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Heirloom Barley
Heirloom Barley.

Heirloom Barley

  • "The Barley is one of the greatest products I have ever used. I hope to continue with it forever. Thanks and PLEASE keep it in stock. - Paul H. - Verified Purchaser Review

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Product Highlights:

  • Pure, Non-Gmo, Organic, Vegan, Raw, Superfood
  • Slow Your Rate of Aging 
  • Protect Against Chronic Disease 
  • Boost Heart Health 
  • Detoxify Body 
  • Increase Muscle Strength and Endurance
  • Maintain Healthy Weight 
  • Boost Metabolism 

Heirloom Barley contains 10 grams of Pre-Digested Protein/Amino Acids.

Heirloom Barley originates from a preserved line of Heirloom Seeds that man has unaltered, helping it retain a Non-GMO, Organic distinction and more beneficial compounds than the barley widely available to us today.

To amplify the nutritional profile of our Heirloom Barley we have an exclusive process that allows us to sprout these Seeds at precisely the same time and then stabilize the over 4000 nutritional components contained inside for maximum effectiveness.

Heirloom Barley contains a powerful antioxidant known as Superoxide Dismutase, which helps protect from inflammation that can lead to premature aging. This allows the body to repair damage caused by inflammation and toxins faster than it can burn itself up.

Protecting Against Chronic Disease starts with eliminating Toxins, Free Radicals, and Inflammation from the Body. Heirloom Barley's functional ingredients play a key role in this because of ingredients like Superoxide Dismutase, polyphenols GABA and many more. (2 a,b,c)

Boosting Heart Health is a great way to avoid circulatory system diseases later on in life. When taken over long periods, the highly beneficial nutrient and vitamin profile of barley can help strengthen the body and trigger healthy aging. (6)(2a)

Detoxifying consistently is key to keeping your body ahead of the Aging Game. By detoxifying your body of Free Radicals, Toxins and Inflammation you can help slow the hands of the Aging Clock. (1a)

Muscle Strength and Endurance can only be built with a Good Supply of Protein.

Heirloom Barley seeds contain large amounts of Amino Acids or Pre-Digested Proteins. Pre-Digested protein is protein broken down into its simplest form, Amino Acids. By taking Amino Acids in as your protein your body gets to skip the Step of breaking down foreign protein to be reassembled into human protein. This allows your body to maintain healthy muscle and build endurance efficiently and effectively. 

Maintaining a healthy weight relies heavily on your metabolic health. Glucan, a natural component of barley, can help improve metabolic conditions as it stimulates the creation of short-chain fatty acids. 

Heirloom Barley seeds also contain many other beneficial metabolic enzymes as a result of the proprietary sprouting process to help facilitate the pathways of the metabolic system. 


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The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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The World's Only


Heirloom Barley dates back to before industrialized agriculture, originating from open-pollinated plants helping it retain a Non-Gmo, Organic distinction.

It has been produced with "Beyond Organic" natural, mechanical inputs that increase the mineral and nutrient values, unlocking the true potential of these heirloom seeds and you at the same time.



For decades, scientists have tried to unlock vast reserves of nutrients that seeds possess through germination, but tests and numerous attempts have failed to obtain consistent and positive results. Until Now...

The key is in SYNCHRONIZING germination solved by G.E.M. processing.

Heirloom Barley seeds have been sprouted in synchronization to enhance phytonutrients and then stabilized at peak usability and digestibility.

"Heirloom Barley has helped me to get back in shape, get my strength back and feel more positive about facing a new day." - David L. - Verified Purchaser Review

Superoxide Dismutase

Powerful Detoxification

As you age you make less of what your body needs to perform at its peak, this includes antioxidant creation as well.

Heirloom Barley contains the powerful antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D.), in stabilized form, which helps protect from inflammation that can lead to premature aging. This helps the body to repair damage caused by inflammation and toxins faster than it can burn itself up.

"Terrific product!.. Seems to be detoxing my body at very fast rate. Thank you for this incredible product. P.S. (Must follow instructions to the T with this product, very powerful supplement folks!)" - Greg N. - Verified Purchaser Review

Get the Details

- Detoxify Body and Protect Against Chronic Disease

Your body comes into contact with toxins everyday. Whether it is from the air we breathe, the water we drink or the foods we eat. Detoxifying consistently is key to keeping your levels of toxicity low and avoiding high levels of inflammation which can lead to chronic disease.

