What's What with Leaky Gut?
You have probably heard the phrase "leaky gut" before but may not be sure what it is. Your Intestinal tract is over 4,000 feet long. A lot can go wrong on something that long, even one crack and that's a problem. One of those problems is the leaky gut.
Putting an End to Supplement Confusion
Have you ever walked into a vitamin store and felt overwhelmed by aisles of supplements, not really sure of where to start or what will work? You’re not alone. With so many vitamin supplements available in stores, we just don’t know what nutritional supplement to choose considering what we need to nourish our bodies and stay healthy.
Saving The Mental Health Of Our Veterans
Roughly one in five of the 2.7 million Americans deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 experience post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health challenges. In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp discuss an ongoing study by The Pet Effect.org that looks into whether or not service dogs can help veterans with depression and anxiety recover.
The Power Of Sprouted Barley!
Did you know that ancient gladiators relied on sprouted barley for their legendary strength and power? So much so that they became known as “hordearii” which translates to “barley eaters”! In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp talk about the powerful benefits of supplementing your diet with sprouted seeds, especially barley. Yes, the sprouting process creates more available beneficial nutrients than mature grains! Join in the conversation to discover the secret proprietary sprouting process used to create Boomer Products Sprouted Barley Seed Products. Tune in and feel the power of the gladiator’s barley!
Getting To The Root Of Alzheimer's And Dementia
Did you know that over 6.2 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease? Join Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp as they delve into the different causes of this disease. The FDA has recently approved a first-of-its-kind Alzheimer’s treatment that targets the fundamental pathophysiology of the disease. On the heels of this great news, if you want to know more about Alzheimer’s disease and what you can do to protect your brain from degeneration and help yourself get better, then this show is for you. 
A Look At The Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is one of the body’s most important detoxification systems, yet not many people know about it, let alone care for it. Find out just how the lymphatic system works to cleanse and detoxify our bodies as Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp break it down in today’s episode. They share different ways you can keep your lymph system at peak performance and how you can optimize your health through manual lymph drainage. Don’t miss this episode as Bob and Rollie let you in on a new tool to keep your health at the optimal level. 
Tap Away Stress And Anxiety
Stress and anxiety are a constant of life, even more so in this time of COVID. Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp discuss the emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping and analyze the science behind this amazing mind-calming exercise. Rollie and Bob demonstrate how to use this technique and its many applications. Bob and Rollie also talk about how to develop you own affirmation to use while tapping away the stress and anxiety that is holding you back.
Tips For Better Sleep
Did you know that sleeping with a screen on can affect your REM sleep? There are many other factors that can affect how we sleep at night. And if we’re lacking sleep, this can lead to less focus, slower reaction times, and much more complicated problems. Join your hosts, Bob Gilpatrick and Larry Daudelin on some tips on how to better your sleep. Learn what happens to your body when you sleep and how important it is to prioritize it over everything else. 
How To Use Nonviolent Communication
Communication can come in many forms, and being able to effectively communicate your needs can become a challenge. Today on the show Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp discuss a great technique known as nonviolent communication and how it can help you and loved ones deepen relationships through effective communication, and resolve conflict that can come with disagreements.
Feel Better, Live Better
When people start to feel better, their attitude and their lives begin to change. This is what foundational nutrition means and its incredible benefits have to be lived in order to be believed. In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp have a few life-changing testimonials from some of their listeners that they can’t wait to share.
How To Achieve Inner Balance
With this device, you will find easy and reliable ways to calm anxiety and stress. Discover how the Heart and Mind communicate and how to change your negative thoughts into positive ones with peace and gratitude. Learn some easy-to-use techniques that can be used in conjunction with the Inner Balance device to make stress and anxiety a thing of the past.
Vitamin D, The Sunshine Vitamin
An estimated one billion people worldwide are deficient in Vitamin D3. With spring finally here, we now have the chance to fly off from under our shades and bask in the sun. But before we do that, it helps to know more about this sunshine vitamin. Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp discuss Vitamin D and its importance for your health.
Achieving Limitless Brain Power
Having limitless brain power was once thought impossible. But a recent study shows that people in their 90's can actually make New Brain Cells. On the show today, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp discuss the New Science of Neurogenesis and the importance of keeping your brain healthy and active to avoid neurological disease and degradation.
Positive Mind, Positive Health
Statistics show that one in five Americans will be impacted by depression or a mental illness during their lifetime. Having a positive mind to knock out negative feelings can drastically improve your health! In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Larry Daudelin identify and discuss the different types of depression, what causes depression, and what you can do to get out of depression and start living a life of gratitude.
All Things Fitness With David Spinelli
Exercise is great for physical and mental health and has been shown to help alleviate social withdrawal. Today, Fitness and Real Estate Guru David Spinelli stops by the show to talk about All Things Fitness. David's mission is to help everyone, from high-end athletes to individuals recovering from surgery and injury, regain their physical health.
The Phenomenon Of Post-COVID Syndrome
In these trying times of COVID, it’s not only important that you are well equipped to avoid the infection but just as important is being proactive about it. In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp discuss a new phenomenon known as post-COVID syndrome. Get to know how these long-term health and psychological problems stem from prolonged COVID symptoms and what you should do if you are suffering as a "long-hauler". Tune in as they also identify natural ways to help ease post-COVID symptoms and get you back to living your best life. 
The New Science of Anti-Aging Revealed!
Age is just a number, or so the saying goes, but did you know that the average person is 3.14 years older biologically, than their actual age?

