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Resveratrol Advanced Blend


Resveratrol Advanced Blend


Health Benefits:

  • Reduces Inflammation (1) (4)
  • Promotes Heart Health (2)
  • Supports Immune System (3) (5)
  • Natural Anti-Oxidant (5) (6)
  • Supports Cellular Health   (2) (3)

Resveratrol is a natural plant based nutrient found in variety of plants is categorized as a polyphenol.

Boomer Resveratol Advanced Blend can bolster your body's natural immune system,(3,5) support cardiovascular functions (2), support cellular health (3), and may lessen the effects of damaging free radicals caused by stress and poor diet. (5)

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, Boomers Resveratrol Advanced Blend combines the protective power of trans-resveratrol with grape seed extract and other proven plant based anti-oxidants that may help relieve the pain and symptoms associated with chronic inflammation while ridding the body of old inefficient cells that may lead to chronic disease. (2, 3, 4,5)

Grape seed extract has been shown to help trigger apoptosis which is the clearing away of old inefficient cells that are the catalysts for chronic disease, and making room for New healthy cells to take their place. (10)

Moringa oleifera offers many benefits because of it's high nutritive and phytochemical values. It is known most notably for it's ability to reduce inflammation that may lead to chronic conditions and disease. (6)

Ellagic Acid found in Pomegranate has been shown to circulate through the blood and target organs like intestine and prostate to induce apoptosis or the death of old inefficient cells that are susceptible to disease.(7)

Acai contains polysaccharides found to have potent abilities as an immunotherapeutic way to treat infection that cannot be handled by traditional antibiotics by activating the innate immune system.(8)

Tea is one of the most widely available beverages in the world and carries some great health benefits. As a functional food it can generate physiological benefits apart from the nutritional components. Green tea's antioxidants help to mediate Free Radicals. (9)

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