Heirloom Barley's functional ingredients play a key role in this with unique compounds like Superoxide Dismutase, polyphenols, GABA and many more. (2 a,b,c)

- Support Heart and Circulatory Health

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. and about 647,000 Americans die from it each year.

Boosting heart health is a great way to avoid diseases of the circulatory system later on in life. Barley is one of the only natural food supplements that the FDA allows claims for the reduction of coronary heart disease. Our revolutionary sprouting process amplifies the highly beneficial nutrient and vitamin profile of Heirloom Barley and when taken over long periods can help strengthen heart and circulatory health in the body and trigger healthy aging. (6)(2a)

- Slow your rate of aging

As you age your body creates less antioxidants. Heirloom Barley contains a powerful antioxidant known as Superoxide Dismutase. This antioxidant helps protect from inflammation that can lead to premature aging. (1a) This helps the body to repair damage caused by inflammation and toxins faster than it can burn itself up. (1b,c) 

By supplementing with Superoxide Dismutase you are helping detoxify your body of Free Radicals, Toxins and Inflammation which can help slow the hands of the aging clock. (1a)

- Maintain Healthy Weight & Boost Metabolism.

Maintaining a healthy weight relies heavily on your metabolic health. Glucan a natural component of barley, can help improve metabolic conditions as it stimulates the creation of short chain fatty acids. (4)
Gladiator Barley seeds also contain many other beneficial metabolic enzymes as a result of the proprietary sprouting process to help facilitate the pathways of the metabolic system. (5)

Our Heirloom Barley is not mature barley but sprouted barley seeds that have been hand ground into a fine powder. The barley seeds for Heirloom Barley date back to the time before industrialized agriculture and have been preserved by agriculturists for centuries. The barley plants have been produced with "Beyond Organic" natural, mechanical inputs that increase the mineral and nutrient values. Allowing our bodies to obtain the highest quality building blocks, promoting significant healing, regeneration and strength.

“Beyond Organic” technologies and proprietary methods give plant products these advantages:
• 100% Natural and Beyond Organic
• Increased root development by up to five times
• Optimal natural genetic potential
• Dominant plant development
• Naturally disease and insect resistant, healthy productive plants
• Fresh, extended shelf life

The revolutionary management protocol of soil management and plant development we describe as “Beyond Organic” proprietary technologies, that set Heirloom Barley apart from any other are listed below:

Density Alteration Process (D.A.P.):
• Separates live seed potentials
• Removes dead seeds
• Matches seeds selected for germination

The highest genetic potential for:
• Crop production
• Management techniques
• Longitude, latitude, altitude
• Nutrient quality for human subjects

Germination Enhancement Method (G.E.M.):
• G.E.M. is an organic seed priming and plant forcing procedure.
• Breaks seed dormancy
• Synchronizes germination of seeds
• Drought hardens seed
• Drought hardens plants by exhibiting five times the root development
• Forces plant growth, through the reduction of environmental stress factors
• Increases yields up to 50%

INSTAGrowth Eco-logical Soil Management (I.G.E.S.M.):
• Revolutionary combination of processes, products and field management ensures continuous root development that mines soil nutrients
• Continued use ultimately balances or increases soil organic matter, friability, and nutrient availability / recycling
• Allows up to 95% reduction of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bactericides and algicides
• Allows up to 95% reduction of conventional, industrial & synthetic fertilizers
• Increases size and quality of the harvest up to 40%
• Increases flowering up to 50%

Nutrient Stabilization Process (N.S.P.):
The basic premise of food preservation has been to slow down the deterioration of foods by minimizing or destroying microbial activity. Methods such as refrigeration, canning, vacuum packaging, chemical preservatives. freeze drying, gassing and dehydration all help preserve food but also have a detrimental effect on the nutritional content and values. These highly processed lower nutritional foods starve our bodies because enzymes and beneficial microbial populations that help our own body metabolism are also destroyed in the processes mentioned above.

The N.S.P. process:
• Is 100% mechanical
• Preserves pulp and juices in a highly stabilized form at room temperature for years
• Can be performed at any point in the harvesting procedure
• When refrigerated, dehydrated or vacuum packed, decades are added to product shelf life
• Preserves plant material components naturally and maintains nutrients and enzyme activity nearly as vine ripened, freshly harvested produce.

