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Gladiator Barley

$79.95 $76.95

Gladiator Barley

$79.95 $76.95

Gladiator Barley is Pure, Non-Gmo, Organic, Vegan, Raw, Superfood

  • Slow Your Rate of Aging (1a,b,c)
  • Protect Against Chronic Disease (2a,b,c)
  • Boost Heart Health (6,2a)
  • Detoxify Body (1a)
  • Muscle Strength and Endurance (3)
  • Maintain Healthy Weight (4)
  • Boost Metabolism (5)

Gladiator BARLEY is Formerly known as Barley Level 2 and contains the equivalent of 20 grams of protein in the form of Pre-digested protein (Amino Acids)

Gladiator Barley originates from a preserved line of Ancient Seeds that has been unaltered by man, helping it retain a Non-Gmo, Organic distinction and more beneficial compounds than that of the barley widely available to us today.

To amplify the nutritional profile of Gladiator Barley we have an exclusive process that allows us to sprout these Seeds at precisely the same time and then stabilize the over 4000 nutrition components contained inside for maximum effectiveness.

Gladiator Barley contains a powerful antioxidant known as Superoxide Dismutase which helps protect from inflammation that can lead to premature aging. (1a) This helps the body to repair damage caused by inflammation and toxins faster than it can burn itself up. (1b,c)

Protecting Against Chronic Disease starts with eliminating Toxins, Free Radicals, and Inflammation from the Body. Gladiator Barley's functional ingredients play a key role in this because of unique compounds like Superoxide Dismutase, polyphenols, GABA and many more. (2 a,b,c)

Boosting Heart Health is a great way to avoid diseases of the circulatory system later on in life. The highly beneficial nutrient and vitamin profile of Barley when taken over long periods can help strengthen the body and trigger healthy aging. (6)(2a)

Detoxifying consistently is key to keeping your body ahead of the Aging Game. By detoxifying your body of Free Radicals, Toxins and Inflammation you can help slow the hands of the Aging Clock. (1a)

Muscle Strength and Endurance can only be built with a Good Supply of Protein. Gladiator Barley seeds contain large amounts of Amino Acids or Pre-Digested Protein. Pre-Digested Protein is protein broken down into it's simplest form, Amino Acids. By taking Amino Acids in as your protein your body gets to skip the Step of breaking down foreign protein to be reassembled into human protein.

This allows your body to build strong, healthy muscle, and build endurance efficiently and effectively. (3)

Maintaining a healthy weight relies heavily on your metabolic health. Glucan a natural component of barley, can help improve metabolic conditions as it stimulates the creation of short chain fatty acids. (4)

Gladiator Barley seeds also contain many other beneficial metabolic enzymes as a result of the proprietary sprouting process to help facilitate the pathways of the metabolic system. (5)