In this episode, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp explain the difference between your biological age and your chronological age. They reveal recent discoveries in the new science of anti-aging and identify the major factors that cause people to age faster.

They also share real life practical strategies that you can use to help slow down the aging process and live a longer and happier life. Bob also introduces the concept of the collective nocebo of aging, and how to opt out of it using tapping to help stop the negative effects of psychological aging.
Healthy Heart, Healthy Life
Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for Americans in the United States, yet it remains one of the most preventable diseases. In this show, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp look at some of the key factors that lead to cardiovascular degeneration, and preventative measures on how to avoid these conditions. The death rate of a spouse who recently lost their partner is 21 times higher over the following 24 hours and remains elevated for several weeks afterward. Tune in with Bob and Rollie as they share how to help a spouse cope with the loss of a loved one and the feelings they experience.
Increase Energy The Natural Way!

Millions of Americans visit the doctor each year complaining of low energy! In the show today, Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie Culp talk about how to increase energy the natural way. They go over the major factors that can cause low energy and chronic fatigue, including the concept of being "overfed but undernourished," and share some tips to help you create real, natural energy so you can be on your A-Game. 

Bad Habits can drain energy and kill motivation. Bob and Rollie use tapping and Tiny Habits to illustrate how you can break avoidance strategies that are holding you back and replace them with new ones that help you be your best you!

Rev Up Your Adult Stem Cell Power
Stem cells are our bodies’ built-in first aid kit, and there is no more time that we need it than now. Ann Harrison, co-author of the book, The New Fountain of Youth You Need It Now, stops by this episode to share some great information about how to rev up your stem cell health with Bob Gilpatrick and Rollie. They also answer a great question from one of the listeners about improving mood, plus spills a tiny new habit and an emotional freedom tapping technique. Tune into this insightful conversation to learn how to fight the threats we face with our health, now more than ever.
The Importance Of Circulation For Your Health With Ann Harrison
Don't underestimate the importance of good circulation for your health. Bob Gilpatrick, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Ann Harrison, Co-Author of The New Fountain of Youth, You Need it Now!, discuss how poor blood flow and a sluggish Cardiovascular system can cause a myriad of issues for your health. They also explore the benefits of a breakthrough discovery called P.E.M.F. or pulsed electromagnetic fields, that have been shown to dramatically increase microcirculation and overall whole body wellness.