When starting Heirloom Barley it is important to follow the "First Time Users" instructions included on the jar. It is recommended to begin with the Starter Size Heirloom Barley as this provides a 1 month supply for a new user. Start slowly and gradually as per the first time users schedule on the label. Once finished with the Starter Size bottle you will move to the full size or 1 month supply size.

The most common way to take Heirloom Barley is mixed in water together with Boomer Boost.

If using the Heirloom Barley by itself feel free to experiment with ways of using it in food as Heirloom Barley is a Non GMO, 100% Organic, Vegan friendly, superfood. The simplest means of intake is to take the serving and wash it down with water, but you can put it in juice, your favorite smoothie, or soymilk. You can stir it into your cereal, yogurt, or cooled porridge, make "no bake" bars or cookies or low-heated foods. You can be quite creative, but avoid putting Heirloom Barley in anything that is over 105 °F. So do not microwave, cook or bake with Heirloom Barley. If using a food processor, make sure Heirloom Barley is amongst other contents or foods before mixing.

Do NOT cook or bake

Heirloom Barley contains a very powerful antioxidant called Superoxide Dismutase that has strong detoxification properties and may cause healing events.

It is important to start slowly so you do not overload your body with toxins as you begin to flush them from your system. Be sure to drink plenty of water to encourage the detoxification process. Once maintenance level is achieved, one can utilize the product as a snack when extra energy or healing is needed.

Possible symptoms if detoxifying too fast:

- Aching bones

- loose bowel movements

- constipation

- fatigue

- headaches

If constipation, add 1 Tablespoon Lignans in morning & evening.

If stomach problems such as colitis, diverticulitis, Chron´s manifest, start at much reduced state. (1/32 of Teaspoon every 3-4th day)

Cut Heirloom Barley by 1/2 depending on extent of problem.

During first year, lungs will clean out and it is necessary to get off Heirloom Barley totally until problem is cleared. Then restart again.

You can add this to your smoothie, however, it is important to remember that Heirloom Barley contains the equivalent of 10 grams of pre-digested protein/amino acids.

Your body can only utilize 20g of protein in a 2 hour period, any more than that and it is wasted or can lead to weight gain.

So be sure to be aware of the protein content of anything that accompanies the Heirloom Barley and avoid consuming over 20g of protein in a 2 hour period.

Heirloom Barley works best with our Total Health System which provides foundational nutrition in 1 easy to use system. Click here for more information on the Total Health System.

Because your body will begin to work more efficiently, and your overall health improves you may notice that some of the regular medications you are taking may begin to work too well. Be sure to let your Dr. know about the health supplements you are taking as adjustment to medication may be necessary.

Heirloom Barley is recommended for people who:

- Want to Shed extra pounds rather than bulk up with muscle

- People who don't require high protein energy

- People with low to moderate levels of activity


80% of diseases and maladies originate from an unhealthy intestine. Through its natural high content of glutathione, Nutrient Stabilization Process (N.S.P.) treated Barley supplies the body with the necessary components to heal the intestine.

Heirloom Barley is food. When it is incorporated on a daily routine, it continues healing and maintains body health by increasing metabolic efficiency.

Allow for a "New Awakening in your energy and lifestyle"

Heirloom Barley may help with:

• High blood pressure
• Hypertension
• Diverticulitis
• Schizofrenia
• Dementia
• Arthritis
• Colitis
• Organ dysfunctions
• Kidney malfunction
• Kidney stones
• Bi-polarity
• Crohn´s

Gladiator Barley is a hull-less barley with higher bushel weights and protein values than Heirloom Barley. The protein levels of Gladiator Barley are almost double at 20g of pre-digested protein, compared to 10g of pre-digested protein in Heirloom Barley. Both types of our sprouted barley contain superoxide dismutase or S.O.D. a powerful antioxidant key to detoxification.

The higher protein levels have shown to do very well with diabetics, "O" blood types and high performance athletes. Please follow the instructions on the jar starting with a half a teaspoon and working up to the highest suggested serving for a period of 30 days or more. 

