How to Make an Iced Collagen Matcha Latte with Boomer Products Collagen Peptides



Matcha Tea and Collagen Peptides have been getting a lot of attention lately. Both offer great benefits for your health.

Matcha Tea contains the nutrients from the entire leaf resulting in greater amounts of antioxidants and other compounds than found in traditional green tea. Adding Matcha to your diet could increase antioxidant intake, promote heart health & aid in weight release.

Collagen peptides are great at improving skin, hair, and bone health. Collagen is also great for joint support and has also been shown to help improve digestion.

What a better way to get the benefits of both, then combining them in our yummy Iced Collagen Matcha Latte.

Iced Collagen Matcha Latte


Here’s the Recipe:

  • Start with Matcha Tea Powder in a tall glass
  • Add I scoop of Boomer Products Collagen Peptides
  • Add ¼ cup hot water
  • Mix with milk frother or stir by hand
  • Add Ice and top off with cold water
  • Stir, Sip and Enjoy

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