How to Make an Iced Collagen Matcha Latte with Boomer Products Collagen Peptides
Matcha Tea and Collagen Peptides have been getting a lot of attention lately. Both offer great benefits for your health. What a better way to get the benefits of both, then combining them in our yummy Iced Collagen Matcha Latte.
These Taco Stuffed Squash Boats are awesome, and super filling! Plus, they’re Keto and paleo friendly.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Barley Bars with Boomer Products
This Recipe uses Gladiator Barley and Lignans for a delicious yet nutritious snack that can be taken on the go or cut up and refrigerated for later. WATCH THE VIDEO RECIPE:   Use Organic and Raw ingredients for best results....
Healthy Summer Grillin'
Summer is in full effect and if you haven't started using your outdoor grill yet here are some great reasons to! Did you know that grilling vegetables helps them retain more of their vitamins and minerals. Try using produce as a...