Individuals starting on Heirloom Barley follow the same serving regime as Gladiator Barley participants. The progressive sequence slowly detoxifies and heals. The main point to consider is, "listen to and adjust your body’s response to this powerful product". Though you do not feel that you may be in a healing event, you should still proceed slowly. It is our goal that during the first 30 days there are minor events taking place such as increased bowel movements and a lowering of the appetite to occur. Due to the higher protein levels and increased digestibility of all foods consumed, most customers’ stomachs will feel full for longer periods of time. If aches and pains are initiated, maintain lower serving sizes for longer or reduce input to cope with the discomfort. This process we call, “Awakening Your Body to a New Lifestyle.”

A grain and a seed are different parts of the plant. They have much different nutrition and digestibility. The grain is the edible "fruit” of the plant, usually found at the top of a stalk, and very often called a “seed” on the internet. It has a moderate amount of nutrition and digestibility for some animals, and provides most of the cereals eaten by people all over the world.

The seed, on the other hand, contains all the nutrients required to build a new plant. These nutrients are dormant and protected within a hard shell until the seed is germinated or sprouted. Then it activates (enzymatically speaking) and becomes extremely digestible and a super-food supplier of nutrition.

For example, barley is a cereal grain when harvested for its fruit, but its seed contains no gluten because the protein is significantly reduced in the enzymatic process during sprouting. The protein containing the gluten will increase later in the mature plant’s fruit. Both wheat grass and barley grass are considered gluten-free until they begin to produce fruit.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in its finalized gluten-free label rules, has said that wheat grass and barley grass could be used to make foods labeled gluten-free, as long as the finished products contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten (which can get mixed in during processing of the rest of the plant), as is the case with Heirloom Barley sprouted barley seed powder.

This makes it very suitable for people looking to avoid grains due to gluten sensitivity, but needing plant-based enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Many gluten-sensitive people find they can enjoy Heirloom Barley. Sprouting makes a world of difference.

What exactly is Heirloom Barley?

It is sprouted, organic barley seeds where the sprouting has been synchronized. The seeds have then been stabilized to maintain the nutrients for decades. This is done through the N.S.P. (Nutrient Stabilization Process). Heirloom Barley is a natural living superfood. Through the years, barley has been well documented regarding its bountiful beneficial nutrients. Heirloom Barley enhances the usability and amounts of these nutrients many fold.

What does Heirloom Barley look and taste like?

Heirloom Barley is in a flour-like, powdered form. It has the ability to take on the taste of whatever it is put into. In other words it can be easily camouflaged for the young ones if put into apple cider, yogurt, or even chocolate soymilk. Alone it has a taste similar to nutty flour. 

When do I and how long do I take Heirloom Barley?

The best time to take Heirloom Barley is in the morning when your stomach is at a neutral pH.  When you are up to the highest serving, it might be sufficient for your full breakfast needs.  Some have even found they do not need anything until 2pm-3pm. Others like to split their suggested servings throughout the day, which is also fine. A minimum of 60-90 days are required for the true effects to be felt. Understand Heirloom Barley is a Nutrient Dense food, not a miracle cure, and if health and longevity is the goal, a maintenance level each day must be taken. Heirloom Barley is NOT a 2-3 month solution for maladies to disappear forever! The body must be given the building blocks to repair or upgrade. 

What does Heirloom Barley do?

The digestibility of Heirloom Barley is as high as 97%, therefore, the nutrients such as zinc, copper and manganese, which are the components of a Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D.), are extremely beneficial for helping build a healthy immune system. SOD is a potent detoxifier of free radicals which can be cancer causing agents, A healthy body has the ability to heal or prevent ailments by delivering the Super Dense Nutrition of the product to organs so they can heal and function at the highest level.

When will I see results?

Results vary with every individual. With most new health regimes beneficial results will take three months. This is true with Heirloom Barley. However, older individuals find there is continued healing for three to four years with eyesight and hearing improvements. Remember your body has taken a long time to get in its present state, and for some it may take time for it to rebuild. Be aware that for some individuals a healing event may occur in the early stages. This is a sign that Heirloom Barley is helping rebuild and heal. If the healing event is too uncomfortable, stop Heirloom Barley for three days then proceed with the previous serving. Stick with it!

