Dynamic Combo Trial
Dynamic Combo Trial
2 Week Travel Value Pack - Boomers Forever Young
Dynamic Combo Trial
Dynamic Combo Trial
Dynamic Combo Trial

Dynamic Combo Trial

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  • "I have been taking the Boomer products for over five years. With that said, I do not miss taking them every morning. My age is 83, and I feel great." - Doug A. - Verified Purchaser Review

Barley Type

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Get a trial size of the 2 products that put us on the map!

Product Highlights:

  • Increase Muscle Strength & Endurance
  • Increase Energy
  • Helps Detoxify 
  • Fight Inflammation & Free Radicals
  • Boost Heart Health
  • Optimize Brain Function

Boomer Boost - Our Trial Size bottles offer a 2 week supply of our one of a kind Boomer Boost. With 70 different nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more, Boomer Boost is formulated to increase energy naturally, replenish vital nutrients and provide fundamental nutrition in one easy to use drink.

Boomer Boost is a comprehensive, all-in-one, Powerhouse, a nutritional supplement designed specifically to support heart health and vital body functions.

Sprouted Barley - If you are giving our sprouted barley products a try, either Gladiator or Heirloom Barley, you actually receive a full month supply as this product is a powerful detoxifier and needs to be eased into slowly over a 30 day period. Gladiator and Heirloom Barley are also great sources of vegan protein and will help build strength, endurance and support bone health.

Which Barley is right for you?

Gladiator Barley is a hull-less barley with higher bushel weights and protein values than Heirloom Barley. The protein levels of Gladiator Barley are almost double at 20g of pre-digested protein, compared to 10g of pre-digested protein in Heirloom Barley.

The higher protein levels have shown to do very well with diabetics, "O" blood types and high performance athletes. Please follow the instructions on the jar starting with a half a teaspoon and working up to the highest suggested serving for a period of 30 days or more. 

Individuals starting on Gladiator Barley follow the same serving regime as Heirloom Barley participants. The progressive sequence slowly detoxifies and heals. The main point to consider is, "listen to and adjust your body’s response to this powerful product". Though you do not feel that you may be in a healing event, you should still proceed slowly. It is our goal that during the first 30 days there are minor events taking place such as increased bowel movements and a lowering of the appetite to occur. Due to the higher protein levels and increased digestibility of all foods consumed, most customers’ stomachs will feel full for longer periods of time. If aches and pains are initiated, maintain lower serving sizes for longer or reduce input to cope with the discomfort. This process we call, “Awakening Your Body to a New Lifestyle.”

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