make sure it's cut up in the water so it’s crispy and ready to roll. Also, get some hummus.

Now, this is your new behavior. When you open the refrigerator, you're going to grab something healthy because it's right in the front. In easier to get to. You're going to do this and then you're going to celebrate it, "I made the effort to get the celery in the front. I did it instead of reaching for soda pop." The other good thing that people can use for modifying behaviors is the emotional freedom technique. It's called tapping. We have a video called tapping for weight loss.

LFY 55 | Weight Release Weight Release: Tiny habits can motivate you. Start with small things. When you eat an elephant, you're never going to eat it in one bite. You got to go one thing at a time, one win at a time.

Replace the word loss with release and you're good to go. We put it in there for search purposes, but we will update it. It's very easy to use tapping for weight loss, especially if it relates to a childhood issue because you don't even have to identify the specific childhood issue. You don't have to face it and say it out loud and enter yourself into a place of emotional distress. Call it a childhood issue. You know what it is. You can tap on your fingertips and say.

Even though up until now, I thought I had to continue to overeat and neglect myself and sit on the couch like a lump on a log. I completely love and accept myself anyway. I'm so grateful now that I realize these old childhood issues have no control over me. This is a new day. I'm a new person. I'm feeling that complete peace." Cross your hands on your heart and breathe in and relax.

You can begin to learn to use tapping for anything that you want. In this case, it’s overcoming a childhood issue that has contributed to your needing to release weight. That's about it for this episode. That covers a lot of different types of topics, but we have a lot of other episodes that go into more depth on being well-nourished and how to use tapping, how to use tiny habits, stuff on hormones with thyroid and adrenals, all that tons of information.

It goes into more depth on anything that struck you that says, “That's my issue right there.” If you've picked that issue and you looked through our show to say, “This is what I want to learn more about,” or if you want to call and talk to us, you can call us at our office in St. Petersburg, Florida. We will help guide you. If you guys go in there and search for something and you don't see any information on it, send us an email at BoomerBoost@BoomerBoost.com and say, “I didn't see any information on this. What do you guys know about it?” We will pull up what we know and we will do a little thing on it.

The BoomerBoost.com website has an 800 number at the top. Give us a call on that 800 number and we’ll help you. Rollie, thanks very much. This is great. It’s great to have you on the show for Boomers Forever Young. Thank you everybody for reading. We will see you at the next show.  

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