NOTICE: In the first year, the major detoxification organs (bowel, kidneys, skin and lungs) undergo a huge elimination process. It is our goal that the bowel and kidneys do the majority of the work. Those with a history of kidney stones or intestinal problems GO SLOWER and LOWER DAILY INTAKES.  We have a Slow Start Calendar available HERE. Our goal is to achieve an increase in productive elimination and no other serious healing during the first 30 days. However, as one progresses, the skin may develop a rash, pimples or even boils if one is too aggressive with the uptake of Heirloom Barley. If this occurs, reduce or stop the Heirloom Barley and resume at 1/2 the rate previous of the incident. During the first year, it has been consistently seen that when the lungs start cleaning, it may progress to Bronchitis. Symptoms that occur before are coughing and bringing up phlegm. Again, when this occurs, stop the Heirloom Barley to recover and start slower at 1/2 the previous intake. The body just needs more time to rid itself of the toxins that have accumulated.

Should I continue taking my other health food products?

Heirloom Barley works best with the other products in the Total Health System to help provide foundational nutrition. With Heirloom Barley optimizing digestive system health, the body increases the absorption of all other nutritional in-takes, therefore, one may not require as much of other products. If you have any concerns, talk to a doctor that specializes in nutrition.

Can I take Heirloom Barley if I am pregnant or nursing?

It is wise to build your nutrition first before building a little person. Once on the Heirloom Barley program, and at the highest serving, then getting pregnant, the body has done most of the major detoxification, not during the pregnancy. Maintenance after pregnancy will continue to detoxify incoming free radicals and thus supply excellent nutrition to the new little one. If starting Heirloom Barley when pregnant or nursing, we recommend consulting a health practitioner or a doctor that specializes in nutrition versus medication.

Can I take too much Heirloom Barley?

The short answer is, "YES". Heirloom Barley should be taken as per the suggested servings, which is designed to allow the body to heal at a slow but steady pace. Some customers have started by taking the full two tablespoons, subsequently experiencing major healing events as those mentioned above. Listening to your body is the key. 

How long should I stay on Heirloom Barley?

Heirloom Barley is a food in its most nutritious form. Think of it as a staple in your diet, as your daily fiber and nutrition.  It daily provides the building blocks for your body to maintain optimum health.  Being persistent and consistent with Heirloom Barley will continue to heal and maintain your body’s health for years to come.

Should I take Heirloom Barley if I am on medications?

Again, Heirloom Barley is just nutritious food. Taking control of your nutritional in-take will only help your body heal itself.  If you have any concerns, talk to a doctor that specializes in nutrition.

Does Heirloom Barley interfere with birth control pills?

No, it does not interfere with the effectiveness of the birth control you are taking.  

What will I experience if I go off Heirloom Barley?

Some customers have symptoms of feeling lethargic and achy with previous maladies recurring.  This is because the body was used to having high nutrition and was counting on it to continue supplying its needs. This is the body's communication system or what is called the Eicosanoid Metabolism. Eventually, when needed nutrition is stopped, the body returns to the previous condition, complaining to get attention. All products can be designated as Super Dense Nutrition and must be maintained to stabilize optimal health. 

Have tests or studies been done on Heirloom Barley?

Initially, our tests were on broiler chickens for a variety of reasons. One is that their life span is relatively short and that they don't respond to placebos. With the positive results, Heirloom Barley was born. Other group tests have been done with duplicated results causing further investigation of basic physiology and the corresponding reality of optimal management of ecosystems. Noted changes in strength and stamina have been observed with both animal and human athletes.  

What were the results of Heirloom Barley testing?

The bioassay (animal feed tests determining efficacy of Heirloom Barley) concluded the broiler chickens had higher red and white blood cells, higher bone density, stronger hearts, animals were leaner but heavier due to the increase in muscle mass, and a higher intestinal fluid viscosity. Heirloom Barley customers are constantly reporting the same findings as in the chickens!

How do I store Heirloom Barley?

Heirloom Barley can be stored in a sealed container, on the counter or in a cupboard in dry climates.  However, if the climate is humid, it is best to keep it in the fridge, and definitely sealed.  Do not leave the Heirloom Barley in an overheated car or in any heat above 105°F.  Freezing the Heirloom Barley is fine, and will not affect life expectancy.

Heirloom Barley works for a majority of people, however everyone's body is different and what may work for some may not work for others. Not to Worry!

All of our products are backed by our 60 day money back guarantee so there is no risk in giving it a try.

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