Myotrol Increases Muscle, Energy and Brain Power

Until now, muscle loss, known as Sarcopenia, has been an unavoidable part of aging. Research shows that muscle loss rates range from 3-8% per decade after 30, and muscle loss continues after the age of 50 at an ever higher rate and by the time your 80 most people are frail and weak. 

This loss of muscle leads to physical weakness, balance issues, falls, fractures, functional decline, increased mortality, and reduced quality of life. In the United States alone, this costs a staggering $40.4 billion annually.

You or someone you know may be suffering from the consequences of muscle loss, and the solutions you've tried so far haven't worked. That's because most muscle building products focus only on the nutrients needed for building muscle without addressing underlying genetic issues. 

Introducing the MyotrolTM matrix: a systemic anti-aging approach that enhances muscle creation and restoration. Unlike other muscle supplements, Myotrol doesn't rely on external sources of nutrients to build muscle. Instead, it stimulates the necessary genetic expression to release the information from the DNA that is necessary for creating new muscle, correcting age-related degeneration, restoring chemical messenger pathways, and rejuvenating mitochondrial health. Without Myotrol all the protein powder in the world will only be minimally effective.

In addition to reversing muscle loss, Myotrol also increases strength, stamina, and endurance—the true markers of energy. It's not just a product; it's a solution to age-related muscle decline and low energy that can work for you.

Major discoveries in the field of life sciences have led to the creation of Myotrol. These discoveries include basic scientific research, genetic expression via polyphenols, and advancements in absorbability of nutrients. Some of these discoveries include:

Chemical Messenger Signaling Pathways:

Myotrol stimulates key genes involved in the creation and maintenance of muscle tissue known as the “Myokine Cluster”. As we age these genes change and degrade leading to the progressive loss of muscle mass and strength. Myotrol helps to ensure proper expression of the “Myokine Cluster'' genes.

Myotrol helps to inhibit muscle degrading enzymes:

A new basic science research breakthrough has identified a key enzyme that plays a large role in the degradation of Prostaglandin known as 15-PGDH. Prostaglandin is responsible in large part for muscle health and tone and losing prostaglandin as we age is one of the major factors in muscle loss. Through the stimulation of signaling pathways, Myotrol has shown to help inhibit the creation of enzyme 15-PGDH helping to stop muscle degradation and loss of strength.

In essence, the MyotrolTM formulation inhibits numerous signaling pathways, while amplifying (boosting) other key modulators. MyotrolTM involves the broad activation of multiple systems and pathways, improving muscle energetics and function—and ultimately restoring strength and stamina. It is truly a comprehensive, synergistic formulation that is a revolutionary step in longevity. Functionality and life satisfaction.

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation - Increased NAD Production:

Aging not only makes the mitochondria weaker—it also makes creating the fuel it needs, NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), more difficult.

This brings us to another one of the critical targets of our cutting-edge formulation breakthrough, increasing NAD activity. Myotrol improves cellular health differently than popular ingredients such as nicotinamide riboside (NR) or nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). By Rejuvenating the mitochondria, MyotrolTM boosts healthy cellular activity and NAD creation, one of the main fuel sources for muscle building. Myotrol could be thought of as a natural “NAD Pump”.

MyotrolTM restores aging cellular energetics, delays muscle degeneration, and promotes better cellular dynamics. Exercising while using Myotrol will increase the benefits by ten fold, but even if you can’t exercise, it simulates the same beneficial physiological and biochemical processes as physical activity. You might think of it as “exercise in a bottle.”

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