Are Fruits and Vegetables Less Nutritious Now?
Millions of Americans are nutrient-deficient and don't even know it, which leads us to the question: Are fruits and vegetables less nutritious now, than before? If so, are nutritional supplements necessary? How do we do supplementation correctly? On this episode of Live Forever Young Radio, hosts Bob Gilpatrick and Larry Daudelin and producer, Rollie Culp answer these questions. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Bob also shares the things you can do to figure out if you are one of the millions of Americans missing vital nutrients from their diet, as well as easy ways to supplement what you are missing.
Habits To Help Seize The Day!
How you wake up in the morning sets the pace for the day. Having a morning routine that makes the most out of those first moments of a new day can make the difference between a good and a bad day. Humans are creatures of habit. The key to having a great day every day is in forming new habits that get you started with positive vibes. In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick, our holistic health specialist, and Larry Daudelin share some great tips on how to start the day out right.
Stem Cells Need Nutrition Too! With Ann Harrison
Stem cells are amazing. They can help repair and rebuild your body, but they need the right nutrition to do it! It’s not just about what you eat. A lot of it also comes down to how you eat. Stem cells are the Holy Grail to anti-aging. The more we can keep them at their healthiest, the better they will be able to help our bodies regenerate. Ann Harrison, the author of Rev Up Your Stem Cell Power, comes back on the show with Bob Gilpatrick to share some great ways to make sure your stem cells get what they need to renew and repair your body so you can live your best life.
Finding A New Perspective With Lucy Forsting
Our thoughts are so powerful that they can become our reality. That is why when we continue living in the negative, it can be so easy to find our daily lives worse than they should. Likewise, when we choose to live in the positive, we can transform our lives. Helping us find a new perspective, Lucy Forsting, host of Synergy Connection Radio, joins this episode to talk about her new book, The Adventures of Miss Twiggs & Company.
Becoming The New You With Rollie Culp
Sometimes it takes more than a new year's resolution to become the new you. In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp offer some tools you can use to answer the question, "How do I stick to my New Year's Resolution?" They share some deep questions to guide you to have the right mindset every morning and the ABC as you begin your new year's journey.
Managing Stress And Anxiety During Trying Times
These times can be very confusing because we're dealing with a pandemic that we know nothing about. A study shows that 75% of Americans report experiencing stress just in the past month. In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Larry Daudelin discuss how to manage stress during trying times. Their favorite Studio Dog Zala stops by to say hi and set minds at ease.
Why We Started Live Forever Young Radio
Every brand has a “why” behind it, and Boomers Forever Young Radio has a big one. In this episode, we meet hosts, Bob Gilpatrick and Larry Daudelin and producer, Rollie Culp. Listen to the story that inspired Bob and Larry to create Boomer Products and Live Forever Young Radio.