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How To Make Healthy Food Choices
Every day, we make choices about the food we eat and our lifestyles. We can make choices for ourselves and our families that make a real difference to our ability to remain healthy and active. For people trying to eat healthily and maintain their weight, simple healthy food habits can help keep us on the right track.
The Importance of Sleep
One of the body's most important times for repair is while you sleep. Detoxification and rebuilding of the damaged parts of your body kick into high gear as you enjoy a perfect night's sleep.
How To Relieve Stress with Boomers
Everyone experiences stress in their lives to some degree. The way you respond to stress, however, makes a big difference to your overall health and well-being. In fact, sometimes the best way to manage your stress is to change your situation. At other times, your best strategy is to change the way you respond to that situation.
Are you getting enough physical activity?
With the Advent of Technology such as cell phones and wireless internet, our lives are busier than ever. However, even with all of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, studies show that Americans are less active and fit.
Resveratrol to the Rescue
Resveratrol occurs naturally as a polyphenol in grapes, wine, dark chocolate, blueberries, knotweed, and certain nuts. In recent research, it has been shown to be a potential remedy for age-related conditions.
Eating a Balanced Meal
You might have heard the phrase “my eyes are bigger than my stomach”, but for many, their stomachs can handle more than it should. But, How much is really too much? 61% of Americans and 2.1 billion people worldwide are overweight and now outnumber undernourished people.
Fruits and Vegetables Less Nutritious Now?

You may have heard this question before, "Are Fruits and Vegetables less nutritious now than before" Well, the answer isn't as simple as you would think. For example, because of soil deficiency, crops grown years ago are much richer in vitamins and minerals than what have today.

Free from Inflammation - Free from Pain
New research shows that inflammation appears to play a role in many chronic diseases and cases of chronic pain.
Free your mind with Nootropics
Also known as cognitive enhancers, Nootropics are supplements that are meant to improve various brain functions such as memory retention and the ability to focus. In today's busy life, stress and impaired memory function is a common problem that many people face.
Digestive Supplement vs OTC Indigestion aids
1 in 4 Americans suffers from the effects of incomplete digestion or indigestion every year. Because of this, they spend upwards of $6 Billion on prescriptions and other remedies to battle this condition. Meanwhile safer, and more effective options exist.
Are You Suffering From Adrenal Fatigue?
Chronic stress is a problem. Not only can unchecked stress contribute to heart disease and autoimmune disorders, but it can also play a leading role in adrenal dysfunction.
Autoimmune Disease and its Trigger's
In such cases, the body often attacks and damages its own tissues. Immune deficiency diseases reduce the body's ability to battle invaders, resulting in vulnerability to infections. Immune diseases are a series of more than 80 immune system disorders. Consequently, these disorders cause the immune system to attack and
What to know about Blood Pressure
High blood pressure, known as hypertension, is a common condition where blood flows through arteries at a higher pressure. In fact, over 103 million people live with hypertension in America. Additionally, only 54 percent of them have their blood pressure under control.
Gladiator Barley and the Science Behind it
The FDA allows this claim due to the fiber in it that helps to control cholesterol. Barley also can protect the liver from injury. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Nutrients found that, in particular, barley sprouts, which have a large amount of saponarin flavonoid, helped protect the liver against alcohol-induced injury. The study's authors noted that the sprouts might help hinder the inflammatory response brought on by alcohol.
Grief is Good for the Soul
These days, a hip marketing tool is to make everything simple, fast, and easy to achieve, with expected quick results. However, there are some areas that we need to explore calmly, taking time for gratitude, and personal growth, for example, grief. These actions are like taking necessary medicine.
Keto Diet What Can You Expect From It
Most diets have excessive amounts of protein and carbohydrates. For instance, food with refined, and added sugars, leading to excessive inflammation and early death. Foods high in good fats are grass-fed meat, fatty fish, butter, eggs, seeds, and healthy oils. Low glycemic carbs include some fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes, legumes, barley, almond and soy milk, and brown rice, to name a few.
Are Fruits and Vegetables Less Nutritious Now?
You may have heard this question before, "Are Fruits and Vegetables less nutritious now than before" Well, the answer isn't as simple as you would think. For example, because of soil deficiency, crops grown years ago are much richer in...
Your digestive system is amazing, and it breaks down food and liquid into the components our bodies need which are carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
The average life expectancy in the US in 2021 is 78.99 years.  Most people would say they want those years to be as happy and healthy as possible. The question appears to be, “what brings us happiness and health as we age”?
Stronger Barley for a Stronger You!
The scientists that grow our product in the fields of Northern Canada are continuously making improvements in our growing process. They have recently created a unique, natural fertilizer with a high concentration of minerals. Increasing the number of beneficial compounds in our Barley. Significantly increasing nutrient levels and elevated amounts of the antioxidant known as Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) have made our barley even stronger.
Pass Along The Gift of Joy
Take an opportunity to give yourself the gift of joy. When you take the time to make someone feel special, that also becomes an affirmation of your happiness.